Google Alternatives – Different Search Engines Other Than Google

Some people just don’t like Google.


Beats me.  I love Google!

But if you don’t, here are some Google alternatives (courtesy of Wikipedia)

By content/topic


Geographical limited scope




See also: Enterprise search

Search Appliances

  • Google: Google Search Appliance


See also: Category:Job search engines





Real property

Video Games

By information type

Search engines dedicated to a specific kind of information




See also: Multimedia search

Source code


These search engines work across the BitTorrent protocol.




Question and answer

By model

Open source search engines

Social search engines

See also: Social search, Relevance feedback, and Human search engine

Metasearch engines

See also: Metasearch engine

Visual search engines


  1. says

    Thanks for the mention of Uclue. Unlike many of the other services, Uclue is a paid Q&A/research service where researchers will answer customer questions. All of Uclue’s researchers are former Google Answers Researchers.

  2. Sivaramakrishnan says

    I have been using google only till now. But this article has given me a lot of useful alternatives that are well categorized. Thank you and continue your good job.

  3. Bob says

    I use WebMD a lot, it useful. I surprised my doctor with a new study summary about one on my medical conditions when I went in to see my doctor the other day. Courtesy of WebMD. I like Google News also, it’s a nice meta news site.

  4. shankar says

    ofcourse because of the rapid change in technology the people require more easy and advanced way of search..the above information is highly use ful..

  5. rakesh says

    Till now I had been using Google as my search engine. But after reading this i have come to know about a large no of search engines which I could have not known otherwise. Some of the engines which I would now prefer are torrent spy,, I really appreciate your work for this wonderful information.

  6. SuzyQ says

    Gee, what a huge list of Google alternatives. I will definitely need to print this list out and check some of them out, especially the more specialized search engines. I really do like Google, although lately some of the results seem to be more spammy than informative. I DON’T like Yahoo. I’ve used a few of these in the past but I think it’s good to have options. Thanks again for the list. Keep up the good work!

  7. historytrivia says

    I’m surprise that Scour search engine is not on the list. Scour rewards its users for searching. What about search engines that are just for kids? I like because it is a safe and fun harbor for kids to do research.

  8. Brian says

    WOW thats alot of search engines. the only ones on there that i recognize are: google, yahoo, mapquest and maybe a few others.

  9. Joseph says

    Just for fun I tried some of these and compared the results to Google. Some didn’t give very good results, but a couple of these search engines found sites that Google didn’t have in their results.

  10. Ankush says

    Hey that list was too exhaustive and informative to say the least. But I wanted to know if there are any good search engines to find research articles on net?

  11. Parit says

    U know google will soon become an monster in all internet (and more)
    they’re making their OS and will become the new vampire blood like and microsoft did u see the ad on youtube? they’re making big buck by give more and take more (but surely take is more than give)

  12. Dee says

    The list is very expansive and I will be saving them in my favorites. Google is good but as my grandma always told me there is always one way to skin a cat.

  13. says

    In this world market information is the hottest commodity around. What a treasure to have all these wonderful avenues of obtaining information collected into one convenient location. It certainly cuts my searching time way down and ensures the most targeted results for my query.

  14. Dave says

    I don’t trust Google, they log everything you do, and keep the records a very long time. It raises real privacy concerns. Thanks for the list of alternatives I can check out.

  15. says

    Of all the SE’s Google has become the largest and most influential with Yahoo sidelining into social bookmarks and the 2 major small SE’s, Live and Ask, slowing becoming more dominant. And I think we are seeing the beginning of a shift toward the smaller SE’s from monster google. I’m looking forward to this because several SE’s competing will perform better than one huge google.

  16. Amanda says

    I tried and it doesn’t work on my macintosh. Many web 2.0 companies could improve their chances of success by doing basic testing of their user interfaces and not excluding major segments of the population.

  17. Amanda says

    I don’t know, I am so use to Google, it is really hard for me to try anything else. Other search engines are just too irrelevant on the searches, Google definitely does a better job than anyone else.

  18. Charlotte says

    Thank you for the article. I am a regular Google user but sometimes I need alternatives that allow me to find information that is not easy searched for.

  19. piya says

    hey dear thanx a lot!!!
    I am regular google user and i tried other search engines but i wasnt confirtable with other sites like yahoo,msn.I wanted to know if there any other search engines which are content specific.Thanxs a lot i was searching for these options quit long.

  20. moserbr says

    I don’t know if I’ll ever be interested in changing from Google — I’ve never had complaints about it. But it is really good to see these things out there. Monopolies are unproductive and competition is always welcome. Thanks so much for spreading the info.

