Overcoming Prospecting Objections – 5 Simple Ways To Overcome Any Prospecting Objection Thrown Your Way

Prospecting objections throw many a good prospecting conversation off track.  You start getting questions, or you lose control of the conversation and end up out in the weeds.

These simple techniques will help you overcome prospecting objections without the conversation getting weird.  Enjoy!


Network Marketing Closing Tips – How To Get More Deals Done

Network marketing closing tips that actually work!  It all starts with posture. Closing is primarily psychological, and maintaining the correct posture is critical for a successful outcome.

This coaching call covers that posture – how to get, keep it, and make it a part of who you are.

Also, you can review our call on network marketing closing strategy as well – if you want to enroll more people into your downline, this will help you make it happen.

Bad Networkers – What To Do With Them

If you are new to the network marketing industry, you may not have had the opportunity yet to get a “bad networker” in your downline.

It happens though. It’s inevitable. No matter what kind of leader you are, you will end up with problem downline members from time to time.  Below are the three most common challenge-types we see in people’s downlines, and how to fix the issue ASAP.


1. Problem Networker #1 – The Bad Attitude

Some people have bad attitudes. They’re easy to spot, as they love to make their little and loud opinions heard. Constantly. They complain, they doubt, they fuss, and they may even whine. 

They are rarely take responsibility for their results, or their mistakes. They have scapegoats galore – if they have a problem, it’s someone or something else’s fault. 

They are acutely aware of their rights, their entitlements, and what their expectations, and equally unaware of their obligations, responsibilities, and commitments. 

They invest an inordinate amount of time complaining about any perceived imperfection they may find or observe in others. They use as much time as possible to create a story of being a victim of life.


The best fix for this kind of problem is to simply avoid this type of prospect in the first place. They will typically give you plenty of warning that they are “one of THOSE types”, and you should pay attention to those warning signs if you see them.  If you are unfortunate enough to enroll one of these folks into your downline, they will cause so many problems and contribute so many challenges to your life that it will not be worth sponsoring them in the first place. 

If you find out later that you have one of these folks on your team, it’s best to be direct, and sooner than later. Be compassionate, but firm. Let them know that you want to help them, that you’d like to see them succeed, but that they will need to make some changes with how they approach and treat their life as well as their business. Every day is a new day, and the only thing stopping this networker from turning their life around is a few adjustments in what they do with their thoughts, their focus, and their words.


2. Problem Networker #2 – The Time-Waster

This networker never has enough time. They somehow never find enough time in the day to do the activities that will actually GROW their business. They shuffle emails, they hang out on Facebook like it’s a job, but when it comes down to the hard work of growing a real business, they avoid it in favor of a less-productive activity.

This networker may show up with another “idea” to grow a business, but never actually implement it to achieve results.  Or they may


Most of the time, the reason this networker is wasting their time on other things is they are either afraid of something (usually failure, but sometimes success), or their have uninspiring goals.

Even if they are afraid of success or failure, an inspiring goal will help a person move forward and overcome that. Many people in this industry set their goals as low-priority – meaning, they may not LIKE their job, but it’s not terrible. Or they would LIKE to have more money, but it’s not a MUST. In other words, they are comfortable, and comfort is best friends with mediocrity.

If your downline member is comfortable, they need to find some more inspiring goals to get them taking MASSIVE, FOCUSED ACTION on and moving forward in a way that utilizes their time effectively.

3. Problem Networker #3 – The Bumbler

This networker can’t seem to get anything right. They fumble, they bumble, they don’t know what to say, or how to say it. They don’t have a clue about growing their business, they seem perpetually confused about life, and they usually show up late to everything.

Solution – TRAINING

This type of networker has the most potential, as they are simply confused. Many times, laying out a very structred plan of attack, on what they need to do, and how they need to do it, will work wonders.

You may need to spend extra time role-playing with this person, or helping them understand the “big picture” but then breaking it down into very bite-sized steps so they can act on it.

As a leader, you’ll discover that many times, quality training can empower and dramatically propel the people on your team to the next level. As the quote goes, “the speed of the leader is the speed of the gang”.

MLM Marketing Secret – One Simple Trick To Build A Remarkable Team

MLM Marketing – The Truth

I‘d like to meet the person who managed to sell MLM professionals on the concept of “easy”. 

MLM marketing is like any other type of marketing.  It’s challenging, competitive, and anything BUT easy.

Successful MLM marketing takes know-how, intelligence, and planning. 

