1. Patrick Logan says

    Josh/Martin: I (personally) think this a great step, and it isn’t necessarly “outside the box” for HBSA… in fact I would say its a step into the 22nd Century!

    I think this puts it on the line when people say, “Well, lets see you grow a business with the tools that you are promoting.” So now you are “practicing what you are preaching”

    While I don’t (currently) have a “viable” business to promote, I would ABSOLUTELY be interested in this type of “joint venture”. with HBSA.

    Please tell us more… Lets see it happen… Is this “way off in the future” or are we talking somthing that may kickoff soon… like the first of the year?

    • says

      This is a win-win idea! I think there’s enough contrast in my “before and after” to make an interesting success story, but since this was written in 2011, you may not be doing that now.

      The fantastic wellness company I have started shopping with is also going to be part of my income replacement for various reasons. I have received one small check and am working for the next one!

  2. RJ Barros says

    Hey Joshua,

    Love the video and the fact you are looking to getting HBSA actively involved in the industry to help further people’s results!
    I have learned so much from your education platform and it has helped me discover what works within MLM..

    Since working with you I have gone through several MLM’s never finding one that fits the right culture and principles you teach on how to create success..

    In fact, my career in the industry was going nowhere fast until 11 months ago when I joined ViSalus and all I have to say is wow..

    I poured the knowledge and education I learned from HBSA into this model and my experience has been phenomenal to say the least

    ViSalus has built a model that makes sense for this economy, it’s so savvy with the marketing of the Body By Vi 90 Day Challenge. I’m just going to share the 3 main reasons I believe this model is setting itself appart from it’s competitors

    1. People don’t have the money: This is one of the most common objections when it comes to the industry as a whole, how the Body By Vi Challenge addresses that is it saves people money. Our highest customer kit is $249, with delivery that’s $9 a day to replace two meals and coffee versus two $8-$10 meals if you’re lucky and a $4 Starbucks.. It saves money! Not to mention its simple to do and tastes amazing.. One of the biggest factors with this is that you can win $10,000,000 in prizes and cruises, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, and anyone can win the challenge regardless of results, people have nothing to lose but weight!

    2. People don’t want to pay Autoship: 70% of people drop out of MLM’s in their first 90 days because they don’t want to pay Autoship. ViSalus has solved this by their refer 3 customer kits one time and keep those customers and happy and your kit will be FREE every month! If people don’t have to pay for it, imagine how much that will increase retention!!

    3. Finally people don’t want to have to present it: The success I have enjoyed with ViSalus has been in part a result of your education platform, however I have found generally speaking that people don’t want to present, teach or explain. With this model they don’t have to, everything is video or website based so all you have to focus on is how to get people to take action versus learning the product compensation plan business like most MLM’s. It has been a huge time saver pre-qualifing people with the tools that ViSalus provides and the skillsets you teach.

    The focus on helping people get real results and making a strong income right away has been a refreshing change, as well as the fact the company culture is to always have fun, always throw a party and be transparent. I believe that documentation is better than conversation so here are so crazy facts I believe will help share the story of ViSalus:

    15% average compounded growth in 2010
    25% average compounded growth in 2011 so far
    Average 6 customers for every 1 promoter with 89% retention of customers month over month
    Awarded Best Turn-Around for Home Based Business 2010 with the DSA
    #1 Fastest Growing Home Based Business today: Wall Street Journal quoted 3000% in the last 18months issued 4 months ago
    25 BMW Qualifiers per day, that’s over 1 an hour

    Personally we have helped 180 people qualify for the BMW Program, 10 people get a $25,000 bonus cheque and a six-figure career with the challenge, 1 couple get a $100,000 bonus cheque as well as my wife and myself also achieving a $100,000 bonus cheque, all in our first 11 months with the challenge.

    It’s a very exciting challenge and if you would like more information please contact me below!

    Good luck on choosing the model that works for you!

    Cheers & Be Awesome,

    RJ Barros

    “Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst…. A spark that creates extraordinary results.”

  3. Tom Sparrow says

    What Are The Advantages Of Joining Melaleuca (Green Company) Even If You Have No Time To Promote It?

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    4] The products work better than store bought (this you will find out after you use them).

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    6] After your first month, you get $20.00 in FREE products with your order for 5 months in a row ($100.00 total). Everyone you enroll gets the same offer!

    7] Just think about this…How easy would it be for people to promote this when we actually save people money rather than cost people money like almost all wellness companies?

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    Countries we are in> USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Jamaica, Bahamas, Mainland China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Germany (sometime in 2011).

    ***If you would like me to setup a full online presentation (45 minutes), simply email or call me (12 hour window). Remember, you do not have to divert from your primary focus, simply become a customer only & live a longer healthier life!

    ***Even if you are not interested in Melaleuca, you do need leads for your primary program correct? Wait until you review the software tools here! Email Scraper, Email Blaster, And Phone Broadcast System!

    Tom Sparrow-CEO
    Health Innovations & Marketing, Inc. (complete pkg. here)

  4. admin says

    @ Patrick,

    Thanks for your feedback. For timeline, it would be soonish IF we wanted to make it happen. It would get head of the line priority for sure :)

  5. admin says


    Thanks for your feedback! Glad to see you’ve accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. A $100k bonus check is quite an achievement!

    We’ll certainly review the information you’ve provided. Thanks!

  6. admin says

    @ Tom,

    Thanks for the information! We’ll certainly review the materials on Melaleuca. With Leadnet…leadgen and conversion is kind of our wheelhouse:) We have no issue generating as many leads as we need, but thanks for the heads up!

  7. Andrew Tennison says

    Man I believe that is a great idea to help people grow there business from within their very own business. Great idea once again.

  8. Jill Sessa says

    Hey Josh and Martin-
    FIrst off, thank you for your transparency as you go about this decision process. I’ve benefited from answering your emails before (love direct paypal deposits for winning contests, thanks!) and really like your approach. Plus, you used prezi to make this video, and I’m kind of obsessed with prezi!

    The company I work with is a rock solid, top ten industry company. I joined them because of a (smart) business decision and subsequently became a product convert. I love marketing online and expanding the team far beyond what I could reach in my immediate circle.

    That being said, when you partner with me on my team, we can imagine the tremendous next wave of having a strong system in place with experts in the online marketing space. The company just named its 60th millionaire and I envision us being in the next round of announcements, since our partnership will propel us forward with momentum. Great education and systems have that effect!

    Imagine what this company has been able to do with primarily on the ground marketing and you can see the exponential growth that will come with HBSA systems in place.

    Check out my current campaign for product users, enter in your information to see the company presentation. Its in a format that will just rock your world. Not prezi, but just as cool. You’ll be able to get a sense of the culture of the company, as well as the products.

    I was recruited specifically for my passion for online marketing, so lets tap into that enthusiasm and take our team to the next level. When you see my video, you’ll realize that we’d make a great partnership, so I’ll look forward to discussing next steps.

  9. Steve says

    Many people look to Network Marketing strictly as a way to make money. I looked to Network Marketing for the quality of the nutritional products in an effort to find solutions to support my wife’s health. There’s a reason why I chose Emerald Express. You see why here:

  10. Peter La China says

    I absolutely like this idea of yours.

    We have the perfect product which is not even a product but a service already in everyone’s home already and these folks can buy our service below retail and even earn it Free for telling others. I like to know more on How we can work together.

    BTW. We were voted the fastest growing Co in America last year and made it a 2nd year in a row to the INC 500 list in 2011. we are making a difference in people’s lives, and this works with the average person willing to apply themselves. no sales experience required! Just Desire and willingness to help others.

    Lets Talk.
    Peter La China

  11. Wayne D. Clearwater says

    I totally agree with the other comments made. This would be a great way to show new students how your system really will work for them. I know for a fact that it worked for me and now I have the following online business that I would not of understood how MLM works without taking this training.
    Here is my Online Business:
    Please view this website and observe the results of HBSA’s training package that I used.

  12. admin says

    Also, if anyone watching this is interested in any of these companies….you may want to wait until we make a decision to pull the trigger :) If we decide to join a company, you can bet we’ll make it worth your while to join with us!

  13. Janet L.Steiner says

    I think there is a real need for what you are talking about. In fact I would love it if it were mind that you joined. I absolutely love the all natural products and the concentrated power of melaleuca’s products, but I see that in the recruiting end it needs a bit of help
    Check it out for yourself
    also you can go to
    and click on the videos bro learn more
    Janet L.Steiner

  14. T.G.Denbigh says

    Seems like a no brainer to me, but I don’t know about the leagalities of having an organization such as yours to become part of my downline. The company I am currently involved with has an incredible pay system for both up front and residual pay. It was started by the top network marketer in the world in 2001. It will never go public and is completely debt free. It is dedicated to the success of its representatives.

  15. Robert McLatchie says

    Personally I would love to see you guys join someone’s down line. If it was done right, perhaps you should consider doing a different one every year, with a performance payment program. Currently I am with a company that acts as a middle man for MRB (monthly recurring bills) i.e. cell phones, utilities travel ECT. In many different countries. The company is 10 years young and has the same management team from the beginning, and it is totally affordable, and everyone supports everyone else whether they are financially tied or not. FHTM has changed my life and the lives of countless others. Although money is important, right now I have superseded my income from my old business. I get more enjoyment from helping others than the money. The equation is simple the more people I help the more my income I generate, the more income I generate the more people I help. I do not wish to bore you with details I am sure you know what it is all about.
    Thanks for your consideration
    Robert McLatchie

  16. Adrienne Bell says

    Yes, Yes, and Yes.
    My company, Market America, has a number of proprietary lines of products from health supplements to make up to entertainment and others, but the new direction of the company is to become the largest shopping site on the internet, world wide. Every representative is given his/her own web site either under the Market America name or with its own URL. My personal website is The company has also just purchased, the largest shopping site in the U.K. and Market America is poised for a large push in the UK for the full complement of its offerings. As many stores are closing their physical buildings and operating solely on the internet, as more and more people are doing their shopping online, this is a fantastic opportunity to get in on the ground floor. I am just beginning my operation in the UK to add to my US operation and would love to have the involvement of Josh and Martin with all the resources of HBSA.

  17. admin says

    HI Robert,

    Thanks for your feedback! And not a bad idea at all about joining a different company per year.

    Definitely familiar with FHTM, but if you could post up some links, we’d love to review YOUR personal take on it :)

    Thanks again!

  18. Al Rivera says

    Hi Josh. My name is Al Rivera and I have the best opportinity in the world. What I do is help families save money, make money, get out of debt and be properly protected. Final goal, become financialy independent. Training is in place allready, videos, the whole nine yards. It has the caracreristics of MLM, franchise, brokerage with investor type income! Isn’t that fantastic? I am looking for people with the right attitud, the skills we can work on that, pluse this bussiness can be done anywhere in the US and Puerto Rico. How about that. We can talk and get into details maybe have a web conference and show you what I do. It is a great opportunity. It will be wonderfull to work with you and all your students that want to join this crusade. Talk to you soon.

  19. Author... says

    Comment…Hi Joshua and Martin,
    I think that this is a wonderful idea. To help someone with joining their down line would mean alot to whoever gets you guys.
    My product is Isogenix, health products and they are amazing, as I have tried them and they hold their reputation .
    I believe Joshua had told me about Isogenix when I purchased the king package. I would love to hear more about this.