  21. Sarah says

    That’s quite a list. I don’t know why some people don’t like Google. It’s not that I don’t like Google, but I’m just used to the way that Yahoo! search comes out. That’s what I use most.

  22. shankar says

    ofcouse we are searching for different search engine other than google..this is because google is inefficient in the case of long and unrelated queries..thank you..

  23. Joshua says

    I also love Google, because I find what I am looking for most of the times like 99% of the times. The only other alternatives I have is Live Search and Yahoo Search.

  24. connie says

    Thanks for that list. I like having options besides always google or aol search, and it looks like there are plenty to choose from. Used to be one some years back called, which I just loved! Definitely will be trying some of these.

  25. mak says

    I have been using Google for as long as i can remember. Had no idea there were so many alternatives available on the internet. Thank you so much for the help.

  26. ekta says

    i would really go for mostly all the alternatives you have mentioned as i find them quite interesting ..the list is really good to know about ..thanks for making our work so easy and helping us this way..good luck and keep up the good work

  27. says

    Wow… I truly did not know that so many search engines even existed. I have been using Google ever since I used the internet and still find it useful. However, it is great to know so many websites have come up. Now, I have more options in my hand!

  28. sudinem says

    I am neutral to google. Neither I’m die-hard fan of google nor hate google. I use it whenever I want to search something on net. Anyway thanx for sharing this information….

  29. cholette says

    This is a great list. I didn’t see listed here. This is a paid to search engine. You can earn amazon/starbucks gift certificates and more. No spam here. Just check it out for yourself.

  30. Manoj Tripathi says

    You have really taken pains to compile an exhaustive list of all the important search engines. I am truly amazed that there indeed are so many search engines. Although I too normally use Google, I have made a note of some of the search engines that you have mentioned and would love to visit them.

  31. admin says

    It’s interesting – there’s a lot of engines out there that that are pretty obscure, and there will only be more as time moves on. Google has just made it clear that they are an Off-Page Factor search engine, and that really what separates them from a lot of the rest of this list.

  32. karthick says

    google is going bad now a days. many searches are not available on google.
    while other search engines improving, google must start enpowering itself to stand in this battle field.

  33. Patrick says

    That is certainly a lot of search engines. Like you, I can’ imagine anyone not looking google. They have continually given valid and help search results.

  34. tati says

    WOW! i always knew there were many search engines but i had no idea how may, or that there were engine geared toward specific types. thanks for the posting!

  35. says

    I always used to have this question what if google deactivates my account. But now I know there many alternatives I can look for. Thanks for giving such an elobarate list. Keep the good work going.

  36. magikspork says

    Wow! That’s quite the extensive list you have there. :)
    I also prefer Google, but I’ll have to check some of those out!

  37. Commenter says

    Thanks, this list must have taken a long time to put together. I really appreciate having alternatives to choose from.

  38. says

    that’s a lot!..LOL..

    anyway, i use ‘my homepages friends’ and ‘scour’..both of them pay for every search made..’my homepages friends’ uses yahoo search while ‘scour’ uses yahoo, google, and msn search..i think you should also add those two to the list..;)

  39. Erika says

    Google is still my tried and true friend, but I will bookmark this list because it breaks down different options for different search needs that may be handy in the future. Thanks for the great article.

  40. Amanda R says

    I’ve always been a fan of google because it seems to produce the greatest amount of results. Wikipedia is great, but I sometimes doubt its dependability. Thanks for giving such a long list of alternatives though:)

  41. bizco17 says

    I personally only use Google, unless I’m searching for something that is dated. If I am looking for a dated Item I use yahoo, because for some reason I tend to have better success. Google is a monopoly and rightly so. Why do we say “have you googled that”, and not “have you yahooed that”.

  42. Govindan Namboodiri says

    A treasure of information, of course. I have seen here the names of some search engines that were hitherto unknown to me! Keep on posting such useful articles.Thanks!!

  43. Max says

    I think you need to update thi spost. Wolfram Alpha and Bing are important players. Wolfram Alpha will never have the scale of Google. But it does make an important step away from what is traditionally considered search.

    Bing is already the second largest player, beating Yahoo. Can’t be sneezed at. (I know live translates to bing, but still…)

  44. peter says

    I think Google just knows to much about everyone and everything. After playing with google maps and seeing a picture of my friends father in front of his house cutting his lawn, I thought this is just enough. I decided to start to use a search engine that is not following and recording every move I make. I like, it’s new I’ve been using it for a few weeks.

  45. says

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