Melaleuca Product Breakthrough?

Melaleuca (The Wellness Company!) recently announced a “breakthrough” product discovery.

CEO Frank Vandersloot has labeled the breakthrough the “Oligofructose Complex”.

The entire product hinges on retaining antioxidants in the body longer.

As you probably know, antioxidants help fight off diseases.  While the primary antioxidants can be easily remembered with the acronym ACES (standing for vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, and trace mineral Selenium), there are many other not-so-famous antioxidants that aid in good health.

The problem with antioxidants is absorption and utilization.
“As soon as you take them into the gut, they begin fighting and the mineral always wins and the antioxidant loses and is destroyed,” said Garry Buettner, Ph.D. of the University of Iowa.

Evidently, antioxidants get whacked by free radicals and other “inhibitors” in the digestive tract before they reach the bloodstream, rendering them them good for little more than changing the color of your urine to neon yellow.

That is (ahem) before the advent of the Oligofructose Complex.

Vandersloot plans on publishing his findings and revolutionizing the entire vitamin industry.  To read more, you can check out Mr. Vandersloot’s announcement.


  1. says

    Melalaleuca products are wonderful. I use them throughout my home and feel confident I’m doing the best I can to protect my family from harmful additives.
    Melaleuca oil rocks!

  2. says

    These products are all so great. I have been taking the vitamins now and can only say they work! I was having problems with energy, and needed calcium and these product came through for me. My cholestral has come down and other problems have all been addressed because of these products. I tried switching to something else just to test and I had to get back to my Melaleuca products because the others just did not work. I wish there was a way i could get everyone to try these products because they are just that good and a lot of medical problems could be address if only people would try them.

  3. Doug James says

    New Melaleuca preferred customer. Love the products so far, have not tried their vitamin line yet but the chemistry behind them seems sound as they tie the minerals to protein so the body can absorb which is correct. How do we market ourselves and Melaleuco to others interested in Wellness based products for their families effectively online?

  4. says

    like wise im a new to this company and new prefferred customer. since i try the product it amazed me that it really works. i love their detergent and hand washing liquid named lemon brite it really concentrate and you can use it for longtime it depend on how you often wash your utensils at with the dtergent for clothes.and the best thing about this products is there ingredients are safe to your family to know more about the product just go to this website…. god bless

  5. Dave Wilson says

    I recently joined this amazing company as a marketing executive and I am very proud to be part of Melaleuca. I am in Australia and I can say there is a lot of interest in these amazing products over here. With a support network willing to help build my business, I am excited for the future and the opportunity to share with others what I have experienced in this organization. The products are fantastic and offer consumers a eco friendly, safer alternative to the chemical laden products available from the supermarket chains.

  6. says

    I, too, am a marketing exec for this incredible company, Melaleuca. The products are so economical and the vitamins are incredible. I have not found anything that I don’t like! And I love enhancing the lives of others by helping them build their own business.

  7. Joop says

    How do Melaleuca nutritionals compare to USANA? USANA seems to have such incredibly high quality products and the comparisons I see have Melaleuca rated much lower. Are those comparisons accurate and unbiased and if not how so?

  8. Eric says


    Check out this article. It explains why USANA ranking of Meleuca is flawed.

    FYI … I have been taking the Vitality 6 pack for 30 days now. I have never felt better.

    Why not give Melaleuca’s vitamins a try. They offer a 90 “no questions asked” money back guarantee. The only thing you have to lose is the possibility of not feeling better.


  9. Shmuel says

    Hi I’m from Melbourne Australia and I’ve beem on the vitamins for a few months and feel fantastic . Doctors thought I had sleep apnoea , but now I know it was simply poor nutrition.Dose anyone have recent experience of going from USANA to Melaleuca’s Oligo. I thing the whole USANA comparison thing is a sham.

  10. says

    I started out a customer several weeks ago, and LOVED the products so much that I started telling everybody about them. I am now a Marketing Executive III. These vitamins are wonderful. I have never taken multivitamins before because I thought it was such a waste of time. After just 3 days of taking these, I could easily tell a difference. They also use the same Oligofructose technology in their Attain weight loss shakes I have been trying lately. Very Impressed!

  11. Ethan says

    I Work for this company taking Customer service phone calls, These products are beyond amazing the quality cannot be found elsewhere. Love everything about the products.. Please call in with such a negative response to cancel there perferred account, Only have tried a few products, Its such a hard thing knowing that person has not tried the other huge variety of products produced from Melaleuca. We offer over 300 Wellness product. Waht a great place to be and have such great products.