At HBSA, I’m sure you can imagine the amount of questions that we get on a daily basis.  We work with professionals in all sorts of different companies, different opportunities, different backgrounds, and different skillsets.

One thing is for sure – the guy/gal that sold this concept of “easy” to our industry was pretty successful.  We hear questions every day that reflect it.

“Is it easy to build a downline?”

“Is It easy to build my team?”

“Is it easier to grow X type of business or Y type of business?”

“Why isn’t this easier? Everybody needs X type of product in their home / life”

“I want my life to be easier, this business takes a lot of work”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I get it.  We all want easy.  We’re fans of easy. Most of mankind thinks that an easy life is the best kind of life.  No worries. No responsibilities. No headaches.  Just wake up when you want, eat what you want, and coast thru the day on a big cloud of eeeeassssssyyyyyyyy…

If I meet the dude that sold this concept to the MLM industry, I’d punch him in the throat!

The reason is because this idea of “easy” has caused more damage, ruined more dreams, and disappointed more families than just about any other bad idea in this industry (likely, more destructive than all the other bad ideas combined)

Your upline or sponsor may not have informed you, but the truth is that business ain’t easy.  No kind of business is easy, success in any endeavor takes concentrated effort, and the desire for easy is not your friend, but your enemy!

MLM Marketing Made Easy?

Some people say that there are no stupid questions.  The same guy that invented that phrase is prolly the same guy that sold the MLM industry on the concept of easy money.

That guy was wrong.  There are indeed stupid questions – terrible questions, and these questions yield terrible answers.  Here’s an example of some such questions:

“Why can I never succeed?”  (You can if you change your approach and take massive focused action)

“Why has God doomed me to perpetual failure?”  (He hasn’t – a challenge in your life does not mean rejection from God)

“How does person X make success look so easy?” (Don’t look at the results – look at the price person X paid to get the skillset to achieve the results. Chances are you’ll find many things other than “easy success” behind them)

And another equally bad question is “what’s the easiest way to succeed in network marketing?”

They mindset of the person asking that question reveals what that person is focusing on – and unfortunately, it’s on easy.  If you are committed to easy, it’s going to be difficult to achieve much of anything in life.  And the reason is because LIFE wasn’t designed to be easy. 

Life – YOUR life – was designed to make you strongerbettersmarter – and more capable.  It was designed to give you an opportunity to grow, to serve, to become bigger than the petty inconveniences and day to day challenges that we all face. 

Life is your tapestry – the blank slate that you get to paint on.  It’s certainly easy to not paint anything, but that doesn’t make a very remarkable work of art. 

It’s easier to just set the brush down and eat some chips. Take a nap. Have a beer (or three).  But then the picture doesn’t get painted, and the time that we have (the greatest gift in our lives) is wasted on pursuing petty comfort, rather than painting a remarkable picture.

What Does This Have To Do With MLM Marketing?


Because if you’re committed to creating an amazing work of art, you don’t ask questions like “what’s the easiest way to paint?”  You ask questions like

“what skills do I need to create the most AMAZING work of art?” 

“What abilities do I need to create a piece of art that will impact and inspire others in the future?” 

“What could I paint that would help my children and family long after I’m gone, to give them a sense of what my life was about, and in turn help them when they are struggling to create a great story for their own lives?”

In any endeavor, there are a finite number of skills that will lead to success. 
In the network marketing industry, those skills are:

– Lead Generation (being able to generate the best possible leads for you and your team – and this goes well beyond chasing friends and family)

– Prospecting Mastery (being able to sort, and help others sort, the targeted prospects from the suspects)

– Presenting (being able to build value around a solution for your  market)

– Closing (inspiring others to do business with you)

– Training (becoming a good teacher to pass along these skills to your team)

– Leadership (because all people have challenges, and you’ll need to help others overcome their own challenges/fears of success)

– Positioning (the subtle communication that lets your market know who you are, what you’re about, and what you represent)

That’s MLM marketing in a nutshell.  So the best types of questions you could ask are:

“How do I get these skills?”

“Who are the BEST people to learn these skills from?”

“Who is someone that I know has mastered these skills, that I could model for my own business?”

“Is this worth the effort? Will this opportunity last?”

Those types of questions lead you to actions that generate success!

How Can HBSA Help With MY MLM Marketing?

HBSA has had the pleasure of working with and assisting over 150,000 entrepreneurs over the past few years.  From our free newsletters to our coaching programs and everything in between, our goal is to help you master the skills of:

– Lead Generation

– Prospecting/Closing/Presenting

– Leadership/Mentorship

That’s what we do! And we use what we do every single day.  Meaning, this stuff isn’t theory – it’s the same skills that drive our own businesses day in, and day out without fail.