    Best Wishes
    Gina Dracopoulos

  20. Barbara MacDougall says

    I think,it would be a terrific idea! It would prove that your tactics really do work and would provide a boost of encouragement for all your “followers”.
    I am a retired high school teacher,now a Melaleuca marketing executive. The company is health and wellness as you might know and is currently approaching its first $1 billion in annual revenues. The secret to Melaleuca’s success has been their superior products resulting in a very loyal customer base.
    The size of the market is tremendous and after 25 years in the business Melaleuca is still just getting started. I would love for you to be part of this explosive growth as members of my still small downline. What fun that would be!

  21. Larry Dickerson says

    Yes I would be interested in seeing what you could do with your training with my ACN Independent Business Owner’s busniess, I started with your company because I burnt all of my warm contacts and had to go some where’s else to find a way to put the business opportunity together and get it going, and your person Pat was great but I ran out of money to work with you guys because my workers comp got reduced again. I have been in for 13 months, have no down line, and that is what I wanted to see your program help me with, but do have some great leads with the local school district, a large department store chain, and a doctors office, so I am still working on the plan of making my personal business work because I do believe in the company and the training that they have, but it has not been right for me, I was a correctional peace officer for the state of CA for 25 yrs until I got hurt and had to have a total knee replacement, and after 4 yrs of being of and still on work comp decided to look for something else and ACN passed the test, with Donald Trump as an endorser and the possibility of unlimited income, especially with the energy deregulation that the US is going through at this time, it is as Warren Buffet said, the next great shift in wealth the world has ever seen. The company’s that we represent alone is a testament to the type of company that ACN is and will continue to be. But enough sails pitch, yes I would be very interested in you joining my down line and using your skills to show how well they work. But then right now I am on hold with your company because I could not meet my obligation with your company because of my work comp reduction in pay to 529 twice a month, that is why I need to for fill my plan a get my ACN to work, I was used to banking 7K per month. Please contact and let me know one way or the other if you would be able to work with me in my down line and train my down line, the money is there to be had, Thank you Larry Dickerson

  22. Adrian Romero says

    Josh and Martin that is a good initiative! @ RJ you are a awesome leader, I agree with you. I have been with Vislalus for a few months now and the testimonials , before and after pics say a lot about the product and the growth is phenomenal. Many of my friends started trying the shake and all have given good feedback, a few are considering to be part of the team as distributors.
    This company has had 80% retention because of the disappearing autoship and many that join for the first time in Network Marketing see result because the comp plan is very easy to duplicate. You can get more info @

    Recently I became a founding member of an affiliate program to promote your business and help anyone in any MLM grow your business and receive 100% commission. Go to the link below my contact info and see how you can continue to expand your business.

    To the Top!
    Adrian Romero
    EN founding Member

  23. Nakeechia Davis says

    My name is Nakeechia and I’ve looked at the opportunity you guys are offering as well as the comments below. Honestly I didn’t even know there was a school for Home Businesses. I would love for you guys to join my downline. Reason being is because, not only will this be education and training experience for the students, it will be a great education and training experience for myself as well. I feel I would learn a lot in your area of expertise. So with that being said, for more information on the business I recently started, log on to it shall fill you in with all the details. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

  24. Patrick Brennan says

    Martin and Joshua hello…Thanks for all you do in helping us guys in the trenches who are working our beloved companies. I am currently promoting two very reputable companies in the MLM field, Herbalife and Lightyear Wireless. Each company is unique in what they offer, and I find the prospects I interview have a different “WHY” for being interest in one or the other.
    Most of the time my prospects are horrified to learn that they may have to spend some money to get their business off the ground, but I quickly let them know that NO successful business ever started without some seed money being put up.
    So, that being said, please take a look at Herbalife. I’m in their Internet based division called On Line Business Systems. You can get an overview at website. We ask that you opt in and then we take you on in to see an overview of the business.
    For Lightyear Wireless please visit
    You can get a great overview of the opportunity there.
    Love to have you two guys see what you can do with either company….
    Best regards
    Patrick Brennan

  25. Jose Pagan says

    Greetings, Something for you to consider!!!
    Electricity and Natural Gas deregulation is the biggest and last industry to ever deregulate. It’s happening RIGHT NOW. If you missed the opportunity in the 80’s with Excel Communications, The Timing of this proven Business offers us another chance.
    North American Power & Gas is the company leading the way and is destine for greatness.

    Think about who do you know in NYS, NYC, CT, NJ, MD, PA, IL, TX, OH or in other states of North America? That’s Entrepreneurial.

    North American Power rose to fame in their first 12 months, by acquiring over 100,000 customers with a 100 million dollars in revenue,
    and they did that with service in only 2 states. Imagine the possibility!

    What if YOU or a company could market your service or even a product into every household in America, you would be able to make an untold amount of money?

    In a recent interview former President Bill Clinton stated ” The whole energy revolution give people opportunity to create job everywhere because it more de-centralize”

    With as little as 2 to 10 hours weekly you have an ability to change your life financially …you can enjoy being part of a Successful Business Model that’s working! We do just two things. Share with just a hand full of good friends and family that know us, how they can use our service. And then teach that same concept to a few Ambitious and Motivated people. Pretty simple, would you not rather pay less for your Energy?

    North American Power & Gas rewards us over and over again for that process of referring . Anyone can learn this simple process and I am convinced anyone can be successful.
    Remember everyone is a potential customer… everyone you know is using this life essential service! “Energy”

    Remember what happen with Telecom deregulation in the 80s, this will mirror what took place.
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    Get positioned for exponential Growth in the next couple of years!
    P.S. – Please forward to those t”who do you know” who would like to get paid a residual income on their utility bills and have their energy service paid for each month.


  26. Newcomb Cole says

    The financial security of more than 27,000 people a day is jeopardized by identiry theft. My company not olnly monitors credit, but has a full staff of former CIA, FBI, IRS, USPS members to help restore our credit and prosecute the perpetrators. Please go to Thanks kindly for this opportunity.

  27. Mack Nance says


    This sounds like a great idea, helping a network marketer increase their business by becoming part of their oportunity.

    As you alread know, PrePaid Legal has become LegalShield.
    Same products, Identity Theft Protection which covers all 5 areas of possible identity theft coupled with a personal legal plan which gives you access to high quality atorneys at an affordable monthly investment. Plan covers both husband and wife/significant other.

    I’m sure you are familiar with LegalShield and have numerous clients who utilize your service. LegalShield makes no promises of instant riches, it is a service to make access to attorneys at an affordable price, from the traumatic to the trivial. So far this year, I have used my legal provider twice and the identiy theft twice due to credit card theft.

    Knowing the quality of your service, I know that you would do well in whatever oportunity you choose.

    Have a blessed day

  28. Hanh Ho says

    OMG!! YOu guys ROck! Its a super Amzing Idea!:)
    FIrst of all I would like to say that Im sorry for not being able to attend the last few webinars… I have a full time job and my MLM company is taking off so after work I am usually working it or helping another DT. I commute about an hour back and forth to work. I am watching all the videos and doing the work!

    I am in IT WORKS! GLobal… I have been in several other biz before and never suceeded. The amzing thing about this unique product is that no other company has anything like it hat will make you lose inches in 45mins( not water loss). It is the closes thing to MAGIC! I have to say that I have many others on my team that never made money in other companies and to see them begin this journey and being able to move up its very rewarding. I know some companies most of where ppl make their money is signing up biz builders… the way this company is set up is both ways. They will reward you very well for customers and the way they have their comp plan set up is for everyone to really work together and no one gets left behind unless they are just not making the effort. They do also have a loyal customer program that can help you not have to pay the autoship if a distributor is stuck. Lets just say the ratio of customers to distibutors in this company is 8 to every 1 distibutor. Says a lot… ppl want this product not just joining to make money but the money is the bonus for those who have the vision. I would like to send you before and after pictures and extra info if you guys have some intrest to learn more! Good LUck in any venture you take! ITs an awesome idea even if its not me! But hopefully maybe…lol

    OMG so EXcited! lol
    Hanh :)

  29. Linda Bertram says

    Your thoughts are interesting, but my feelings are that we all think our particular company is the best. I know mine is!
    I am new to my company, FDI/Youngevity, but have had a smattering of success in other MLM companies all while working at another job full time. I currently have a goal of FDI/Youngevity becoming my full time high paid career and quitting my full time job!
    1. I am feeling so well, energetic and healthy taking Youngevity products that it would be hard to persuade me that another was better.
    2. Other MLM companies have joined with Youngevity to offer the highest quality and wide assortment of health, wellness, personal care and home products.
    3. Currently we have joined with FDI to offer a discount pharmacy card FREE to anyone who wants it. Presenting this card to most any national pharmacy can save you 10% to 85% off your prescriptions. Of course, we want you to get off the prescription meds and become totally healthy with our products, so this is an awesome opportunity!
    4. Others say their opportunity is the best, but this one pays out to all levels. You have the opportunity to drive a Mercedes and the opportunity to earn a fully paid for Ferrari or Corvette.
    My personal website is
    But let me tell you that the main reason I joined this company was to help other people feel good, like I do. I have also reduced my prescription medications since joining. My husband and I have no more joint pain, less stress, sleep better, feel better and may I say improved libido? We are ages 56 and 61.
    I am still in the learning phase of HBSA course but making good progress. I would be honored and excited to have you join my downline, and thrilled to see the people you might bring into this awesome business discover that they too can achieve health and success!

  30. Greg Gettler says

    I think that you all should join a recommended business opportunity from one of your students. It may help them save everything that they have!!
    Here is what I’m involved with, It’s a great opportunity to help ordinary people with getting physically and financially fit. It’s a low cost program and the results can be radical if someone follows the system set up. All the webpages, follow up are automatically done for you with this opportunity. All you have to do is drive traffic to your site and let the system take over through the lead capture, sales pages and free webinars that are offered to view the opportunity and why the claims are absolutely true.
    Founder and CEO owns and operates a company that provides all the tools necessary to become successful online. Here’s the link to that business as well, it will not only save your students a fortune every month, but there’s an opportunity to make some residual income here as well. Go to, it’s a Online Marketer’s Dream Package!

    Have a better than good day,

    Greg Gettler

  31. Bruce Symons says

    Great Guys;
    This is a great idea you have as it could present a good income for many at one time. I have been in Network Marketing since 1996 and have seen the big boys come and go. There are plenty good MLM’s out there but most are not for the common marketer. Another big problem facing most is the autoship of over priced products that aren’t anything special in the first place so why buy them and promote them which is very hard to do and keep your prospects. The 2 best programs i have found are Trafficwave which has been around since 2000 and the Global NPN which has a great record also. They pay great on all levels offer a service every marketer needs (which is an autoresponder) also pay on time every month. I have accounts with each but am not active currently. For a team build these ore probably the most stable out there.
    Thanks for listening to my two cents worth
    Bruce Symons

  32. Lorraine Wride says

    Hi Joshua,
    There are so many great companies out there with great products. I have something, however, that is truly incredible.

    We talk about products that appeal to the baby boomers as a starting point for successful growth. Based on the Nobel Prize winning work of Dr. Andrews on Telomeres, I have products that actually reverse age at the DNA level. Under 30’s preserve their youth, over 30’s regain it.