  12. says

    My daughter has me on vitality total.I just had a complete blood test
    I wanted a blood test on every vitamins was great Iam sixty five years old have lots of trouble digesting anything …great
    Eric and Sara Adelman

  13. Dawn says

    My mother has recently started using Melaleuca and had been telling me about the product. In the past I’ve tried so many different things I really wasn’t interested. I spent a weeks vacation with her, when I arrived I had a terribly deep crack in my cutticle. Normally these will take some time to heal. I began using the Renew and after two days of using it several times a day, the crack was almost completely healed. I also have chronic back pain and have tried every rub under the sun but mom suggested I used the Pain-atrate and to my complete amazement it works. I’m sold, I’ll deffinately be buying Melaleuca products from heer on out.

  14. Leon says

    It’s one thing to try the products, but it’s another to be pressured to sell them to others and recruit other to sell as well. This is the only flaw with this entire page of positive comments. This last step is missing in all of the comments.

    Most of the benefits being written in testimonials can be purchased at natural health food stores including Clark’s. So in all fairness Melaleuca is not an exclusive provider to a better health. I liken this page to going to GNC’s website and having all the franchisees raving of how great the products are to them. A bit too biased, I think.

    Does Melaleuca have minimum orders per month? Are you forced to buy start up packages? If so, then how does that compare to going to a natural health food store and buying only what you need? Despite what I’m told, the prices at the health food stores are not more expensive.

    Why must I recruit others to sell? To build wealth? Build a residual income? I think this approach works with the person on wages who is limited by their per our hour pay or a person on salary who can’t progress easily to the next pay level. Yet, if you have a “good” income per year why not apply yourself to make more money at your current job? Invest your personal profit over time? Acquire real estate through TIC’s or syndications?

    This is more a way to make money through a pyramid scheme. The Melaleuca people hate that word, pyramid, and hate comparisons to Amway, but at the end of the day, this is what it is. Why deny it? I think this whole focus on health is admirable, but very misleading. There is a greater goal here and that is pressure to order products on a monthly basis, and recruit others to do the same. Just be honest. The only way all of you make money is by buying the products consistently.

  15. Adam says

    I just stumbled across this post while trying to find out if the extremely high % of vitamins and minerals was really safe for us. Still looking for that answer. As far as the post above me goes, you are not required to pressure anybody into buying anything. You can simply become a preferred customer and use the program to do some of your household shopping each month. You don’t have to spend a lot either. I spent around $60 my first month to try a few of their products out. The next month I switched all of my cleaning products over to this company. Most of their products are great! I do however stay away from any health products that have an * after their description, which some of their items have.

  16. Adam says

    Edit to my previous post:
    I meant to refer to post #21. For some reason my browser cut off the posts between that one and me until after I posted. Sorry for the confusion.

  17. Alice Britanico says

    I was on chemo for breast cancer last year and then went on radiation then surgery.My energy level was so bad that I had to take a nap in the morning and in the afternoon for hours , but my friend Maria introduced me to Melaleuca and said why don’t you try the vitamins . I did try the vitamins and the first 2 weeks I was too drowsy but by the 3rd week my energy level was totally increased . I don’t take 2 long naps anymore and my endurance is great. So the vitamins really helped.
    I also love the envia shampoo , it is sooo good. thanks melaleuca

  18. Kim says

    Check out the good guide to find out the truth about the Melaleuca products, be sure to include the name Melaleuca in your search.

  19. says

    I enjoyed your post and the ideas that are provided. There are thousands of recommendations out there that are both good and bad. If you have any more suggestions concerning natural health or associated topics, that would be most appreciated. Keep up the quality writing!

  20. says

    Melaleuca is a great company with great products. I really like it that they have products for many different things. I use everything from cleaning products for the bathroom, to dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent and do not want to go back to products containing many different chemicals. I also like their bath and body products which are great for my son’s sensitive skin and have personally heard of the lotion being great for severe eczema. There is no way to totally convince anyone how good these products are without them trying them out for themselves. I advertise for the company and would gladly share more information with anyone who is interested.