If you’d like to see how we can help you, just register for our free webinar.  We’ll show you how we use a very different MLM marketing strategy to achieve fantastic results for businesses and teams all over the world.

Here’s your link:

>>MLM Marketing Webinar<<




Four Simple Steps To Generate As Many Leads As You Need For Your Business

The Problem

The Number one problem facing most networkers and home-based business owners is leads.  Having a consistent supply of fresh, targeted, responsive, leads is the first step to growing a business, and too many networkers never really overcome this hurdle to grow their teams.

With the Internet, getting leads should NEVER be a problem for you.  There are options-galore for getting good leads, and you’ll learn how to make it happen in this post.


Step 1 –  Targeted Market

The biggest key to success in generating leads is knowing WHO you are trying to target.  Understanding what your prospect wants is the biggest key to success in a lead generation campaign.  Many times, a marketer will just skip over the boring “targeting stuff” to get to the exciting things – getting their website going, or driving traffic.  This mindset will nearly guarantee failure.

The key to getting great leads it to make people a great offer.  The key to a great offer is understanding what your market wants.  We use several tools (such as the Amazon index, the Google Keyword Tool, Twitter feeds, etc) to pinpoint exactly what our market is after.  This is MUST-HAVE info if we are to create a great offer that gets people engaged and interested in what we have. 

Think about it…

To someone who is wanting a new car, then a great offer would relevant to getting a new car.

To someone who is hungry for dinner, a great offer would be relevant to getting a good dinner.

What does eating dinner and buying a new car have in common?  NOTHING. Therefore, how much sense would it make to offer a new car deal to someone hungry for dinner, or a dinner special to someone wanting a new car?

It would make no sense at all!  Yet that is exactly what many networkers do when they do their marketing.  They’ll put a business opportunity offer in front of people looking for a job, or an antiaging offer in front of people looking to lose weight. 

When we know exactly what our market wants, we can stop trying to be clever, and just give it to them.  Makes thing much more simple (and profitable).


Step 2 – Targeted Offer

This is where the power of copywriting comes in….

Writing copy that gets prospects taking action is one of the most profitable skillsets you will ever develop.  Using the right words, in the right sequence, can get hundreds or thousands of interested visitors per day visiting your website.

What exactly do we mean by building an offer?  What you are trying to do is generate a targeted lead – meaning, get a lead that visits your site to sit up, pay attention, and reach out to you for more information.  You are not trying to SELL your lead anything at this point, other than selling them on why they should reach out for more information.  In this stage of the process, you are just getting to know your prospect, and your prospect is getting to know you.  Therefore, you should make it an easy offer to say YES to. 

Examples of this include:

  • Free webinars
  • Free teleseminars
  • Free reports
  • Free video series

These types of offers convert very well. Your prospect gets to dip their toe in the water, and evaluate whether or not you can assist them with their problem, and you in return get a highly targeted lead.

For example, if you were in the diet and weight-loss market, and you offered a free report on how someone could lose 12 pounds in 12 days, that is a highly-desirable offer to the kind of prospect that wants to lose weight.  It makes a big promise, it’s low risk, and it fulfills the NOW factor (wanting a result quickly).

Where can you easily build an offer like this?  Well, all HBSA students get a proprietary tool that makes building an offer like this a breeze, but if you’re not an HBSA student we suggest you do so on Weebly.  We actually use Weebly as the backbone of many of our sites, but we have an additional tool that is only for students to be able to make it even easier.

We also use tools like Sitepal to incorporate video into our sites.  Video works very well on engaging your visitors, and you can TELL your visitor about your offer, versus making them have to read all about it. It’s more personal, more convenient, and it has always helped with getting more people engaged and registering for more information. 


Step 3 – Targeted Traffic

Traffic is really the fuel that drives a lead generation campaign.  You can have laser-targeting on your profiles, you can have a great offer on your site, but if you don’t have interested visitors going to the site, it’s not going to do anything.

In the scheme of things, we divide traffic into two categories – free and paid traffic.  This isn’t 100% accurate as there really isn’t any “free” traffic available, as to get free traffic you pay for it with your time and energy.  Free traffic will cost you time and energy, paid traffic will cost you money.  That’s just how it is – anyone who says differently isn’t giving you the whole story.

We use both types of traffic, and we recommend you do too, as both work, and both grow a business.  It just depends on your immediate budget, and how quickly you’re looking to get your business going.