    In only 1 month’s time I look younger! And my vision is improving. There are only 2 companies with this technology and I grabbed a spot in both. They both have great comp plans that go to infinity. One is in 81 countries, which I really like and has a groundbreaking skincare line as well.

    You can check out one at and the keyword is:SHOW292. Their telomere product is so new that the video for that product is now in production but you can get a feel for the company.

    You can go to youtube regarding telomeres, however, please ignore the comments that age reversal products are not safe. They are referring to an injection a Dr. was using. My products are all natural and completely safe and affordable.

    I am literally offering the fountain of youth!

    Please call me with any questions!

  33. admin says

    Thank you all so much for the great information. Make sure you post some good links to anything you’d like us to see. We look forward to evaluating them.

  34. Annie Dear says

    Hi Guys what a forward thinking and progressive business you are running. What better way to “teach” than to see and experience the “lesson’ happening in real life.
    I suggest you check the MLM business I am part of.
    We provide ESSENTIAL SERVICES. Things that everyone use every day. The income potential is UNLIMITED, GLOBAL and is provided in residual income, over riding residual income and bonuses. A lot of people doing as much or as little as they wish.
    This company has a solid reputation and has been written up in some of the worlds most respected magazines as well as having the endorsement of one of the most recognised businessmen globally. Its growth and intended expansion internationally is phenomenal. No stock to carry, minimal outgoings and the initial outlay can be made back in the first couple of weeks. Opportunity exists for anyone.
    Check out my web site and do the research. and click on “opportunity”. Many people join for the $ but gain so much more in their life in personal growth and friendships.
    Annie Dear

  35. mary eigner says

    Wow!! What a great idea. I have recently restarted with HBSA as I was lost in the cracks when one of your mentors left the company. It would be an answer to my prayers if you would help build my business. I am willing to work with you and for you to develop a large downline in ACN. This business offers the largest opportunity for creating wealth as energy deregulates across the US. Plus ACN is recession proof because the services we offer are essential services. As people tighten their belts to save money they are not likely to cancel their heat, electricity, phone services or internet. These services are necessities not luxuries.
    Thank you for a great idea.

    More information available in my on line store.

    Thank You

  36. frank spina says

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  38. Don Stejskal says

    Wow, I would be so happy to have your team, in my down line. I really like Sally from Bend OR. She has shared a lot of info and encouragement, about your company. I am just getting started and having so much fun with Legal Shield. Sally knows alot about the biz and what I am doing. You can look up utube- legal shield, but I know you probably know more about it than I do. What scares me is making a web site, that will drive people to me. Sally said there is home work, and I am more than willing to do it, but I am not that computer literate. I am good at talking. I was a CEO of a construction company, and can do sales. I enjoy helping people, especially with Legal Shield. I believe the money I make, should support my investment, sad to say I have not signed up for HBSA. I have applied what I have read and seen on your web site, and mostly it has given me the knowledge to expand my business, I thank you for that.
    Don Stejskal

  39. Paula says

    Experincing the aroma for these wickless candles and seeing the array of warmers used in conjunction with the candles adds additional decor to any selected room.
    I recently began promoting these and so far OK. I woluld love to be part of HBSA where this opportunity can expand.
    ACN was not a successful venture for me.
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  40. David Bigley says

    I am relativity new to the industry and of course am looking for new ways to help other people get started building there business part time in there spare time to build a lasting residual income. I am a firm believer in a solid foundation to build on for lasting success. The companies I am working with are non me to no one else can duplicate what they have. Here are two links you can check out and let me know what you guys think I would love to get your feedback thak you in advance for your time.

  41. Jeff Froehlich says

    Josh and Martin, I think that is an awesome idea and a great opportunity for one lucky individual to have you join their downline. After doing some research, I decided to join ACN for a few reasons. The first is they are a very reputable company that has been around for 19 years and are doing business in over 20 countries. The second is they are not trying to sell anything that people don’t already use, so why not get paid for using them (ie. cell phones, energy, TV., etc). The third reason is the committment they have to their independent business owners as far as training and availability. I am very excited to take this opportunity to the highest level possible and would be forever grateful if you would join my downline to help me grow my business. My biggest fear in trying to lure my friends and family to join is the fear of losing them if the opportunity doesn’t work for them which is why I turned to you guys. The link to our website is or . The second link will take you directly to our storefront which will show you all available items based on location. Thanks for all you do and your time and really hope I have the fortune of having you in my downline.

    Best success,
    Jeff Froehlich

  42. Skip Northrup says

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  43. Fazil Baksh says

    Hi Josh/Martin,
    Please visit this web site and read about what business i am growing,
    There is plenty of information there and i have started two web sites, to sell and to recruit. Neither sites are fully functionally yet and i need your help. I would love to have you join my downline and i will be totally committed to working with you to accomplish many great milestones.

  44. Adam Cartwright says

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    Regards Adam Cartwright

  45. Johnny Robinson says

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  46. EDDIE RUZ says

    Josh/Martin: My Company is building one of the biggest Network Marketing company in the world, in the world biggest industry of 8 TRILLION DOLLARS.
    Our company is only 5 years old and we are achieving great heights with our product. We have a rare product that everyone love and the products is only getting better. We are in 20 countries and are expanding to more as we speak. Our product is amazing and taking off we are also expanding on campuses all over the world. Speak to you guys soon!
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  47. Monty Ervin says

    Products that deliver results everytime and re-ordered every 2 wks. and a marketing plan that pays the worker. Walk away opportunity for the right minded folks. No gimmicks or fancy marketing plan. NFL, Nascar,MLB, NBA and high profile college sports programs, along with millions of americans that take these products daily. Earned a six figure income for 12 yrs now. You be the judge.

  48. Cynthia Little says

    Yes, I am interested in you joining and promoting my business. I am an Independent Representative for FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. FHTM is a growing business and is 10 yrs old. We are an umbrella for many different products and services that people are using every day and will continue to use regardless of the enconomic rise or fall. Visit to learn more about FHTM that is stockholders free and debt free. This company is the vehicle to success for any one looking for a great opportunity. Also check out my website that is set up by the company, http://www.fhtmus/cbl. I do not handle any products or services, no paper work, no time sheets, no problems to solve. These are all handled by the companies or my Back Office where each representative can keep up with their business. Great Opprotunity!

  49. Jolene Teske says

    Joshua and Martin,

    I think this is an incredible, and I can totally imagine what it would be like to work with the two of you personally!!!! It would ROCK! Joshua, I think you should give me extra consideration because I, too, am an Iowan, and my dad was born right outside of Centerville in Numa, Iowa! :)

    Something that I think would be totally cool about something like this would be the documentation of the process!! How fantastic would it be to be filming and recording the work, the steps, the process, and the results for training purposes?!?!?! It would be such stellar material to provide for all of your students across all of the different businesses. Wow! Just thinking about the possibilities makes me excited!

    I know that you should CHOOSE ME for 10 REASONS above and beyond the Iowa connection! :) 1) I have a background in speech and theatre, so I love working on camera! 2) I’m with a company that has been around for over 30 years and is still going strong. We’ve stood the test of time and continue to wow the MLM world. 3) We have over 400 consumable products, which is key in the MLM world. 4) We have a tried and true method of allowing our consumers to try products before buying or committing to anything. Once they try them and see that they really do what they say they’ll do, they’re amazed and loyal. 5) We have an incredible compensation plan. 6) I love Martin’s accent. 7) All of our products are pure, safe, and botanically based — no mineral oil, formaldehyde, or rendering-plant remnants! 8) Our products are available in four countries (USA, UK, Canada, and Australia), and we’re launching another global location in 2012. 9) You definitely need to work with a female, and I’m the most dynamic one you’ll meet. 10) I will be truly appreciative of the learning you’ll provide to me as well as all of the members of my team. We would be honored, blessed, and humbled to welcome you on board.

    Jolene Teske

  50. Christopher Solomon says

    Hi Joshua,
    Here are a couple links to the company that I have become very excited about. this company has done what no other company has done before, they have taken a product that everyone uses and Needs and combined it with a very simple payplan. the product is national brand Groceries that you by every week. in fact the average house hold spends about $500- $800 a month. the Grocery delivery service industry is projected to reach $25 Billion in the next 5 to 10 years. here is another site to listen to
    thanks for your time, and have a Great Day!

  51. Bob Kane says

    Hi Josh and Martin,
    I Thing this is a great idea and support the concept. I have enjoyed speaking to both of you and would enjoy working more with you. I encourage you to join our effort and work with us. We work with ACN. I know there are many other great opportunities out there and you coud do well with any of them. ACN has the unique situation of adding Energy to our growing list of other essential services. These are items that folks are going to use every day regardless of the economy. I would take it a a great honor for you to join us and I look forward to talking to you soon.

  52. Braden Dernoshek, RPh. says

    Hey guys, great idea! Why not integrate your collective marketing knowledge into a company. Help others while generating residual income for yourselves, isn’t that what network marketing/MLM is all about?
    I am currently involved with VEMMA. I’ve tried multiple MLM’s before with no success but I haven’t exactly put forth a monumental effort either. I’m a full-time pharmacist and a big believer in “preventive medicine” and nutritional supplements. VEMMA allows me to integrate my knowledge and passion for health and wellness into the marketing of the product. It is not only a fantastic product backed by actual clinical trials, but it is also easily marketed as the company offers many products in their line.
    I’m always researching new marketing ideas on-line and I am always impressed with your knowledge and presentation. Keep up the good work!
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    Thanks and have a great day!

  53. Joe B. says

    I really like the concept. For some of us this opportunity would be a game changer.
    There are so many self appointed Guru’s on the internet that have made false claims that never seem to come true. I would be a breathe of fresh air if you were to follow through on this idea.
    I am a Independent rep. with a company name OrganoGold and the product is absolutely superb. I recommend that you go to the website and view the product for yourself. The web address is, I can’t make any health claims but I can say that this product has produced 99% customer satisfaction and the proof is in the product. This company is experiencing explosive growth and the investment is very affordable. Three of the Top Ten money earners in Network Marketing are associated with this company.
    Don’t believe anything I say, take a look for yourself and prove me wrong. This is the company that is turning doubters into belivers. My business web address is take a look and let me know what you think.



  54. Carol Lesner says

    I think it’s an awesome idea Josh!!!! You guys taught me so much over the years and after all that training I am finally venturing out on my own. I’ve become associated with the WowWe company. I know it’s small change for most people, but I do believe that keeping up with technology is a critical key to success. The company currently promotes video emails, video conferencing, company branding, they will be coming out with apps for the video conferencing early next year (currently projected to me Feb or Mar) that will convert any conference call to whatever language the people are listening from. No one else that I’m aware of has that technology today. The cost to become involved is minimal, anyone can afford it and one of the nice things about is, they can use the products to build their other business as well. If you have an interest, take a look. Here’s my corporate site: or check out my personal site:

    I miss you guys and I can’t tell you enough how valuable I believe that experience would be for the students. I saw as I was mentoring them, they knew they had all the pieces, but they just couldn’t put the puzzle together no matter how I explained it to them.

    Most people need to see it up close and personal. You Rock…

    let them see first hand how it’s done.