  21. Fran Beatty says

    I am an ME III with Melaleuca. I started working in April. I use their 6x concentrated laundry soap that is in a bio degradeable bottle.My clothes are softer and cleaner with just 1 tablespoon per large load of their Melapower laundry soap. I have cholestrol problems and am currently taking Zocor, which has side effects that can cause liver damage, so I have to have blood work done every 3 months. Since I have been taking the vitality pack vitamins , my bad cholestrol has came down and my, good cholestrol has increased. My doctor prescribed right out of my Melaleuca resorces guide book 2 – Vita Omega 3’s daily for my triglycerides and provec c for my cholestrol. My blood work came back with astonishing results. i may be off of Zocor for life soon because my levels are finally normal.I am 55 years old.
    I absolutely love their clear power glass cleaner, it cleans the glass and surfaces, and they actually look polished.Their rustic touch furniture polish takes off old wax build up and ground in dirt, thus bringing out the beauty of the natural wood,practically looking brand new..The spot remover took out all of the grease and grime from my husbands Levi’s. Love their products, and yes I do get real checks.
    Where can you start a business in today’s economy for $29.00, This includes a business kit chocked full of information needed to help grow and sustain a good business, the support,training, and mentorship is more by far than I could have ever imagined.I see a long term relationship with myself and this comany,If I didn’t work for them I would still buy their amazing products. They help so many people from children to adults, they even have products for dogs that help with hip displacia,and so much more…

  22. says

    If you have considered going green by recycling plastic bottles,cans,and so much more, if you are looking for safer,healthier products that are without the bleaches,amonia and harmful side effects, possibly Melaleuca is for you, give them a try if your not satisfied ,you can get your money back.

  23. Sean and Andra says

    We have been in melaleuca now for 4 weeks! We are directors I and II already!! Melaleuca is a blessing! Not only for us, but our entire family and friends! We save money every time we shop and the products are outstanding! Every last one! Every single person that turns to melaleuca will benefit in every part of their life! If you are serious about going green, saving money, receiving BETTER products for less, and even creating a debt free, financially secure life..TRY MELALEUCA!! We have put this company into work and made it a big part of our lives! It has paid off greatly and continues to do so! Thank you melaleuca!!!

  24. Mohammad Bilal says

    Hi Fran.Thank you for sharing your experience with their Suplements.
    I have problem w/cholesterol and high blood pressure.I hope they have something to take care of high blood pressure.
    Glad you are in better health.

  25. Shmuel Rosenblum says

    Leon says you can get these products in a health food store – I’m a pharmacist and I can tell you that you will pay heaps more – and they don’t have Oligo as this is patented . There is 25 years of research behing these products. Doctos thought I had sleep apnoea , but after taking these vitamins I’m another person and the health food store can’t give me a product that can do that – I feel like I have my life back

  26. Kim says

    @ Shmuel..Please use spell check next time you post! And no you cannot get these products in a health food store, you have a very mixed message..Sorry

  27. Sandra H says

    I am a Mealeuca product user since 2004 and now a business builder and I have grown to love these products. There are many testimonies of the usefulness and quality of these products in my family alone. ( lowered cholesterol, energy boost all day, immune system builder, lowered blood pressure, and clearing up of rashes) The list can go on! As a former cancer patient, as writer #26, I can confirm the validity in her statement about increased energy and immune building. There is nothing more upseting than a doctor/chemo nurse calling and saying your white blood count is down and it must be up for a treatment that you already hate you had to have. I wasn’t always fond of taking more than 1 vitamin a day until this accured and I had to get serious.(consistency is key with anything) So, I must say to nay sayer/doubters about Melaleuca products, what you DON’T believe will never happen for you, and it WON’T happen for you because of your (closed mind) BELIEF SYSTEM! Try things for youself and not rely on a brain outside of your brain. That brain doesn’t always know everything! Don’t die before your time. Natural products are there for you. (Biblical) My family and my trust is first and foremost in God and then in Melaleuca’s all naural products. Life is worth living if you desire to help yourself and help others.

  28. Rosangela Santos says

    I was recently introduced to Melaleuca Wellness products, I like the demonstration, i became preferred customer and was looking forward to receive my order to try it, I ABSOLUTE LOVE IT, Tube & Tile, is great, cleans and leaves that wonderfull clean smell in by beautiful bathroom, and more headaches, red eye or strong smell of ammonia in my house. I am looking forward to receive my second order and will be very happy and confident to show my friends how wonderfull the products from Melaleuca are. I am taking care of my family, saving money and also helping to protect the environment. Try I am sure you will love as well.