For paid traffic, you can use Search PPC, social media PPC, media buys, contextual traffic, and paid email marketing.  These are consistently the best performers for paid traffic.

For free traffic, you can use article marketing, SEO, video marketing, social media marketing, press releases, forum marketing, give-aways, blogging/guest blogging, etc.  These have been proven to be the best types of promotion methods for free traffic.

The goal for paid marketing is to be able to generate leads for $3-$6 per lead (depending on your niche and competition).  You can get better prices of course (we use a contextual source to generate $0.32 leads for a marriage-help offer), but most businesses can grow on those lead prices.

The goal for free marketing is to get a set number of leads per day, consistently.  So the way to win this game is to simply produce enough “lead magnets” that it pulls the targeted number of leads you are after. 

One of the biggest mistake that networkers make is thinking they have to use ALL the above traffic strategies to get results.  You definitely do not have to do that – any one of those traffic sources can give you as many leads as you need.  The key is not to pursue all of those traffic sources, but to pick one (maybe two at the most) and master them. 

The key to success with any of those sources is keywords.  Keywords drive the internet, online content, and it will drive your lead generation campaign as well.

Where do you get good keywords?  We use the Google External keyword tool.  We use this free tool to find all the targeted keywords we need (or if we doing contextual traffic, we use it to find the targets we’ll need).  Keywords are search terms – the searches people are performing every day.  Someone performing a facebook search for “bodybuilding” is looking for bodybuilding groups, fan pages, and communities to plug into.  Someone performing a search on Amazon for “organic baby food” is looking for organic goods for their child.  Simple stuff, right?  It is, but marketers tend to get distracted and too creative in their marketing efforts.

The heart of a good lead generation campaign is Keywords, which drive ads/lead magnets, which drive website visitors, which drive leads thru the site.  So it looks like this:


The only other component of this is next step…


Step 4 – Targeted Followup

This is what happens AFTER a lead opts into your website.  Now that someone has engaged you, you want to follow up with this lead, and convert them into a partner or customer in your business.

We highly suggest you do this with the phone, as there is simply no better way to quickly build rapport with someone who has registered on your site. However, you also want to do AUTOMATED followup via email. This will leverage your time, and help ensure you get the absolute most out of your leads when they are coming in the door.

You can easily do this with services like TheMLMLeadOffice.com.  It’s easy to use, and it automatically sends out per-written email followups that you design that get your prospect engaging with you, even if you doing other things.  These types of systems can send dozens or hundreds of emails over the course of time, so that you are always adding value to your prospects and building a relationship with them even if you never reach them on the phone. 


Our Offer To You

If you have never put together your own lead generation system, it can be a daunting task! We developed a free full training to help you make it happen. 

To register, all you need to do is email us right now at success@hbsaonline.com.

In your email, include the following items: 

1. Your Full Name 

2. Best phone number and time to call 

3. The company or business you are marketing

4. The goals for your business and your lead generation 

5. Any challenges or setbacks you’ve encountered along the way. 

And we’ll get back with you ASAP to help you put the pieces together.  We are looking for some key people to work with and help them take their lead generation to the next level! If you’d like to make it happen, let’s start moving NOW.


Free MLM Leads (How To Get Them)

Most every distributor in the MLM industry has a lead problem.  Finding high-quality, qualified MLM leads is the biggest problem that most networkers face.  It’s what stops their businesses from growing – without good leads, a downline is dead in the water.

MLM Leads And How They Work

There are various types of leads available for an MLM’er to grow their business, but the best type of lead you will ever have is one that YOU generate yourself.  You know WHEN you generated that lead, you know HOW you generated that lead, you know WHAT was offered to that lead, and you know that lead was not sold or resold anything else.

The best leads you will ever have are leads that you generate yourself.  That’s the ticket.

How To Generate Targeted MLM Leads

In order to generate leads, you need two things:

1. A website with a targeted offer (an offer that appeals to your market)

2. Targeted Traffic (people visiting the site that WANT to be there)

Websites are another story (you may want to use this resource for build a good site), but the keys to the kingdom lie in getting targeted traffic.  Without a steady stream of targeted visitors, the best website in the world won’t do you any good.

In order to get traffic, you must either build paid advertising campaigns (there are lots of ways to do this) – which definitely isn’t “free”.  There are systems you can use for getting targeted leads on a paid source that actually offset and compensate you automagically, but that’s for another post.

This is about FREE MLM leads – in order to do that, we need to leverage a FREE traffic source.