  55. Rick Elias says

    This is for one thing a very creative way of getting us to respond. You definitly get cudos for that.
    As for your concept, I think it makes perfectly good sense. I am sure that many of use could use your expertise and also profit by having your group in our downline.
    I am with a unique program that is promoting products in the travel industry. The products themselves stand alone as a great value. So much so I makes me wonder why anyone who travels would not scarf it up on site. The Matrix system for growing the company has a patent pending. It is built on the basis of everyone in the matrix working as team to fill in the bottom row so all can advance.
    20,000 at last count and growing.

  56. Dale Evans says

    Hi Josh,

    Interesting thought. You and Martin are just itching to get back in the trenches, aren’t you. Once a closer, always a closer. I can imagine how much fun doing this again would be for you guys. Tell you what, let’s bring a great big smile to your faces and make a lot of money doing it. Let’s show your current students and the many new students who come into the down line how much fun network marketing can be. By making a six month or twelve month commitment to a company, a great learning system could be developed. Do you feel that this could increase HBSA sales in the long run, because what I hear you saying is that a model of this type could be huge in many ways.
    There are ideas I am certain you know how to leverage, better than I do.
    I am very busy and selective about the business partners I work with. I am certain that you and Martin could be a perfect fit. I would want to speak with you both, or at least one of you about the opportunity.
    The success of this business relationship could be financially beneficial for current students as they could get on board and watch the training first hand and add multiple new students over time.
    Here is my offer. I will dedicate up to ten hours a week in this partnership to become a valued team member of HBSA. All the work, learning and training which goes on, I will help to create and be available going forward to offer testimonials about the success of this project and the strength of HBSA.
    What you can do right now for me is to review the company, product line and compensation plan. My website is
    Call me to set an appointment to discuss the steps with me. Six months from now we could get our car allowances. On my vision board is a Nissan GT-R Premium in gun metal black. Josh I could be in Denver in six hours, and the party is on me.

  57. Jill Sessa says

    Hey Josh and Martin-

    (I posted something earlier today, but don’t see the comment here, don’t know what happened! So forgive the repeat)

    First off, thank you for your transparency as you go about this decision process. I’ve benefited from answering your emails before (love direct paypal deposits for winning contests, thanks!) and really like your approach. Plus, you used prezi to make this video, and I’m kind of obsessed with prezi!

    The company I work with is a rock solid, top ten industry company. I joined them because of a (smart) business decision and subsequently became a product convert. I love marketing online and expanding the team far beyond what I could reach in my immediate circle.

    That being said, when you partner with me on my team, we can imagine the tremendous next wave of having a strong system in place with experts in the online marketing space. The company just named its 60th millionaire and I envision us being in the next round of announcements, since our partnership will propel us forward with momentum. Great education and systems have that effect! Binary comp plan, weekly pay, holdover on volume.

    Imagine what this company has been able to do with primarily on the ground marketing and you can see the exponential growth that will come with HBSA systems in place.

    Check out my current campaign for product users, enter in your information to see the company presentation. Its in a format that will just rock your world. Not prezi, but just as cool. You’ll be able to get a sense of the culture of the company, as well as the products.

    and direct link (without having to opt-in) to this presentation is

    we also have a terrific Facebook platform, although I think you could work your magic and make this a much more effective resource for the team.
    My page can be found here:

    I was recruited specifically for my passion for online marketing, so lets tap into that enthusiasm and take our team to the next level. When you see my video, you’ll realize that we’d make a great partnership, so I’ll look forward to discussing next steps.

    Jill Sessa

  58. Dave Gardner says

    Wow, this is totally unheard of by leaders in the industry, so I commend you for your actions today!

    When it comes to MLM or network marketing, the best thing I can think of is that the products featured are beneficial to you and your business. If you can not get any benefit out of them and do not appreciate them for what they are worth, there is no reason to stick with it, regardless if your upline is your best friend or family member.

    As you are an online team, one of the best thing we can promote is other online marketing materials. We all need things like web hosting, autoresponders, video storage, online conference systems, live support and training and done for you templates.

    When they are are affordable for all levels of marketers from the newbies to the elite programmers, it makes it the obvious choice for anyone to join.

    GVO Host The Profit is the new platform from the guys who were originally known as Kiosk. They changed there name to GVO and had larger packages where many marketers were left out, though once they brought on a smaller price point, this opened up more options for everyone.

    Everyone here who responder could not only join under you with this system, but could also continue to work in another one as well as the price is almost negligible (and of course, tax deductible)

    I have used GVO for over 2 years and am completely satisfied with the benefits as well as the live support and communication with the CEO and major leaders who get back to you within a day when you contact them on places like facebook. I do not think you would see this with many other companies.

    GVO can provide many people the opportunity to get their web business moving online as at least half of all businesses are not at this point. Depending on some MLM rules, they might even be able to start their blog that focuses on their “other MLM” while using the features set in GVO.

    They are doing a live show and demo on Saturday November 12, 2011 at 11:00am that you can check out at which again the CEO and major leaders run two times a week live for you to invite prospects in.

    Let me know if you have any questions as I would be happy to lend a hand or show anyone the ropes who joins when they are getting ready to get their first website of blog set up.

    Again, congrats for taking a chance on your viewers to see what is going on these days.

    Dave Gardner

  59. Cynthia Little says

    Correction: Yes, I am interested in you joining and promoting my business. I am an Independent Representative for FHTM (Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing. FHTM is a growing business and is 10 yrs old. We are an umbrella for many different products and services that people are using every day and will continue to use regardless of the enconomic rise or fall. Visit to learn more about FHTM, the company that is stockholders free and debt free. This company is the vehicle to success for any one looking for a great opportunity. Also check out my website that is set up by the company, http://www.fhtmus/cbl. My ID #7171252. I do not handle any products or services, no paper work, no time sheets, no problems to solve. These are all handled by the companies or my Back Office where each representative can keep up with their business. Great Opprotunity! Check out the rewards:

  60. Robert Frasier says

    Well I think that what you guys are going is fantastic and it will help a lot of those individuals who struggle in business to have the kind of help your organization offers.

    I am with a company called One 24 a new concept that is truly changing the face of MLM, Network marketing. The Comp plan is like no other and it is the first to hit the USA. The concept is to assure that everyone wins instead of only the 2 and 3% if people who get involved now the other 97 to 98 % can also have success in the industry. It’s a 24 month program and everyone who succeeds in building the business can retire making $100,000 to $200,000 a month in Residual Income.

    everyone who joins One 24 is a Preferred Customer there are no levels we are all the same and the plan is linear therefore everyone helps everyone get to the top.

    Here is a link to 4 short videos that explain it all….

    Thanks for all you do and for allowing me the opportunity

    Robert Frasier

  61. Leonel DaRosa says

    Hi Josh,
    This sounds like a great idea and I would love to work with you and Pat Logan in MPB Today. I have enjoyed working with HBSA as student. I have learn a lot about marketing online and how to do it effectively. I would love to have you guys help me build my business while we help tons of people. I could use some real money while helping others in the process.
    My life is a success story considering where I am today and I would love to create a success story in Network Marketing.
    I would be fortunate to have HBSA in my downline and the company that working with me. The company that I am working with is MPB Today the networking arm of Southeastern Delivery, which is a home grocery delivery business from Pensacola, Florida since 2009.
    I will attach few links for you to check it out.

    Hi Josh,
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  62. Maria Laura says

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  63. Claire McMillan says

    Fantastic idea….Please take the time to check out Healthy Energy Drinks…. as well as GTO (Get Turned On) Saxi, Body Trim Energy drinks. They are great giving you energy without the Highs and Lows of the Öther energy drinks – Vs Red Bulls etc. Simply put this is the greatest Energy Drink every created. Try it for yourself and experience the awesome effect this product has on how you feel. That is why we call it The Feel Good Drink! Join Today

  64. Aaron Sawyer says

    Hey Josh/Martin, Aaron Sawyer here, (If you remember me) I probably would be interested in helping you guys if you did this since I have been thinking about emailing you guys anyway about working with you again. If you guys do decide to do something like this let me know I’d love to help.

  65. admin says

    Thank you EVERYONE for giving us such great feedback. We really appreciate it! It’s going to be a tough call for sure – we’ve got some serious homework to do.

    The overall vibe I’m getting is that most of you would like to see this happen :)

  66. Joyce Little says

    You guys are phenominal! This is an opportunity of a lifetime for one of us in HBSA to work side by side with “the BEST”! Of Course I would like to see you join an opportunity. I personally would be thrilled to work alongside you to grow a business with me, to see the success for yourselves and be able to recommend the opportunity to other students to, again, help you all to succeed and give back to those students something of value. It is very fulfilling when you can see success AND help others to succeed. I WANT TO MAKE SOME SERIOUS MONEY; to be one of your success stories that I can share with new students; to see that the system that is taught really DOES WORK! I am motivated to be successful. I, like you, have goals and dreams, but most importantly, I like helping others to dust off THEIR dreams and help them see that is possable to achieve those dreams. And what I do is FUN!!
    I personally LOVE to TRAVEL! I’m involved with a 10 year old travel company that has just recently expanded into the network marketing arena, and due to go into full launch next month. We offer HUGE discounts (up to 60%) on world wide resort condos, and some, at “short notice”, for as little as $100 for the whole week! Exotic places like Hawaii for as little as $238 for a one week stay. We also offer other travel products: rental cars, hotels (with a Rewards price point), plane tickets, discounts on entertainment, just to name a few. The pay plan is quite unique and makes it simple to earn an income with a membership fee that is reasonable and affordable.
    For information go to:
    Click on the 3 videos on the top left for a review of products and business opportuntiy.
    For product informatin go to:
    Click on “Jodi”, the personal concierge for a virtual tour of our products.
    You guys ROCK!!
    Best Regards,
    Joyce Little

  67. Tom Swan says

    Hey Josh/Martin,

    I am endorsing a newly launched company that is turning the network marketing industry upside down, literally. They are breaking records daily.

    Here’s the scoop:

    100% Commissions offered on every product. You own everything you sell, so when someone buys it, they pay you directly. They also are instant commissions. There is no waiting 30-45 days to receive commission checks. Commissions are paid the second you sponsor another individual into the network.

    They use the infinity powerline structure, so there are passups for residuals on 2/4/6 and every 5 from there, so 11/16/21/26/31 etc.

    It is a blogging platform that is entirely created for you. All you need to do is blog about anything that you want to create traffic. The blog is already created, and optimized for Google, so you will rank much quicker than starting your own blog.

    They also offer a full training system that is ongoing with the most current strategies to dominate online with some of the industry’s top gurus.

    The final piece of it is they have created a high-conversion sales funnel that is loaded on the blog for you already. The funnel is currently converting at about 40%.

    In the first 11 days, over $582,000 to 4420 members. Residuals are offering $125 per person.

    It is designed to be as easy as possible for anyone committed to building online to do so. The product is there and designed so that you just have to drive traffic to the site so that the sales funnel will do its job.

    My sponsor, who happens to be the #1 earner right now, made over $35,000 in 11 days and is currently at a $12,000 residual. He had a large list, but also converted a lot just through regular methods. He has worked for 3 years building everything else online and had worked up to about $8,000 per month through several other channels.