  29. Rosangela Santos says

    sorry the wrong spell on my previous comment>
    I will start over:
    Tube & Tile is great, cleans and leaves that wonderfull clean smell in my beautiful bathroom and NO MORE headaches, red eye or strong smell of ammonia in my house…

  30. says

    Melaleuca is an AWESOME company. I have been a Preferred
    Customer/Business since July 29, 2004.
    I am off of 5 meds and take no statins for HBP, high cholestrol, sinus, hormone replacement, and blood disorder)
    I can show you how to enhance your HEALTH and WEALTH and get the $$GREEN$$… while going Green!

  31. Luis says

    When you are going to talk bad about a company you need to be well informed first. Melaleuca is not a piramid. Thjis company had been in the very important businees magazine call INC. This is ona of the magazine investor in usa go to find out new and serius new private companies with high growing income. You can not pay in order to be in this magazine, yo have to deserved and the first thing this magazine does when any company apply is a full investigation of that company and pyramid companies are not are allowed. Also, in order to make money with melaleuca you do not have to bring or reclute nobody to the business just bringing custumer to try the products and the company pay you for that.

  32. admin says


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! On a side note, just a couple of things:

    1. When addressing a previous comment or commenter, it’s easy to reference if you use @TheirName at the top of your response – so everyone knows where the comment is being directed.

    2. I’m not a grammar nazi or anything, but having a grammatically-correct comment lends credence to your perspective and points. Just a friendly heads up on that :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  33. Desiree says

    I just want to say, that while hesitant at first, I decided to join Melaleuca as a preferred customer. I do not have a lot of money, my husband and I struggle every month, but it could be worse. We have a year and a half old son, and he has a 4 year old son from a previous relationship. I have been looking for a legitimate work from home company when I stumbled across an add marketed towards stay-at-home moms. I spoke with the lady but I was very reserved. My mom used to get sucked into the A-typical MLM type company and always failed or gave up. I told the gal I would have to think about it. In the mean time I performed as much research as I could about Melaleuca and while there were a few negative remarks, I found mostly positive people who loved the products. Every business has had negative feed back or some kind of complaints. I think those negative comments are more from people who thought that Melaleuca was going to make them thousands in a few weeks or that the products were going to completely change their health in a day. Not everything is for everyone! Just like not everyone likes to shop at walmart! Anyhow, my husband and I talked about it, pros and cons, and we decided we would try it out. I ‘ve literally only been with Melaleuca for a few weeks, since the end of April. The first thing I tried out was the diswasher detergent. The bottle is for use of 25 washes because you only need a half tray full of it. Let me tell you, when the steam started coming out of the dishwasher, it made my whole house smell like spring lemons! No bleach in it, no harsh chemicals. Sold. Tried the Shampoo and conditioner, makes your hair smell delicious! The lotion is AMAZING…No more alligator skin Ladies and it’s not oily for the guys! Then I ordered the spring special of cleaning products and laundry. While I mistakenly ordered scent free detergent, the dryer sheets still made all our clothes smell heavenly. The cleaning products are 6x concentrated so one little bottle will fill a normal sized spray bottle, 6x!! Saves plastic! I decided to try out one of the cleansers on a koolaid stain on the counter. If you have ever had a koolaid stain, you know how hard it is to get it out. After a few little scrubs, it was almost completely gone! And once again, it smelt like lemons. Not harsh, headach causing cleaner. It even made my hand soft! I am still waiting for the spray bottles since I didn’t order them with the order, and I can’t wait to do some spring cleaning. Just an FYI, Melaleuca is like a Costco or Sams. They require an enrollment fee of $29.99 and then the annual renewal fee is $12. All Melaleuca asks is that you switch stores. DONE. I’m sold. I am going to try the vitamins next month. I have also decided to start up a business in it so I can be home with my son but still contribute financially. These products are amazing. The company backs their products 100%. If you don’t like it, send it back within the first 60 days..used, empty, doesn’t matter…you will receive a full refund. They are also partnered up with over 600 online retail stores so if you shop online with those stores, Melaleuca sends you a rebate check!! How awesome is that? That is just one of the perks of being a preferred customer. As I am just getting started in the business, I don’t know how much help I can be at answering questions. All I can say is that if you want to live healthier and help save our planet from all the plastic, let me know and I will do what I can for you. PS, if within the first 4 months you don’t like it, you can cancel it for a full refund of the enrollment fee, and you keep the products you purchased. If you want to sign up or if you just have any questions, please let me know and I will do my best to help you!!

