1. Historytrivia says

    Get ready! I have to teach my parents to the use the internet because in the future everyone will be depending on the internet. I use the internet every day and sometime I feel that it is the same as any tv, vcr, dvd player or text book. Hearing Mr. Kelly speaks about what the internet really is and his hope for future cloud books make me appreciate the internet more. I believe in the impossibilities. Do you? It would be great if the internet continue to grow and be even more grand. My hope is that in the future internet can be free or less expensive so that more people around the world will be able to touch the cloud. I’m fine with having one big machine control all the sub machines just as long as my internet privacy can remain sacred.

  2. khushe says

    The Internet has made our life so easy.Its future must be bright so that the people who at present are left out should be able to take its benefit.

  3. suragani says

    computers and internet are playing an important role in our day to day life. every body should learn how to use internet. not only our children but also out should learn

  4. pavan says

    This blog gives a wide information on the current topics. it has made easy to check about the things that are happening out side the world.

  5. badcat says

    After reading i though this is something stupid going on.But after watching video i agree with this guy.This is serious issue.

  6. Bing says

    Very interesting topic. I am amazed by the vision of the guy discribed. It’s exciting, but meantime it’s also quite scary because with all the things the web is capable, one might not have very much privacy anymore.

  7. Anilkumar says

    Usage of an internet has become compulsory for every one. This video has given me a wide information about the current topics in the internet.

  8. shankar says

    hello everybody,i am very impressed with the above article.In the tough situation like recession all over the world this article establishes a great impact on life.i expressed my view about the article..plz come forward to give yours..

  9. Avinash Jain says

    The article was impressive.Internet has revolutionised our world and the way we think about it. Its future is very bright. it will assume an even greater proportion in our life in coming times.

  10. Vishnuprasad says

    Really, internet is the big thing now, and will remain the big thing for years to come. We will be seeing some dramatic improvements in the ways we get our internet and the way we use it. For example, the BPL concept (Broadband over Power Lines ) may expand in a large manner, connecting the remote areas. And who knows, we will be controlling our water heater from some other country using internet

  11. Ganeshmanoj says

    After seeing this vedio, i’m amazed about the internet. I though i know every thing in the internet but now i find that i have to increase my knowledge about the internet. Because in futhure it is going to play very important role in places.

  12. faheypb says

    Isn’t that the truth! These types of things are so valuable to keep in mind when creating, building, and promoting a business. The web certainly is powerful.

  13. Imran Nadeem says

    Nice .. although I don’t agree with the guy 100 percent. I have seen some strange things during my time as an internet surfaholic. and this isnt the last of it.

  14. Govindan Namboodiri says

    Though this is a hot topic for today when the web is both being used and abused. Whatever be the adverse impact, it does not appear that the web will not get out our lives so easily !!

  15. says

    I cannot imagine how I could do my job without the internet or . . . think of it . . . a computer.

    I’m not all that old, but going back to my first job after college, the internet was just in it’s infancy and I remember explaining Yahoo! to people in my office and the whole idea of what a search engine in. At the time, I used a type writer to type up forms and I was something of a whiz kid because I knew how to use Excel. Crazy.

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