    Here is the link to the capture page:

    Here is the link for the sales funnel:

    If you want to see what the blog looks like, use this link:

  68. Robert Porter says

    I am sending you a DVD copy of my invention/creation. I hope you Josh, and Martin enjoy and consider this opportunity. You should have it by Tuesday.

  69. Lois Somerville says

    The help of experts to help grow another ‘s business is an excellent concept. Applying the learned skills in order to make large profits within the business is smart. When the work environment is enjoyable more goals are accomplished. I would like to see this in motion. I hope my first post has been recived.

  70. kirk dunham says

    Good evening Joshua. I am amazed that you and HBSA, would be considering providing us with an opportunity such as this one; having said that I think it’s outstanding. I am a Global Expansion Leader with a telecommunications and energy company called 5Linx. Our compny has positioned itself, as a result its relationship with major companies, in the cellular industry, home security, interet services, satellite tv, merchant services and the “biggy,” in my opinion, energy. I see this as an opportunity to get in front of a major wealth trend shift. I am enclosing the two websites that I use most for showing the opportunity to both potential customers and business partners. The first site has been created, in-house by the company, the second is one of the sites that I developed as a result of my working with HBSA. The first site is, my site is I thank you for all of your assistance; I know that in time I and 5Linx are going to do some great things together. See you at the Top!

    Kirk Dunham

  71. Bob Searcy says

    Hi guys, I can really use your help growing my business. I joined HBSA six months ago. I’ve been in and out of the hospital most of the six months. I need help getting back on track and getting some associates in my business. I’m in ghe gas and electricity field. Following is my website and contact info: We are the network marketing arm for Stream Energy. Please take a look at the opportunity and the pay plan, I think you will love it. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Bob Searcy

  72. Ken Shuey says

    Hi Josh and Martin,
    Yes it sounds very interesting. I would simply invite you to take a look at my business partner, Melaleuca. I have been a customer for 9 years and decided last year at age 73 that I would build a business — I still have a big bucket list so I want to make some big bucks.

    There is no other company anything like Melaleuca, consider these facts:
    – Melaleuca is a manufacturing company.
    – Customers buy direct from the factory online or from a catalogue at whole sale prices. (like a combination of Costco and LLBean. the membership fee is only $29.
    – The products are so superior to anything else on the market
    fhat the company has a documented 95% re-order rate — fhat
    means 95% of customers who ordered last month will order again this month,
    – All products are environmentally friendly and have been for 25 years
    – the company has over 350 essential products.
    – the company is in the INC 500 Hall of FAME and the Better Business Bureau Hall of Fame, and has won the BBB Torch Award for ethical treatment of customers and employees.
    – We are not distributors. We simply tell people about the company and refer them as customer/members, they order from the catalog and the company tracks the enrollers 7 levels down.
    – We don’t inventory anything, we don’t distribute anything, the company takes care of everything, we just refer customers.
    – There are no break-a-ways, no danger of training someone and they pass you by and you lose them. You always get paid the biggest commission on the people you refer.
    – You are rewarded for training others. It is a totally helping each other teamwork business.
    – The products are so good, at such low prices, that 80 % of enrollees are just customers, anyone can decide to refer customers anytime they want and they do as much as they want.
    – The company does a billion dollars a year in sales now, and has built capacity for 6 billion. All that is fully owned by the company is completely debt free.
    – The compensation plan is unsurpassed.

    I could go on as to why Melaleuca is the ideal business with the ideal business model, It goes beyond any other sales company — it’s structure is exactly what America and the world needs corporations to be. Not a get rich quick scheme. It’s for everyone’s benefit (except maybe Proctor and Gamble and Walmart)
    If all manufacturing companies were run like Melaleuca we’d have a great world free of the managerial and shareholder problems like we have now.
    Melaleuca is true to it’s mission statement, “Enhancing the Lives of Those We Touch By Helping People Reach Their Goals.”

    Melaleuca is the real deal. I invite you to take a closer look, and I would be honored to have you on my team.
    Ken Shuey

  73. Jefferson Mar says

    Hello how is the HBSA team doing? My name is jefferson mar
    here is my websites

    Ambit Energy- The Company

    Ambit Energy is rated by Inc.500, one of the most prestigious entrepreneur magazines in North America number 1 in 2010 by being the fastest growing privately held company in north america. They did that only in 3 states with 3 percent market share. On the BBB, or better business bureau Ambit Energy has a “A” rating and they are even part of the DSA, Direct Selling Association.

    License To Be A Natural Gas And Electric Retail Company

    Ambit, is a certified licensed retail electricity and natural gas provider, servicing in the states of New York, Texas, PA, New Jersey, Illinois, Maryland, and New York. Because they are licensed, they have a specific degree of credibility that shows the consumers they have a sense of being secure compared to other network marketing companies. This is done by a licensing process that states verify companies through before putting them to the market to provide as a public utility. Ambit started off in Texas where they are currently licensed by the Texas PUC, New York Public Service Commission, and many more.

    Ambit Energy- Evaluation Of The Product

    To know whether Ambit Energy is a legit company or not is to first and for-most investigate and do some research on the product. There are many things to consider as to how the product works and what the product is, but it is best to only consider one question first, is it consumer worthy? Is the product providing enough information to the consumers about the company and the deregulation of energy. To better understand the concept of what is going on in the industry of energy and how it can affect the way we live.

    Also another question to focus on is the product purchased more and used by the non-distributors meaning the consumers? In other words is the product’s retail price good without the opportunity to make money? If the only consumers of the service were its distributors drive force only then Ambit Energy is not legit. But with the case with ambit they are good.

    Is Ambit Energy Consumer Worthy?

    Energy is a commodity meaning that everyone needs it. Electric and gas is unconsciously purchased and habitually used by everyone. So there is no doubt in mind that the product is life. Electricity and gas will always be used for many years to come. So there is no difference between how people will be affected by it or the use of the energy of Ambit so consumers will look at the price. Ambit Energy has the most competitive prices in the market

    Is Ambit Energy Purchased More By Non- Distributors?

    Estimates of Ambit showing they have about 300,000 consultants meaning distributors and over 800,000 customers which indicates they have plenty of non-distributors beyond their consultants. In Texas you can check Ambit’s current rates at power to choose, in New York you can check Ambit’s rates at power your way, and in Illinois you can check rates at citizens utility board.

    Ambit Energy- The Business

    The compensation plan is focused on a “coded” system where in other words consultants are promoted through a series of levels. Marketing, Regional, Senior, Executive, and National Consultant. Each code is like owning your own restaurant where you have to build its reputation all over again. Meaning that you have to work it so it can be successful. The owner hires more people and leverage their time and when it’s finally moving along good, the owner will open up another restaurant. The same process will be repeated all over again.

    However, whats most amusing is how its a proven system. Excel Communications back in the 90′s was the time of the deregulation of telecom and Excel created that coded system first. So Ambit made their own variation, but based it on Excels. Ambit’s version of the compensation plan pays energy residuals based on customer usage through 6 levels. Meaning the more KW/H and Therm they use the more we also get paid out. Leadership bonuses are also paid out as customers are gathered by new consultants.

    The Founders Of Ambit Energy

    “The company’s mission is to become the finest and most respected retail energy provider in the nation”

    CEO Jere Thompson Jr whose grandfather owns 7-Eleven and Jere also started fibre optics. Jere created the company with Chief Marketing executive Chris who was the 52nd employee of Excel Telecommunications building it to a billion dollar company beating Microsoft’s record. Both these individuals have had a lot of success and failures too, but its a proven fact that these two are great leaders.

  74. Jenny Cornejo says

    Hello everyone,
    First of all, this is a tremendous idea and what a great way to find out what everyone’s involved in. Although this company has already been mentioned, I would like to reaffirm the bright future that lies ahead with One-24.

    Introducing a one-of-a-kind, revolutionary concept that multiplies your time & money.

    A Clear pathway to financial retirement within 24 months.

    What would be your ideal back-up plan for your retirement? Minimal investment, nominal work and substantial returns? That’s the basis for this business.

    I know what you’re thinking – I thought the exact same thing – that this is just way too good to be true. But the more I learned about this Exclusive Incentivized Referral Program, the more I knew that I should give it a try. Here’s why you should too:

    -Every new person goes under you, no matter who sponsors them
    -90% retention rate (nearly everyone stays)
    -Leverage other people efforts through this unique compensation plan
    -Time freedom
    -Eligible to win $25,000 just for getting on the waiting list to learn more
    -Guaranteed to have 1,000+ people added to your business every month (I already have over 1,500 people under me this month)
    -Research shows that no other company has anything like this

    Take a look at what I’m talking about by visiting: Please watch the videos on the site to learn more and let me know if you have any questions. Please feel free to check out the company provided site:
    Thanks again,

  75. Fatima Reid says

    Josh/Martin: This is a great move considering that the internet is flooded with opportunities to make extra money and sometimes fast.

    Being that I’ve been in this venture for some time and It just keeps growing and getting better each fiscal year. I have some websites for you to check out for yourself:


    This corporation is still going strong no matter what and the legacy of families that are benefiting are endless. I am a TRUE, CONVICTED BELIEVER that when YOUR DREAMS ARE BIG ENOUGH, THE FACTS DON’T COUNT!!!!

  76. Donald J. Trasport says

    Gentleman the answer to your question is a resounding yes, I’ve just started with HBSA ,(a little over two weeks) in that short time I’ve experienced positive feedback on the weekly calls, prompt response to submitted tickets,etc. That tells me so far the people in this organisation are of good character,that comes from good leadership. I’m confident the products and services our company provides are essential today, particularly the video phone, It’s inexpensive, versatile,portable,able to talk to folks in 60 countries. Grandparents can see their grandchildren on calls,as well as parents talking to their children away at school,or the hearing impaired being able to receive the benefits of video calls . Web sites are, I’ve been a IBO of ACN since May of 2010 and have struggled miserably, I was told you can’t say the wrong thing to the right person or the right thing to the wrong person,I guess their are exceptions to every rule. Regardless of weather or not you join my team, my hope lies in your education system and my commitment to learn. Thank you, Don

  77. Fatima Reid says

    Josh/Martin: This is a great move considering that there are so many opportunities to make extra money and sometimes quickly!

    I’ve been with this venture for some time now and the growth of all the IBO’S businesses is really getting stronger. Here are the websites to check out what’s going on now:


    This is definitely a legacy business that keeps on helping people build their dreams!

  78. Robert Carter says

    Josh & Martin,

    The business that I am involved with is One 24. We are just over a year old now, so the biggest growth is yet to come. We are an Incentivised Referral Program, not mlm. You can go to and look it over. We have a straight line downline. So, everybody that joins after you is below you. I can’t explain all of the intricate details in this paragraph, but I do know that you would like this program because you are able to place people where you want them. I have been doing that for my team to maximize everyone’s profits on my team. If you have any questions, please email me and I will be glad to answer them. I have been in this program since November 2010, so I have seen all of the progress that we have made.

  79. Stephen Spencer says

    Hey Guys,

    What an awesome concept! I would think you have a myriad offers coming in on the latest and greatest NM companies? But, I believe that this should be looked upon in a different light?

    A little about myself first: I have been networking for almost 25 years, am a firm member of the NFL, and have heard every type of ‘offer’ and pitch known to mankind. I was the president of a fuel based mlm, and have been out of the ‘game’ for a few years.