  34. Desiree says


    I forgot to add that Melaleuca requires all preferred customers to pick out a back up order. This order is in case you forget to order by the end of the month. It automatically gets sent to you and charges your card or however the payment method is set up. This back up order is to ensure you receive the preferred customers discounted price. However, if you do not feel that you can purchase the 35 product points per month, you can choose to be a direct customer. In that case, you still need to enroll at the $29.99, but you are not required to purchase on a monthly basis. The product cost does increase by 30-40% with this option.
    I also received my spray bottles yesterday and did a little cleaning. Made my house smell wonderful! And the cleaners actually make your skin softer.
    On a different note, while Melaleuca seems to have some MLM characteristics, it is not technically MLM. With Melaleuca, there is only the $29.99 enrollment fee, annual renewal fee, and the monthly product points that you need and you can either remain a customer, or you can refer people. Generally with MLM, there are start-up costs of well over $100 plus you are required to purchase inventory and sell that way. I’v read that some companies, not going to name names, have start up costs of over $3000 in order to receive a 50% commission. With Melaleuca, you refer people, sign them up (enroll them) and they purchase directly from Melaleuca. The products get shipped to the customer, directly from Melaleuca. There is a presentation that is done for new customers so they may better understand how Melaleuca works. There are no in-home parties, unless you choose to do a big group presentation, no inventory to buy, nothing.
    Hope this helps clear some things up as well. Sorry for it being ill-written…I’m at work right now!

  35. Leon says

    Sorry, but it would be more fair if the majority of the posters also admitted that not only do they buy Melaleuca products, but that they also try to recruit others to start buying these products so that their pay can increase. If there was no benefit, then why would any of you care if anyone else bought these products?

    I was invited to attend a meeting. The only reason I went is because I thought there might be a worthwhile message. What did I learn? This person was recruiting me to buy Melaleuca products and wanted me to know that my income would increase if I could find others that would buy Melaleuca products, too. This effort became a weekly endeavor for her, and here entire family whom are all “Directors” rented space at hotels and they all invited people to hear their pitch.

    Question? Why the need to get others to buy the products? If this isn’t a pyramid scheme, then why the pressure to bring more people into the Melaleuca world???? All of you can praise the products until you’re blue in the face. Just come clean. They way you make more money other than a return on your purchase, similar to Costco by the way as an Executive Member, is to bring others under your efforts. This one person actually got upset that her “friends” stopped responding to her requests to attend meetings. Once the vitamins presentation peaked, then it became the household items, and now its the beauty products. It’s “I’m inviting you to a party” approach. Some party. She always puts the pressure on you to sign up.

    I’m really saddened that Naugles closed. No health benefits. No income back to me. Just really good fast food. Yet, I’m not going to rent hotel rooms, invite everyone I can find, and get them to write letters to Del Taco to re-open this chain and its menu. Would I do it if I knew I would make 10 cents of every cheeseburger sold should they re-open? Would I admit this to the people I recruited to write letters to Del Taco in mass? Or would I keep it a secret that I would make money if they helped me in this effort? Ethics. Disclosure. Honesty.

  36. admin says

    Hi Leon,

    Thanks for posting – I really appreciate your comment. I think it strikes to the heart of one of the main issues in network marketing – namely, they the distributor is trying to make money by leaning on friends and family…monetizing friendships and personal relationships.

    There are a lots of different ways to market a product or a service, and one of the things we recommend is leaving your friends and family alone. Those relationships shouldn’t be monetized – they are friends and family. If you want to learn a different way to make it happen, you can contact us and we will send you some info on how to do it.

    Parties aren’t parties when friends are pitching friends. Nothing wrong with making money – just disclose it, be honest about it.

  37. says

    Can I simply say what a relief to search out somebody who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You positively know learn how to deliver an issue to gentle and make it important. Extra people have to learn this and understand this aspect of the story. I cant consider youre not more standard since you definitely have the gift.

  38. Desiree says

    @ Leon

    I can’t agree with you more about being pressured to sell or buy. When my mom joined Arbonne a couple years ago, the whole family went “UGH!” Thinking of sitting through home parties, having her continually harrass people to have parties. Turns out, it wasnt’ for her because she wasn’t a “sales” person.

    While you don’t have to have parties with Melaleuca, you may so you can spread the word faster. There is no pressure sales tactics or pressure to SELL the products when you join. Oh wait, did I say sell the products? Yes. Unlike Arbonne, Mary Kay, Amway, Pure Romance, and many other companies, you don’t sell the products. You don’t buy hundreds of dollars of product to keep in your trunk and try and sell them. A customer buys directly from melaleuca by either placing orders online, fax, or over the phone.

