Amway Sues Monavie?


I’m not a doom and gloom type of guy, but this has got to be the 7th sign of the Apocalypse.

Amway Sues Monavie

MLM’s get enough flack from the SEC, FTC, FDA, Attorney General, disgruntled distributors, naysayers, hooligans, terrorists, etc.

But now they are going after each other?

That’s like the Jets versus the Sharks.

Or the Bloods versus the Crips.

Or the Capulets versus the Montagues.

Or the Shia versus the Sunni.

It just doesn’t make sense!

Regardless, the last thing the home business industry needs is intramural bickering and law-suiting.


  1. michl says

    There are so many lawsuits. Why must everyone sue for everything and anything. When is enough, enough? Someone needs to be the “better” one here. Customers are smart enough to know the difference and their sales will show it.

  2. says

    Amway Global is one of the biggest companies worldwide, they net billions every year and they are one of the only american companies with no debt…even in these economic times.
    to me, it would seem that a comapny which makes so much money and is so successful wouldnt just sue other companies fro no reason.
    they wouldnt need to. theres definately a reason

  3. Bruce says

    The lawsuit contends that an Amway Diamond, attempting to break away and start his own “Amway copy” taking thousands of IBO’s with him, was aided in that regard by MonaVie. Amway contends that MonaVie, being fully aware of the no compete clause signed by the breakaway individual and the ongoing legal battle, attempted to capitalize on the situation by enticing him to bring the entire organization to Monavie. It is my humble opinion that Amway will keep them tied up in court until Monavie ferments.

  4. LOL Bruce says

    Hey Bruce,

    Look at the numbers, Mona Vie is going to overtake amway and to be honest they should. If amway was so amazing why would they be worried about a little ol’ juice company?

    Last time I checked it was a “FREE” country and you could do what you wanted. If you wanted to leave a sales job for another sales job there is nothing your employer could do to make you stop going after the other job except fire you.

    So what is the difference between a distributor leaving amway and going to monavie?

  5. says

    In my opinion, monavie will be fine with this lawsuit. If monavie can demonstrate a history of cracking down of false and misleading statements about Oprah’s “endorsement” of monavie (which I’m sure they can), the plaintiffs will have no case.

  6. says

    Bruce was right in explaining why Amway sued Monavie. It affectedpeople I knew personally. It was a sad event, but Amway did NOT sue because they needed the money. It was the principle. Andrew, in response to your question, I am an Amway Global distributor, and plan to be for the rest of my life. I don’t agree with everything they do, but the products are quality, the people are amazing to associate with, and the company has integrity. You may disagree, but one thing you can’t dispute, is they’ve gotta have SOMETHING going for them if they have been around over 50 years. There wouldn’t BE any other MLM companies out there if it weren’t for Amway! They gave other companies the idea that the REAL American Way (which is what Amway is short for) is to not be working a deadend 9-5 JOB (just over broke) the rest of your life.


    It is not a question of wether AMWAY is great or not. Amway products are GREAT. I have used them about 20 years. Amway pet food is the best, especially the dog food. What I don’t like about it is joining the different organizations to promote your business. They charge you outrageous $$$ for Tools i.e.Monthly tools = $45.00 = CD’s $6.00, DVD’s $15.00, Books $6.95 ( All books are retail even when they buy in Quantity of thousands and probably pay $1.00 or less) , Plus Shipping & Handling & taxes etc. The organizations make more money off you. Then there are little laws they don’t tell you about until they have kept your bomuses. Like you need to do 100 points (PV) to be paid a bonus. BUT of that 100PV — 50 PV or $100 has to be retail in order for you to receive your bonuses. 100PV=$350 +/- plus S/H & Taxes = $400 PLUS $$$ plus costs of tools add another $100 plus, so to do Amway costs you $500 ++ a month. And if you have products in your garage you need an annual business license ($150). And rejoin Amway annually also. Then their catalogs are printed with your price and retail. So the customer knows your price. Also once you join an organization under one Diamond the other Diamonds give lip service they’ll help you. One can go to there weekly meetings but not their own trainings they reserve for their own people. In other words if one doesn’t know any better and join their friends org. from 3 hours or 8 hours drive away the local Diamond won’t give you his special training because he gets no money for it. If you want to succeed in Amway you must find the Local Diamond and join his group. I joined a group 3 1/2 hours away. That Diamond would not let me quit and join the local Diamond. I quit Amway for 6 months and tried to rejoin the local Diamond twice. My Diamond 3 1/2 hours drive away would not let me join the local Diamond. I was just floundering away without help. After years of frustration I quit the organization, but continue to order Amway products. Then I joined Pre Paid Legal. PrePaid Legal does not have Diamonds like Amway. Wherever you join from, everyone wants to help you. And their CD’s are $1.50, DVD’s $2.00. I judge a business by how much it is going to cost me to get another recruit and train them. There is no annual resign up $ with PrePaid Legal Pay once your in. I like the idea of everyone helping everyone.

  8. Steve says

    Dear Lisa Starr,

    As an Amway Q12 Platinum, I understand your loyalty and desire… there are many wonderful attributes about the business with which to fall in love, to be sure.

    Unfortunately the money is not one of them… nor is the security of “ongoing income”, which it most definitely is not. There are hundreds, even thousands, of Platinums, Emeralds, Diamonds and above who can attest to this truth – and they are not losers and whiners.

    On the contrary, they are some of the most articulate and savvy marketers in the world… and they are now successful elsewhere.

    I wish you well and caution you at the same time. And watch your back if you are at the Platinum or above level when you decide to leave for all the friendships are likely not what they seem.

  9. carlos says

    ofcourse Amway has been around for decades, and they are multibillionaires, but look at the IBOs or the distributtors, look at their life style of mostof them 1 out of 10,000 will make emerald or above, so yes Amway is making millions out of stupid ignorant people like you by selling you a dream that for most will never become true. Amway has a system of hypnosis, people would die for Amway, evethough they will never see any money. i feel sorry for the Amway distributors, especially the new distributors.

  10. admin says

    @carlos – If you are going to call people “stupid and ignorant”, you should at least use proper punctuation and grammar in your comment. It would help your case a little 😉

    I’ll let people draw their own conclusions about Amway as a company, but I think you should reconsider your assertion that Amway has a “system of hypnosis”. Lol. If such a system existed, they would sell it. As they don’t currently offer such a product, I’m skeptical that they have one, or that one even exists.

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  13. Elmaty says

    That’s some good, sound advice. I never tried it, but I hear evoyerne rave about the service. I’m a YouTube man, myself. Bad quality, as compared to a DVD, but it’ll suffice. I stopped watching TV when I was a teen (decades ago), and had a tube-type TV in the basement that I tried to dump for so long. Finally got rid of it without anyone in the house complaining, because TV is digital now (don’t mention the analog to digital converter!). I might look into the streaming to computer…

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