    I have, in the past worked with 6 figure monthly earners, whom have imparted their wisdom upon me (hopefully it stuck) and here is how I feel a NM company should be in order to provide long term, steady residual income for ALL that join. Please note that no matter how amazing a company may be, if people do nothing, they deserve nothing and will invariably blame the company for being a ‘scam’.

    So, first you need a product that people want and need, and one that is not so ridiculously priced that 2 things happen: 1) no one wants to buy it and 2) your friendly AG will shut you down for being a pyramid, even though you have a product. I have spoken with AG’s from USA and Canada and this was number 1! And 3) one we can all use andrecommend to others.

    Next, you need a debt free, rock solid company as a foundation and a good management team. Once this is in place, the pay structure is paramount? This will raise a lot of people’s ire but, it has been my experience that if run properly, a binary will last the longest and if structured with both the company AND the distributor in mind so that someone joining the company at ANY time has the same chance of making money that someone at the ‘top’ does! With no breakaways. Then it is imperative that you have matching bonuses. See, if you make say 20% of what your personally sponsored people make at a certain level, then as you advance 40%, and all the way up to 100% matching bonus, then it will do something wonderous…it will force you and me and everyone else to HELP people! Not just take their money and avoid them after that!!! And, in my opinion, rank advancement. Why? A few reasons; to give incentive to people by recognition, both by rank and monetarily. This allows for goals to be set, and tangible advancement. Lastly, money being meted out for each level is a must along with monthly income.It sounds awesome to say I am a Gold, Platinum, Diamond…etc…

    Now, what most people will say is go to it and good luck? This my friends is what seperates the wheat from the chaff. I believe it assinine to let people try to do everthing on their own and hope for the best!…We all have strengths and weakness’. First you need sound advertising,(even a small amount of money will be huge, it takes money to make money) and people to follow up with leads and bring them into the business. Then once in, a new distributor will 99% of the time not know what to do? Instead of leaving them out in the cold, what needs to be done is those whom are trainers work with them and first teach them the business so that they are versed and can answer questions.

    Then, a solid, adapting with the times, advertising avenue is needed. One where EVERYONE whom joins the company can plug into and we can all prosper. Then, you need people to keep in weekly contact with their people for motivation and to keep enthusiasm and communication open. A Facebook page and/or Skype is extremely helpful for communication, motivation and to welcome new people.

    We must then repeat and repeat and repeat above, and this way people can make 4,5 and even 6 figure monthly incomes in months and help others do the same.

    The reason I joined my new company is we have all of the above. Is it the greatest company ever? Probably not, does it guarantee success? NO! But does it offer the same chance to everyone whom joins…absolutely! It kills me when people contact me saying their product is the best, their company the best! And, when I ask why? I get because my sponsor told me so!!! Yikes. So many amazing people, being duped by smooth talkers promising the world and delivering empty promises.

    What I promise is all of the above to everyone, someone whom wants to make friends and only does business where everyone wins. And, someone whom over time wants to take not just one business but multiple ones and duplicate this process over and over again!

    The company is Skinny Body Care, you can find out more at Splash Page Product Info Join the powerline free and learn more about the company and the payplan.

    I never contact anyone unless they request it first. If you have to talk people into joining, you are wasting your time!

    I love your concept and look forward to us helping eachother…the ONLY way business should be done.

    Kind Regards, Stephen Spencer

  80. Steve says

    Sounds like a great idea to me! I am a retired vet, disabled and new to this internet business. We have been using 5 of the 8 products that Mona-Vie( has and thought I would try to make some good extra money with them. Have no idea how to go about it and not get ripped off, but trying to learn. Sounds like I need to learn more about HBSA also. Take Care!

  81. Al Holter says

    This is the finest product I’ve had in 30 yrs in networking, sold for
    12 yrs to retailers, 4 US, 1 Intl patents, now mkt’d in new co,
    operated by debt free parent co. See Dr Brady at
    /alvinholter, he was a pioneer knee,hip repl MD over 34 yrs ago

  82. Daniel says

    Hey Josh, I think that’s a great idea to join a company have that one as a recommendation for students to join. As you stated it can be a lot of work to set up all the system, and not everyone can easily put together an effective end-to-end marketing system.

    Also it gives a clear path for students who would like to work with other HBSA students, whether they are looking for an opportunity to join or are not achieving the success they would like where the currently are.

    So why take a good look at Max International? I’ll tell you about who’s involved. The co-founder of the company, Steve Scott, is one of the top people in direct response marketing and has sold billions of dollars of breakthrough products on TV (Total Gym w/ Chuck Norris. He retired from the company he founded to focus on what he called the biggest product breakthrough in his lifetime and asked his biggest competitors in the biz, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker of Guthy-Renker, to partner with him.

    Fast forward 2 years and Max hits $50mil/yr revenue in record time. Athletes are crediting it for world records, the boxer Evander Holyfield to name one. Then a world renowned medicinal chemist approaches the company to buy out his technology which is an ever better solution to this holy grail problem. Max hires a top tier New York law firm for the acquisition. Gobsmacked at the tech being acquired two of the people at the firm, one a partner and the other about to be become partner, leave their usual Fortune 500 dealings to join the corporate team of a fledgling nutritional mlm citing a once in a lifetime opportunity.

    Just the other week it was announced that Greg Norman, the golfer and business man aka The Shark, invested millions to purchase the distributorship of the retiring master distributor. Another industry first for a business person to invest so much at a distributor level.

    I’m sure Greg has done as much due diligence as anyone before joining a company. If you’d like to see what he and the finance lawyers saw then drop me an email and I can give you the scoop on the inside details.


  83. Betsy Laughlin says

    Hi, Your concept of working with a company intergrated with yours to make money and help one of your students make money sounds workable I think you could make that happen.Having said that let me say that I think I could join you in trying your network marketing ideas .
    I am already doing network marketing with in my opinion the #1 network marketing company ever. They have the #1 category creating product that has ever been on the market. They are in the health and wellness industry. They have another category creating product that is ready to launch in December and the compensation plan is incredible. You would have to reseach the company to see what I see in this company. Just take a look at and to find out what all the hype is about. is another link to check out because their #1 product is made from the whole fruit of the mangosteen which contains 43 Xanthones. You’ll find that on pubmed also. Sudies have been clinically researched by the Mayo Clinic and Harvard University, etc and found amazing scientific information on these magnificent xanthones that are contained in the fruit.
    I had to do my research before joining the company and I wouldn’t be with them today if it had not helped my health significantly and my husband and if I could not have made money with them by referring others to do the same.
    Thanks for this opportunity to tell you a little about Xango and what a fantastic company they are.
    Betsy Laughlin

  84. Justin M. Granger says

    Wow!! so I see this could actually be a positive thing. I am involved with a fast growing company that provides every down to earth working person to have legal advice by top lawyers 24/7 and it’s affordable 26.00 a month and we also for an extra 9.95 a month we provide Identity Theft protection by the top leading company (Kroll). I would love to see you join my down-line and and even better love to work with you. The company I work for used to be (Prepaid Legal Services), but now we have changed our name to (Legal Shield). Don’t take my word about this opportunity that is knocking at your door… research it for yourself and then climb aboard this train we’re heading toward success!

    Links to check out:
    Watch the videos, read about the different plans we offer

  85. ROBERT HII says

    hi there, i saw this in my email. and i am an international student who saw value in network marketing through thick and thin while i am a representetive.
    but i would like to add that yes, i think it would be a great opportunity for something like this to happen, for it to grow. but if anything other than the success story will there be no money involve in HBSA helping other mlms.
    im interested in seeing the co-orporation of thi s growth happening. how all this can turn out and become the next big thing on helping u and me to grow our business. no more confusions.
    i personally have not much experience since i consider myself not successful in mlm. however with this system you are proposing it might be a game changer for even those who are not talented in this field of work to progress far enough to be known as a “success story”.
    i guess third if not everyone would be hoping for you guys to join their i would want to be that lucky guy. but i guess it depends. it depends on what the company is aiming. their mission and vision. there is no one true company. nothing is perfect. and some company will work for some people only. i guess that is why there are so many mlm companies out there. but currently im in a new company call ariix. if i m right it is only a few months old. this should be the website about the company and its mission and vision should be there too.
    all in all if u you guys dont choose mine or someone thats also in my company i would still like to see this happening. i guess it would become the next gen of our society.
    and i look forward in hearing it from you guys.
    thankyou for showing me this video

  86. Susan Hall says

    Well, Joshua and Martin, you have left me almost speechless. I never would have dreamed in a gazillion years that you guys would consider signing up in the downline of one of your students. It absolutely made my heart skip a few beats when I thought to myself “what if it was me?”. Before I tell you about my company and why you should take a serious look at it I must say that some great companies have already been mentioned here. I did my research before I chose my company and I seriously considered a couple that other students applaud. So, which one did I ultimately choose? I chose USANA Health Sciences.

    Now, let me briefly tell you why I think it would also be a wise choice for you gentlemen:
    (1) In any new business one must consider whether there is a need for their product or service. USANA is a health and wellness company. With Baby Boomers aging there is a growing need for products and services that address the multiple healthcare needs of this population. In fact, the need is so great that healthcare is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world.
    (2) One also must look at the company itself. Is it a company you can be proud to represent, one that places importance on integrity? Is it a company that has been around long enough to be solid? Also are the sales in the company growing and are the market opportunities broad? To all four of these company related issues the answer is a resounding “YES”. USANA was founded in the early 1990’s and sales continue to grow. Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA’s founder, is a Nobel Peace Prize winner. the world’s leading expert on the human cell and a philanthropist. His vision is to create a world free of disease and he believes that will be accomplished through good nutrition. He has established medical clinics in parts of the world that would otherwise never have seen doctors on a regular basis. His integrity and love for mankind make him the heart of USANA. As far as market opportunities, USANA is available in 18 countries with no geographical territories. You gentlemen could sell products and build teams in all of these countries.
    (3) Dr. Wentz voluntarily chose to adhere to pharmaceutical grade standards for ALL of USANA’s products, including the nutritional supplements, foods and skin care line. This makes USANA’s supplements distinctly different than the majority of supplements on the market. So different that they were given a Gold Standard, and scored a perfect 5 out of 5 in a study of over 5,000 supplements (Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam). And this past year they were the editors choice. This was not a study conducted by, nor influenced by USANA. It was a study commissioned by Canadian Parliament and thus independent from USANA.
    (4) All of USANA’s nutritional products are manufactured in the U.S. in USANA’s own manufacturing facilities. The only products manufactured offsite are the skin care products and they are still manufactured in the U.S.
    (5) USANA has a binary compensation plan which means that as you build your downline (when you are in my downline) you get paid as far down as you want to go, there are no limits on how many levels down you get paid. The other advantage to a binary compensation plan is that it truly benefits you to build the teams under your downline Associates. I love being able to help my team by adding new members to their line. It diminishes competition and creates a win-win environment for everyone involved. The truth is that with USANA you will be building an asset and creating true residual income.
    (6) Finally, my personal story is why I ultimately chose USANA. I have multiple health problems,including a stent in my heart and an autoimmune disorder. Now, I can’t say that USANA has cured any illness or disease. I can say that since taking USANA’s supplements I have more energy, I don’t need a daily nap anymore, my skin is clearer, and I feel better.