Where can you get free traffic, and lots of it?

– Join the biggest targeted forums in your market.
– Search Google for “discussions” in your market.
– Establish yourself as an authority and a helper by providing valuable posts to the forum.
– Answer people’s questions in the forum (without being overly promotional).
– Have a good signature, with an enticing link, such as a link to a freebie.

Forum Search Engines (use these to find targeted forums):
boardtracker.com (used to be my favorite, but it’s been under construction for awhile)

Forum Directory:


Blogs are a very decent way to get targeted traffic IF (and only IF) they are hosted on a domain that YOU control.  There are some “opportunities” out there that give networkers a blogging “platform”, and tell them to blog away.  The problem is, they build the blogging platform owners site – NOT your site.  This means you are doing a lot of hard work for something that you will never own (and in this case, are even paying to rent).  

If you are building someone else’s website via blogging, you are not building your own brand and your own asset – which is exactly what an employee does.  Make sure if you blog, you are investing in and building your own assets.

– Best way to get blog traffic is to create incredible content.
– Create “link bait” (see this link for more info – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_bait)
– Write something highly controversial.
– Utilize trackback links as a form of conversation marketing with other bloggers. (use this resource – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trackback)
– Participate in blog carnivals. See blogcarnival.com
– Leave comments on other peoples’ blogs. (Do NOT spam or use automation)
– Expand your reach through RSS feed syndication.

RSS Feed Aggregators:
(search for market specific aggregators, using “keyword” aggregator)

Blog Communities:
blogher.com (for women only)

Blog Directories:

Pligg sites (also Scuttle, phpDug, and PublicBookmark):

(There are literally thousands of these kind of sites. Search for some in your market.)

NOTE: The best opportunity for building links and building a blog is by guest-blogging.  Guest blogging is where you write a high-quality blog post for someone else in your market, and in return they provide a couple of links back to your blog.

myblogguest.com is a community where you can find places to be a guest blogger.

Some guest blogging or guest article opportunities:


(There are thousands of places where you can potentially be a guest blogger! Search for blogs in your market)


Use these to create mini-articles, and generate targeted links and traffic back to your site.

pdfcast.org (for PDF’s)


Ebooks are a fantastic promotional tool, especially the Amazon KDP platform.  Highly recommended :)

Amazon.com (KDP Select)
ebookjunkie.com (Free ebooks category)
ebookmall.com (Free ebooks category)


A podcast is simply audio content.  It can be an interview, a training, or the equivalent of an article.  They are very easy to use, you simply record your podcast, upload, and it’s good to go.

feeds4all.com (podcast category)
godcast1000.com (Christian)
social.zune.net/podcasts/ (Zune)


A press release is a very powerful way to great buzz and excitement around newsworthy information about your business.  Press releases get picked up by major media outlets and can catapult virtually unknown businesses to the forefront of the media.

Here are a view outlets you can use for Press releases:

downloadjunction.com (software related)


Classified ads are an easy way to promote, get links, and drive free targeted traffic.  Each site will have their own rules as to what can/cannot be advertised, and how the advertisement should work.



And online directory is simply an organization of websites, separated by category.  These directories will give you a link back to your site, and some (especially DMOZ) carry a good deal of influence with their link.

gmdir.com (Your site must use Google maps)
smartlinks.org (submit via email)
(Do a search to find market-specific directories)


Social bookmarking is a way that people share content and information.  You’d be surprised how many people use social bookmarking to share content.  Don’t pre-judge your market!

Reddit.com (manual submission recommended)
Tipd.com (Financial)


These are sites that dedicated to questions and answers.  You simply show up, provide answers (and in many cases, links) to create authority and drive traffic.  Free, easy, and fast.

answers.yahoo.com is probably the most popular Q&A site currently.
linkedin.com/answers (talked about in lesson #82)
quomon.com (tech related)
stackoverflow.com (programming related)

Of course, there are other free ways to get leads (such as social media marketing, video marketing, etc) but these strategies will help you begin driving free leads and traffic to your websites!

Case Study: How To Add 300+ People Into A Network Marketing Business In A Single Month

Let me start off with a little story…

As legend goes, one day the iconic artist Claude Monet was sitting in his favorite cafe in Paris, enjoying his beverage, when along walked a woman who recognized him.

“My God, you’re Claude Monet!” she exclaimed.  “Listen, I know this is impromptu, but…will you draw a picture of me?”

Monet set his drink down, and looked at the woman for a second.  He then whipped out a pencil, grabbed a napkin, looked down, and proceeded to scribble furiously on the napkin for thirty seconds.