    You asked, “Why the pressure to bring people into the Melaleuca world?” My answer is this: If you are going to parties or a person is continually trying to sell the products (company) to you, then that is a that persons problem, not Melaleuca. Melaleuca does not like it when the directors or executives or what-have-you, continually harrass people to buy from Melaleuca. Also, if you really loved something, aren’t you going to tell all your friends about it? A new awesome video game? A great new Beer? What about the most delicious restaurant you have EVER eaten at before? Are you going to keep that all to yourself, or are you going to spread the world? If you are like most people, you will tell everyone you know. That is what Melaleuca is about. Their products are amazing. You can refer people and really work at getting the word out, or you can just be a customer. Melaleuca deals with referrals, direct marketing, NOT direct sales. Even if you are just a customer and you refer someone, you can get a check once a month just because that person is shopping with Melaleuca. If you refer someone to that really nice restaurant, you are not benefitting, correct? With Melaleuca, you would benefit.

    I use Melaleuca products and have since April I believe. While so far there are only 1 or 2 products that I don’t really like, 98% of the other products are awesome. The vitamins, the cleaning products, the bath products. All awesome. Get this, if you mix all of the cleaners together, it can be used as one heck of a bug killer. Awesome right? Gets better. A few months back when my son was about 17 months, he got ahold of that mixture. Sprayed it right in his face…eyes, nose, mouth. Nothing happened. Of course we rinsed his eyes and face off, but nothing. No redness in the eyes or irritation, no sore throat. Nothing. And the mixture will kill bees in under 20 seconds. Hows that for safe?

    Another thing. My husband used to get that cystic acne, almost boil type bumps on his back. He was always very self conscience about it. Since using the laundry detergent and the Renew body wash, he hardly has a break out and his scarring is less noticeable. My sons ezcema is no longer there either.

    I love the products, but I’m not actively trying to recruit anyone. While my intentions were initially to do so, I have not. I talk about them and if someone is interested, it’ll go from there. But, I don’t talk to many people in general so I am content with just shopping with Melaleuca.

    Oh yea, and if you are going to a “party” and you don’t have it in your head that it is a business opportunity for the host and that they are trying to make money, that’s your fault! That’s like going to a movie theater, watching a preview to another movie, and expecting to be able to watch that new movie for free! Previews are a sales pitch and you have to pay to watch the actual movie! Referrals to Melaleuca are a sales pitch and if you want the product, you pay for it! The party or conversation you have with a director is the preview. Get it? It is obvious you had a bad experience and I’m sorry you did. Melaleuca’s products are great, hands down. And that’s what I have to say about that :-)

  39. Tawana says

    Sounds like those who are downing melaleuca might have been hurt by a other mlm company. Im sorry for you. Melaleuca is like no other. No one gets hurt.

  40. says

    i have used their products for 2 years now and LOVE most of them. would love for you guys to comment on the certain products on my blog and tell ppl what your personal experience was:)

  41. shangkar says

    hi , everyone … Had all the comment and feel happy to hear … I just join … I am from malaysia.. Malaysia ‘s Melaleuca is just i year… If anyone can send me Products details with testimonies , pls email me in … Pls help as me is your Melaleuca community… thanks

  42. Magdalena says

    I start using Melaluca Vitamins. I used to by the New Chapter vitamins, and felt pretty good too. But because a member of my family start their business with melaluca.. start using their vitamins to help out. I like them, feel good, but i felt good with new chapter vitamints too. I don’t like that i have to pay for shipping. I didn’t have to pay for shipping with other vitamins companies, buying through internet ?…. hate that !

  43. admin says


    You hate paying for shipping? Suggestion: drive to the store and buy stuff there. And pay tax. And the gas to get there. When you order off the internets, you pay for shipping – unless you buy enough product in bulk, in which case…you still pay for shipping.

  44. Green Business Developer says

    The name of the company was drawn from the botanical name for tea tree oil, which is a key ingredient in 1/3 of the product line. If you have any other questions about the company, its products, or building a business you can email me at

  45. abraham says

    Please people, if their products are so good why aren’t they anywhere? You have to be a member. I would rather be a member of Sams club or something else. Not this BS. People who are rating this product well is because now they have to sell the crapp. Dont be fooled it is just another waste of time and money.


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