    I know I said I would be brief and in the grand scheme of things this was brief. I could go on for days, but I won’t. Instead, check out my website, do your own due diligence and see if you don’t come to the same conclusion that I did. USANA Health Sciences is a business opportunity with top of the line products, a sterling company reputation, and broad market availability.

  87. Loderick Gordon says

    I Believe that this is a Great opportunity to give some feedback on the venture that you and your partners at HBSA are considering. First and foremost thank you for sending me the video and yes this would be not only a big step in the way we market but a resourceful way for myself to learn new marketing skills and techniques to take my business to a different level. I have been into Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing for some time now but recently have come across an opportunity that I am 100% sold out on and dont believe there is any competition. It has changed the game in the marketing world as we know it. Its a 1.75 Trillion dollar industry thats Endorsed by Mr. Donald Trump that has a A+ with the Better Business Bereau. Has been featured in Success from home, Success, USA Today, Fortune 500, Inc Magazine and the list goes on and on. We deal with New Technology and home essential services or better yet the things people just cant live without! Making it a recesion proof industry that deals with residual income opposed to Lenear income like our typical 9 to 5 where you work you get paid and if you dont well you know the answer to that! In my business you aquire a customer 1 time and get paid over and over and over for as long as the customer stays on the service. We have all the home essentials to offer to name just a few Sprint, Nextel, Verizon, T Mobile, Flash Wireless, AT&T, Direct TV, Dish, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Comcast, ADT, Vivint, etc and the list goes on and on! Now Im sure you yourself pay a bill to one or more of these companies or you know someone who does. Thats what makes this opportunity amazing! When a customer pays one of these companies there monthly bill you as a IBO get paid year after year month after month for as long as they stay on the service and one thing we can agree all of us as adults are going to do until we die is thats right you said it PAY BILLS! This is what makes it recession proof no matter what people are not going to stop paying their bills. Thats the cake gentelmen now its time for the icing! We are involved in the deregulation of Gas and Electricity wich is being called by individuals like Donald Trump and John Maxwell to name a few the “Modern Day Goldrush”! I can aquire Gas and Electric customers now in several states including NY, PA, MD, IL, MI, CA, TX, just to name a few and in the next 5 to 10 years we will have Deregulated all 50 states! If you ask me I dont think we have any competition we are the new wave of the future. This puts you in a position to collect residual income meaning you get paid rather you get out of bed or not in the morning! And of course in this opportunity you can build a team of IBO’s all working together to build this business and the company gives you Bonus money for this also just to say thank you for being on the Get Payed side of things rather than being on the Paying side because believe it or not if you join or not you will always be a part of this expansion if you know it. What side will you be on the Paying Side or the Get Payed side? Theres only two types of people in this world the ones who seize opportunity and the ones who let opportunity pass them buy. Which one are you? Thank you and to our success!

  88. Chris Phillips says

    This is a wise idea and a great fit for your company. I would like to have you beecome involved with the Isagenix Organic Nutrition opportunity. It’s helping people address the biggest health crisis in America! Obesity and weight along with serious health issues due to Toxicity in our food supply, water, etc… Look into the company and product line and I am sure you’ll find this a rewarding career helping others get better health. I know I have and personally it has changed my health. Here are some links to review –, and to give you an example of the retail website provided to each new member – I have enjoyed learning from HBSA and know that you would be a valued member of my organization. Thank you for considering this opportunity!

  89. Stewart Diller says

    Sounds good, but you know what they say…On the other hand, I’d be glad of course if you’d want to join my downline, who wouldn’t? I’m on the national expansion team with 2 forty year old companies that help protect families like yours, be protected from Identity Theft and give the ability to talk to an attorney on any matter without the high hourly cost, (for things like Wills, speeding tickets, legal advice, and more..), the buisness is simple and can even be done part time.
    You can go to
    Thanks, and good luck. Stu Diller

  90. Nelson Sturtevant says

    Becoming part of the Go Foods Global family would be beneficial in many ways. If you get away from the computer screen and look outside, you may notice that difficult situations lie ahead. Situations that require preparing for. Floods, hurricanes in Alaska, tornados in November, earthquakes on the Eastern seaboard, near misses of astroids, tsunamies of epic proporties, wildfires in Texas, higher food prices, are irregular for this day and age.
    Our food and water supplies are what we need to secure for
    future bumps and grinds. That’s why GoFoodsGlobal will be come a giant MLM company.
    While it’s just starting its first year, the foundations were laid 30 years ago by Steve Schenk who has operated a survival food
    supply production company. Business is booming and Canada
    came aboard this month. It costs $49.99 to join receiving an active website and physical kit.
    Money is made when supplies of food is purchased. I am on a monthly automatic payment program. But no need to worry if
    I get a garage full of merchandise. I’ll either eat it up, give some friends and family, or barter with it. Shelf life is 20-30 years.
    Many will make gobs of money as they bring others into the program, and they and their family will have peace of mind.

  91. Kevin M. Harrigan says

    Josh/Martin I believe that what you have put out there for your members will absolutely benefit more people than you probably realize. I have an opportunity that I believe is applicable to everyone, business and conflict neutral, and can be universally benevolent to the entire planet. My company is the Global Information Network, GIN for short. The website explains all the details as to what GIN is and how it works. But as a precursor to the website I have a CD series I would like to send to you if you can provide me with a mailing address. The website is Please contact me for further detailed information if you are interested. Finally, I know that with a complete and total understanding of the benefits of GIN coupled with the members of HBSA there can be many, many extraordinary stories that can be produced by this union. I sincerely think that this may very well be the company that supplies the bridge to ultimate bliss. Thank you for your consideration.

  92. Ruth Kotler says

    My business is perfect for NM. You can see our new website at We work with schools all over the country, offering a variety of products and services designed to help students and teachers. It’s a flexible program and would offer you many opportunities to develop and bring people onboard.

  93. Kelly Carey, LMT says

    I would be so bless, as I feel that you would be as well to have you join with me in what I have to offer. I am now involved with Market America. The company has just acquired and we are poised to create a new shopping paradigm. We have combined the power of one on one marketing with high technology to provide the very best in an online shopping experience. We are a product brokerage company, so we are able to move with the changing market to always offer only the very best. At we are high touch and high tech.

    I truly hope to have the chance to have you work within my group so as to show others that with the power of people working together as a team that we truly can create the new economy of the future!

    Please excuse my rambling, I am just so very thrilled that you are considering doing this for us as students. I know that it would provide a mush more visible proof of just how powerful the education you are providing truly is.

  94. Madeleine Moyse says

    Martin and Josh,

    You joining my downline will be a dream come true for me. I consider you both as the gurus in the MLM industry so it will be my proudest moment if you sign up as my distributor. The concept is amazing and I commend you for thinking about it.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how I’d feel if I happen to be the lucky student to have the opportunity to work with you.

    I would appreciate it very much if you would consider NU Skin the business I am currently promoting.

    Nu Skin was founded in 1984 in a small start-up office by Blake Roney, Steve Lund and Sandie Tillotson. It is a company that sells various health and skin care products with ingredients that subscribed to the philosophy of “all of the good, none of the bad”.

    NU Skin is a publicly traded multi-level marketing company. It is one of the big names in the network marketing industry and it operates in 51 markets worldwide.

    Nu Skin has built an impressive line of skin care and personal care products using natural ingredients and boasts amazing results for all their customers. Many of their products are quite specialized and unique.

    There are loads of products to choose from which include very advanced anti aging formulas, cell protection, specific products for men & women, nutritional supplements, and more.
    Nu Skin’s scientific leadership in both skin care and nutrition has established them as a premier anti-aging company, evidenced in its patent-pending ageLOC science that addresses aging at its source.

    Their Research & Develpment division, PHARMANEX leads the world with their unique and exclusive supplements, extensively researched and clinically proven to optimise health and youthful gene expression.

    The link below might be useful.

    Thanks you very for considering my business opportunity and I’ll keep my fingers tightly crossed that I’ll be that one lucky student.

    Kind regards

  95. tommy hammer Denmark says

    Tommy here from Denmark (no we don’t have ice bears around us 😉
    interresting idea. but what can you provide? i mean can you really getting a downline growing and build monthly residual income for life? would you really help with that? thats sounds a little bit to good to be true, but so do that company i work with. in our company we work with people, personal development and bills. we dont provide a magic juice or a product you should resell again and again. we work with services and products. we dont have to change peoples habits if you know what i mean. its maybe hard for some to sell the idea. but so what? take the next one that say ‘yes’ and not the ‘maybe’… we earn monthly at others bills. bonuses and helping others saving and earning money.

  96. Carol Ryland says

    Hi Joshua,
    Thanks for the opportunity to respond to your request. Yes, I’d like to see HBSA join an opportunity and grow it and allow others to join. I’d be very interested in working with you on this project! And please consider my business — I personally endorse Herbalife with their phenomenal products as well as compensation — My personal vision is to help people with fibromyalgia and other disabling illnesses discover the natural healing properties of these products, to take control of their symptoms — and to have them join me in spreading the word about these great health advantages to others who need them. Please consider my business. We could reach many more people with your help and involvement! Thanks again for the opportunity to respond to your video, and for the fantistic training and tools that you have provided to me!

  97. Sherry Houstgon says

    Josh, Martin:
    The world is in love with coffee. We have a specially enriched, delicious gourmet blend combined with the over 4,000 year old, proven superior king of herbs to enhance one’s health and provide greater wealth as we share it. It is proven superior in improving body symptoms with thousands of studies with This herb is in over 60 countries in the world, and in it’s infancy as far marketing in our region of the world. We have a line of coffee, teas and personal care products. Now is the time. We have combined our superior product with business training from a team of proven millionaires to make a difference for the very average person;s ability to succeed. I’m new, but this is my chance…

    Do you know anyone who drinks coffee? Who do you know that wants to make extra money from home?

    Gano Excel Product Tour

    Show Me The Money! (Part 2) |

    (If needed, copy and paste the above links into your browser address bar, if necessary, to access the webpage)

    Sherry Houston

  98. Eli Ali Jr says

    Hello Martin & Josh,

    First I would like to thank you both for the amazing thoughts , and apportunity for the vedio, you send, yes I love the idea I like to see it happen, I like to see result, I like to see what I’m promoting jump to the next level, just few lines to let you know how interested, and excited I am, please I am looking foward to hear from you.

  99. Sue Ferenc says

    Getting targeted leads is not my strong point (tho I have improved immensly) – but talking to people and working with them at whatever point they are at – IS MY BEST ASSET! Please check out for information on my product and business opportunity. ( The free ebook will be ready to go in during the next 2 weeks-not waiting for that detail-just getting the info out as best I can till that is incorporated). Tho I can tell you I work with the best product out there and that is determined thru a 3rd party who has researched and compared 1,500 other companies involved in similiar markets, the deep research that has gone into it (partnered with TOSH, and Linus Pauley Institute, offers a one million dollar guarantee that there are no banned subtances (which is why professional athletes everywhere use our product WTA, olympics teams, etc., AND has puts themselves voluntarily thru the most strigent guidelines to ensure every product has the exact amount that is written on the label-a pharmaceutical grade. I CHALLENGE YOU TO FIND ANYTHING BETTER!
    Also, you would be helping to put my son thru college-(just a side note)!