He then looked up, set his pencil down, and slid the napkin across the table to the woman.

The woman looked down. Her jaw dropped.

She found herself staring at herself.  It was like looking into a mirror!  In thirty seconds, Monet had created an exact portrait of the woman.

“Monet, this is amazing!” she declared. “Thank you so much! The legends are all true, you truly are a phenomenal artist!”

“You are very welcome, madame” said Monet.  “That will be five hundred francs, please.”

“Five hundred francs!” she cried.  “That only took you thirty seconds!”

“Oh no it didn’t” Monet calmly retorted.  That took me my entire life.”

Moral Of The Story – Great Achievements Look Easy, Only After A Lifetime Or Practice

Mastering anything takes time and consistent effort.  If you are good at anything in life, you’re consistent at, and have likely been so for years.

A bit over a year ago, we decided to publicly use ourselves as guinea pigs in a cast study to demonstrate the power of our education and training.  We did in one month what many have not done, ever, in their businesses. 

Setting The Stage – How We Added 300 New People Into Our Downline In A Single Month

When we began this project, we wanted to start like anyone else did, from the bottom. It was intended to be a case study, to show our students and potential students that targeted marketing does in fact work, and far better than any friends and family stuff that is (still) so popular in the industry.

We began by taking suggestions from the student body as to what kind of company we should join.  We wanted to join under one of our students, as we thought that would be a cool way to give back and help one of our students who had seen success. 

We took input from any student who wanted to give it, and we reviewed and researched over 200 opportunities.  (You can read up on that process here).

We went through the process of demonstrating what we look for when we join an opportunity (learn how to choose a network marketing opportunity here).

We finally selected an opportunity, under one of our more successful students (he was earning about $40k/mo at the time we joined under him.  Since then, he’s doubled his income).

Now, it’s important to understand that we really could have chosen any company, but one of the key fundamentals we teach is to be passionate about what you are promoting.  At the end of the day, life is too short to spend time promoting a product/service/opportunity that you don’t believe in.  A healthy chunk of time, effort, and energy would be going into this campaign, so we wanted to select an opportunity that served a market we were passionate about helping and serving.

The process would have been exactly the same if we had picked another company or market.  The fundamental difference between those who succeed or fail in this industry is the marketer, and their ability to attract that audience that is looking for what they have to offer. Once you have the skills, you can apply them into whatever you want. It’s not just about the money at that point, it’s about having a positive impact, and working on projects you love.

So we made a call, and got focused on the opportunity we were going to promote.

Then, we targeted our market.

We wanted to go after:

1. Current Networkers (these people already have experience in the industry, and don’t need to be convinced that network marketing is a good thing to be involved in).

2. People Who Need The Benefits Of The Product (in this case, people who wanted to lose weight, or experience a healthier lifestyle).

3. People Who Wanted To Start A Business (commonly refereed to as “opportunity seekers”).

For most any campaign in the network marketing industry, these will be the three types of people that you want to target.


Phase 1 – Learning The Market

We have a lot of experience in the network marketing and business opportunity markets, so we didn’t really need to spend much time understanding what was important to those communities and markets.

However, we were pretty new to the diet/weight loss market, so we spent some time learning about how that market functioned.

Step 1 – Amazon

Amazon.com is a gold mine of data.  It’s the largest e-commerce website in the world, selling physical products, books, movies, and ebooks (via KDP).  Any time we want to get to know a new market, we spend a good amount of time conducting research on Amazon. 

The key is this – when people are looking for information about a subject, they want to achieve the benefit.  So if someone is looking for information on “How To Make More Money”, or “How To Lose Weight”, “How To Travel Cheap”, and they buy a book on the subject, then they want to achieve those benefits.  People in this stage aren’t sold on the WAY to achieve them.  There are lots of ways to make money, or lose weight, or travel cheap.  As long as people can achieve the benefit, they are open to the actual method to make it happen.

So we start by doing keyword searches that are relevant to the benefits that our market was after, namely, losing weight. 

We then looked for those keywords in the “Books” section of Amazon, and we then sorted by popularity.

Then, we started reading.

We would read the reviews, as these are real-life people that are giving real-life feedback.  This is a direct message from our market, and it’s important to understand and know what they want!

They spill it all in the book reviews.  They’ll tell you about their situation, what they wanted from the book, what they liked about it, what they disliked about it, what their friends thought about it, the results they got…everything.  This is perfect, as it’s like surveying your market without having to do any surveying.  The works already been done, we just need to take the information onboard and implement it into our campaigns!

