Shaklee Business Honored By EPA

Shaklee is a network marketing company that provides nutritional supplements, beauty products, and eco-friendly household products.  As such, they have been put on the list of the Top 20 Retail Partners with the EPA’s Green Power Partnership.

The partnership’s rankings are meant to highlight and applaud companies that emphasize green power purchases to minimize their “environmental footprint”.

Shaklee actually become the first company in the world to be Climate Neutral Certified in 2000.  Roger Barnett, Shaklee Chairman and CEO, is proud of Shaklee’s addition to this prestigious grouping, “We are pleased to be part of a group of companies that are showing leadership in helping reduce our impact on our planet and we hope that many more join us in the future.”


  1. Karen says

    Not only is Shaklee environmentally friendly they have great products. I will always go with a ‘green’ product if one is available and have never been let down my Shaklee.

  2. says

    Yes, Shaklee’s products are by far the best I’ve used. One in particular I can’t imagine living without. (They don’t allow us to mention names online, but I’ll tell you if you ask privately.)

  3. says

    I began using the Shaklee products in 2002. I like them so much that I became a distributor in 2006 and a global ambassador in 2009. Shaklee is the #1 nutritional company, has excellent ethics, is carbon neutral and offers over 300 products.
    Discover the Shaklee difference, you will be pleased with these products.

  4. Erika says

    The first time I heard of Shaklee was 1970.
    I was a single parent with two lovely young boy’s. I received many benefits from Shaklee company, such as paid vacations and much more.I have trained others who are in the business for as long as I am.
    Shaklee has ment freedom in every sense of the word …. Freedom to be at home with my small children while earning a fabulous income, freedom to be my own boss, freedom to decide who I wanted to work with, freedom to grow and develop my business without limits

  5. says

    Because of Shaklee’s awesome natural products, like supplements,
    nontoxic products for the home, and nonallergenic personal care
    products for the skin, etc., plus the great little air purifier for my kitty’s
    litter box, all of these and more, with the grace of God, have allowed
    me to still be working in a retail store, and attempting to spread the
    word to everybody about this life-saving company! I love Shaklee!

  6. says

    I really like the shaklee product line. it has a huge variety of clean safe products. i will admit that in my past i was a little skeptical to the all natural products because i didnt think that they could be as effective as the store brands. Man was i wrong they are more consentrated and more product per buck. i was completely satisfied with shaklee so i to became a distributer and have seen all the benefits of it!!

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