Step 2 – Google

We spend time using the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool, to find out more about what exactly our market is searching for.

This freebie shows us:

– The monthly search volume for a given keyword

– The local search volume for a given keyword

– The monthly search volumes of related keywords (keywords that are related to my original keyword)

This tells us roughly how much demand there is in a certain market, and also, other keyword ideas that we can use to check out and see what’s up.

We also spend time on Google.com, searching for some of those keywords.  We want to see what the competition is already doing.  So we literally head over to Google, and type in some of the keyword searches that we just got from the Google keyword tool.  We pay special attention to the sponsored listings, as these tell us who is actually buying traffic.  This is important! If someone is buying traffic, then we can assume one of two things:

1. The advertiser is losing money on that keyword.  In which case, they are an idiot that we don’t want to follow.

2. The advertiser is making money on that keyword.  In which case, we want to study what they’re doing, so see how it is working!

We confirm whether they are #1 or #2 by looking up their ads in SpyFu.  This little tool allows us to spy on PPC competition, to see how long an ad has been running.  If someone is running an add over 4 months, then we can safely assume the advertiser falls in category #2 (most advertisers can’t lose money for four months straight).

Once we knew our market, then it was time to get some landing pages up and start generating some leads!


Phase 2 – Build Creatives

“Creatives” simply refer to your marketing material – what you use to attract leads, clients, and customers.

For our application, we needed:

– Banner ads

– Landing pages

First, the banner ads.

The diet and weight loss industry is a big industry, but primarily skewed towards the female demographic.  I have no idea why this is the case.  Maybe guys are more comfortable being overweight.  Maybe women are more critical of themselves, and or see themselves as being more overweight than they really are.  Whatever the case, the we knew that for a lot of the diet/weight loss leads, we were targeting women, so that was what we were going to use in the banners.








When you have banner ads made, it’s important to get them in the most common sizes.  The most common sizes are:

300×250 (medium rectangle)

728×90 (leaderboards)

160×600 (wide skyscrapers)

We are still using our opportunity-seeker banners, so we can’t really reveal those here :)



Next, we need landing pages.

A landing page is where you traffic actually lands after they click your ad.  This is where they are given an offer in exchange for their contact information.

A landing page has one purpose, and one purpose only: to generate YOU a targeted, interested lead.

That’s it.

Education, details, offers…all that other stuff happens after a lead opts into your landing page.

Here are some of the landing pages that we used for this campaign:

Weight-Loss Targeted:





















Opportunity Targeted:


























Network Marketing Targeted:































We primarily used contextual traffic to generate leads (Content networks, media placements, existing traffic partners, etc).  We also developed free reports for all three lead types, and gave them away as incentives to join our mailing lists.

So we had leads coming in the door – the next step was converting them!


Phase 3 – Build Prospecting, Presentation, Closing Systems

This is where the fun begins!

Now it’s time to make some money.  We have leads, now we need to craft some offers that get those leads interested, responsive, and taking action.

For that, we need:

– Prospecting Script

– Presentation

– Closing Script

So here’s what we did:

Prospecting Script

The goal of a prospecting script is to SORT, and POSITION.  Any marketing campaign is going to be filled with “maybe” people.  These are folks that aren’t really ready to do business with you yet. 

The key is not in convincing those people to do something they’re not ready to do. 

The key is to sort them out of the way QUICKLY, so that you spend your time with the best prospects. 

That’s the goal of your prospecting script.  We do this with IQM (The Interest Question Method). We discuss this concept at length in our ebook Instant MLM Prospecting Scripts, but the goal is to have a script that gets to the bottom line, fast.

Once that was sorted, we developed two separate presentation scripts – one more focused on the opportunity, and one more focused on product benefits.  The reason we did this is because we had leads from both categories coming in, and we needed a congruent presentation for both.

A presentation script is designed to give you prospect the scoop, and to position.  Positioning is the most powerful marketing concept that you can leverage in this industry, and a presentation gives you center stage.  We have done all sorts of presentations, from webinars to teleseminars to live presentations to video presentations.  For downline growth, we like to set up recorded teleseminar presentations on Simple Voice Box

Here’s why:

– Your team can leverage these presentations 24/7

– SVB is a free service that is very reliable

– SVB will email you a daily email showing all the people that went to your presentation that day.  Good for tracking and accountability!

Finally, we needed a closing script, and a follow up process.

When you start one of these campaigns, you’ll soon find that your team, unless experienced, will have to learn how to close.  For that, we recommend you teach them, by role-playing and coaching with them, and also developing a followup process that keeps in touch with the leads they attempt to close.  That way, you (as a more experienced enroller) can follow up with some of their leads, and help put a little more money in the pockets of your team.  (You can see what our closing process is here at Instant MLM Closing Scripts).

For followup, we used a simple but powerful email followup series in an Aweber (aff link) account.

These were all of the tools that we built and used in this campaign. 


We’re not braggers.  At all.

But results are results, and we were fortunate to have accomplished some great things with this campaign.

In 30 Days, we were able to:

– Add Over 300 People Into The Team, As A Whole (closer to 400 when the dust settled)

– Personally Sponsor 46 People

– Help 4 People Qualify For A New-Car Bonus, And 24 People Get Promotions/Bonuses (NOTE: due to the diligence and leadership of Mr. Martin Lightbowne, that number has since grown to 49 people qualifying for New Car Bonuses).

– Create A Seven-Figure Distribution Channel Out Of Thin Air

– Go From Zero To Their Executive Rank On The Company Compensation Plan

– Set 4 Company Recruitment Records

– Became The #2 Enroller In The Entire Company For That Month (couldn’t believe someone out-enrolled us!)

Not to mention, we learned a TON about leadership, teamwork, and focus during that time.

And the money? 

Again, we’re not braggers, and we are a little old-fashioned in that we think money is a private subject.  Just for proof, we did post our first check from the company here (disclaimer, this is not an income claim, etc etc).  I’ll let speculators speculate on what the other checks looked like as the organization has grown.

The Big Take-Aways

1. Homework Pays Off

We spent a lot of time studying our market, and building systems that would work.  We had an intimate understanding of who we were sponsoring and going after, and that was a major contributor to success.

2. Invest In Skills Pay (Not Opportunities)

None of that would have ever happened, had we not devoted the time and energy to understanding and mastering the craft of marketing.

Most people treat online marketing as some sort of gimmick, or just something you’re supposed to “do real quick” to get some leads.

We treat it as an art and a science.  We look at it like this:

Aspiring doctors spend 8-12 years studying their craft and mastering skills, (as well as spending $200k+ on their education )before they get a six-figure income.

Aspiring lawyers spend 6-7 years studying their craft and mastering their skills (as well as spending about $150k on their education) before they get a six-figure income.

Marketers spend 1-2 years studying their craft and mastering their skills (and usually spend $2k – $10k on their education) before they get a six or seven figure income.

Skills pay.  We continually invest into our knowledge, because we are CONSTANTLY trying to improve our value, and what we can do to serve the market.  Do whatever it takes to get the skills, and master them.

Most people who read this have one of two reactions:

1. “OMG, you should join MY business, let me tell you all about it!…”

While we are certainly flattered, we encourage you to look at what we DIDN’T do to achieve this success.

We did not try to go to some big-wig enroller and swing them into our organization.

We suggest you not try to do that either.

Get your own skills, and attract your own market.  We know we could make “a lot of money” in lots of different opportunities.  But we focus on the markets we’re passionate about, and we don’t worry about anything else.

2. “OMG, There’s NO WAY I Could Do All That Stuff!”

Yes, you can actually.

We’re not rocket scientists, and we teach (and use) everything we do.  There’s no way Monet could knock out an identical-to-life portrait (on a napkin) in less than 30 seconds when he started.  With time and some practice, he was able to do it.  So can you.

Most people in this industry are actually already doing it the hard way – chasing friends and family, bugging people at malls, handing out flyers, doing the home meetings, hotel rah-rah pep ralleys, etc etc etc. 

That stuff is way more challenging than what we’ve just laid out.

Focus on what you can do today, and start building from there. 

For The Doubters, Skeptics, And Cynics

I know some people out there think it’s impossible to make good money in the home biz / network marketing industry.  They think it’s impossible to make money in an MLM, or that you can’t make money with online marketing. 

You probably know some people like that too. 

I don’t worry too much about these types of people.  Success needs no alibi or explanation, and it also happens to be the best revenge.  Don’t sweat the critical comments for what you’re building, or pursuing.  Simply plan your work, work your plan, pursue your dreams, and let the results silence the critics. 

Our Offer To You

If you are ready to learn these strategies, drop us a line today. We’d love to hear about your situation, and see if there’s a way that we could work together to build your business. 

Our Email: Success@hbsaonline.com.

Questions? Comments?  Post ’em up below!