  100. Lily Kho says

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    Best Wishes

    Lily Kho

  101. Rex Davis says

    Hi, I am glad that you are looking into being part of the solution within a business and it seems the smart thing to do financially as well. It makes it so you have a vested interest in the success of what you are assisting with and top it off with the training you offer to help further that person and companies success. I work with different companies part time. I would love to be able to make them full time instead of my job. First I have to have them producing a substantial income to cover my wife’s and my expenses she is a full time house wife and diabetic. I work in a factory and really don’t make enough money to cover things. I definitely Love both Companies what they do and their pay plans. Please review them and see for yourself if they are a fit for your join my down line project. I will be happy to answer questions about them if needed. I believe they both cover the many aspects others have mentioned about their opportunities; Cost, Savings, Quality,Health,Income potential and fitting today’s market.


    One24 Online:

    God Bless,
    Thanks for what you do to help others succeed.
    Rex Davis

  102. Author..Trini Creger. says

    Josh and Martin giving a student a chance at success with your HBSA sounds like a great idea.
    in my opinion will be the NEXT BIG THING. This has never happened before in MLM. A doctor invented this product and it has 3 US pattents on it.. The press got wind of it and ABC primetime came in and did a nationally tellivised special.
    As a result of the positive blood test on a famous reportor, over 25 universities across the world have been buying the product and doing their own research .
    Now these peer reviewed studies are coming in and are there to read on the government web site we have 8 now and 20 more in the process. I have seen results in mine and my family’s health and in the people i have told about it. Even a nurse with a problem she has, had found no relief from all the medical she has access to. We have no competition yet.

  103. D.Jones says

    Sounds like a good idea; I don’t see a downside to it really. Quantum is the best MLM opportunity under the sun…literally no selling involved, just networking. No lie. For a personal online briefing, contact me. Thanks for the email and opportunity.

  104. Author...Lorraine Hansen says

    Comment…Just watched your video. A very interesting idea. I have just started with your company and am redoing my report and web page for the 3rd time. I seemed to have hit a wall for a while but Julie has been helping me up and over.
    I have a high end product, but it is the best thing in the world for anyone wanting to better their health. It’s the best thing that I’ve done for myself in a very long time and I just want to share the benefits of Kangen water with as many people as I can. Now that I’m learning to market on line I hope to see some good growth. To date my only marketing has been to share the water for free with friends, family and people I happen to meet. I’m anxious to see if internet marketing of a high end product can really work!! Check us out at ; ; and my own efforts at
    Thanks for your consideration — I hope that you will keep us advised as to your decision and how the plan goes.
    Thanks Again,
    Lorraine Hansen

  105. Gina Deere says

    Hey Joshua and Martin,

    All I can say is “WOW”! You have to know that it is every HBSA member’s secret dream to have you guys in their downline! But, with the clear knowledge that that has always been taboo, it remained only a dream. Then we get the email, “Can We Join Your Downline?” and all of a sudden the dream is potentially a reality! What a game changer.

    I know you are “spot on” in your thinking about the synergistic relationship between the HBSA education and your personal involvement in an opportunity. Using your marketing skills to grow a business and inviting us to join you in that venture, is nothing short of genius. I am DEFINITELY IN!

    However, as you mentioned, this can only be done for one lucky student. Well, I have a proposal that will put a twist on that concept. What if there was an opportunity that we could ALL be involved in that would, in no way, be a conflict of interest with any other current opportunity? And what if the results of our joint efforts could positively impact not only us as individuals, but the four corners of the WORLD? There is a company that has developed a mastermind strategy called “Feeding Families Across America”. Their vision is to feed 1 million families and positively impact 1000 churches and not-for-profit organizations within the next year. They are pioneering new territory for network marketing where non-profit organizations can be positioned as earning centers with absolutely no liability. In fact, the master distributor position is held by a non-profit that does missions around the world. I have personally met and spent time with CEO, Chris Sannella and world visionary, Duke Duvall. They are the real deal.

    Check out these YouTube videos ( and . Visit to learn more about this ground breaking opportunity.

    Just think, by all of us joining our talents and resources, we could dig a well in a 3rd world country where they have no drinking water. We could provide life-saving medicine to orphans in Africa who are dying from AIDS. We could offer hope to people who are stuck in drug and alcohol abuse by supporting Teen Challenge Centers around the world. I don’t know about you, but, to me, that all sounds a lot better than helping some “top dog” buy another yacht or Lamborghini!

  106. David A. Burris says

    Sounds like a great idea, for you to join someones downline to help build a business! I woulde like to ask you to take a good look at mine and then make a great decision to join up and not only help me build a big business, but enjoy it all the way!!
    I am in an MLM business: Take a look at my web site at: (click on #2) Watch and be excited about what you see! Also take a look ( A six year old company exploding in the travel Industry! )MAKE A LIVING LIVING!!
    I know you are busy people so all i can say is take a look and sign up.
    This will soon be a household name!!!

  107. Gordana Lukac says

    I love the idea and would looove you to consider my company based in the personal development and success coaching. Huge upfront profits and great leverage down the track. Relatively new company; just over two years, but growing exponentially.

  108. Alan Massey says

    Well all of us face the same objections every day as we try to present ourselves and any opportunity we believe in.
    No need
    No money
    No hurry
    No trust
    No value
    The problem for most networkers is they have no training in overcoming these objections. They get so excited about their companies products and wonder why people are not excited about selling their pills,juices,creams, telephone plans or personal development programs, so that they can make money from their efforts.

    The reasons why I personally chosen Pyxism India as the best opportunity for the ordinary person to build their network is outlined in my oprius thank you page

    To say you don’t have to sell or the products are so good they sell themselves is not true. You still have to sell the idea that your prospect can actually feel good about presenting this opportunity
    The reason I am excited about Pyxism India is because you don’t have to keep investing money every month not to miss out on bonuses. It can only grow if you help the people you sponsor grow. Isn’t that what true networking is about.
    Ordinary people earning extraordinary incomes from a once only $199 Explorer entry setting an example for others to follow you to navigator introducing 6 people and working with them to develop skills in presenting this opportunity.
    I would appreciate it if you would give this opportunity careful consideration as I have after failing in many other networking companies which encourage you to spend lots of money not to miss out on bonuses.
    I have also put a power point presentation together for my downline to present one on one

  109. Linda Bertram says

    @ Patrick Logan … I would be honored if you took a look at my business, post number 35. The compensation plan is awesome and I have an incredible testimony from taking the products. Signing up is easy, from $10 to $399 gets you in. Also we have prdoucts that are FDA approved, the highest quality, organic and more.

  110. Carol Saucier, CPhT, Rn says

    Hello Josh, this is a great idea! My business, Isagenix, deals with health – if you don’t have health, you don’t have anything, right? I am an RN so see illness daily and I try to help people through my questionnaire to assess what people’s needs are. You can peruse these websites to see what you think: and: and click on “Are you Toxic?” This world is becoming more toxic – crops, air – we have a full body cleanse to help with this. There’s too much cancer, diabetes, allergies – this is why. Let’s get the word out there! Carol Saucier, CPhT, RN

  111. Julia Kruger says

    I think this is a great idea, and I’d love the opportunity to show you more about the MLM I chose. I love the product, a health supplement, but loved the timing and opportunity even more. A few highlights:

    1. product has 4 patents
    2. 9 published, peer reviewed studies
    3. 20+ more sudies underway by major universities
    4. 2.5 years in MLM, with 300% growth each year. Publicly traded company for 8 years.
    5. Less than 30,000 distributors currently so HUGE opportunity to be in at the beginning
    6. Company has not yet hit “momentum” stage, so again, HUGE opportunity to grow rapidly and achieve great success
    7. Launching in Austrailia in early 2012 – pre-launch underway now!
    8. Product proven to reduce Oxidative Stress by an average of 40%, in 100% of people taking it – HUGE implications on health issues. 100% Natural . No other product can do this, so absolutely NO competition.
    9. Minimal autoship required of only $40 a month.
    10. You get to work with me!!!

    Check out

    Looking forward to talking to you and sharing more!

  112. Lynne Mongell says

    Hi Martin Lightbowne and Joshua Fuson,
    It is an excellent move for HBSA to integrate a business opportunity with your students.
    I personally would love to work with you in accomplishing the growth of a business opportunity. I have grown and learned tremendously from being a student at HBSA on how to achieve the correct way to grow a home business. This opportunity would put the pieces of all the work together for me.
    I am in the health and wellness business. The product is Nutrilite, the company is Amway.

    Amway itself has been around for over 50 years. They have been ‘Organic’ and ‘Green’ way before anyone was ever conscious of the meaning of those words and the impact it will have in our earth today. They truly put people first and do not sacrifice quality or purity for quantity.
    They probably were the first in the MLM business. Although they had to withstand a lot of criticisms over the years Amway is standing stronger and taller than ever today. They have high standards and have kept their promises to all. This is truly remarkable in today’s world and even yesterday’s world. A company you can believe in with truth and sincerity.
    Nutrilite–the vitamin and supplements are harvested on pure ‘Certified Organic’ farms. They OWN the farmlands. Ownership equates to ultimate care rather than just ‘renting’ the land. Their farmland ownership covers over 6400 acres of land. The soil is always replenished naturally and no chemicals are ever used.
    Nutrilite vitamins are not synthetically made, no pesticides, herbicides, or fillers are used. They are the purist I have ever been in contact with.
    The use of phytonutrients (plant based), are the mainstream of the vitamins and supplements which out surpasses all others…and is beneficial in building a healthy foundation, gaining peak performance, and natural energy all day, triples the immune system, while promoting enhance brain memory and endurance levels.
    They combine Nature with a dedicated scientific know how, to bring to the table pure uncompromised quality. The institute center for optimal health has over 100 scientists within the vitamin industry for clinical research and product development. The 10 member advisory board consists of leading scientist around the world in the fields of health, nutrition, and genetics. This ensures and guides the future, integrity, and knowledge of rapidly advancing technology.
    Personally, I have regained my health back. I am more energetic, concentration levels have increase, I do not get ‘colds’ and have reversed the diseases that have plagued me.

  113. Lisa Harris says

    Thank you for the offer. Organo Gold,
    I personally am looking at this, as my ticket out of my current J.O.B. I have been looking for help building a presence on the internet, and although I am just starting out, I do realize I need to prospect. Just need some help doing that. I am eager, and ready for change. Big change. Please help me do that. I have 26 years in the post office, and want something different, and challenging. Most of all to help others make a difference in their lives.

  114. Wayne A. Nyre says

    Thanks for the information: I am involved in 2 mlm businesses 1) one to help people maintain or improve their health which I feel is the most important for a good quality of life ( and 2) a second one to help people save money on their energy bills ( this one Patrick will be helping me on as soon as I get another commitment out of the way) – (

    I know there are always conflicts of some sort in every business as well as good potentials. So one has to weight the benefits against the negatives and go the direction that benefits the most people in a good quality of life which consists of GOD, Family, and money to pay for the other needed things in that order.

  115. Patricia Flood says

    I think my company is the best company out there offering a service that lowers monthly bills and has the potential to have a person earn free energy, help others do the same, and earn a fabuous income. It is a service that we all need; it is not going to go away, and it is not going to get cheaper to have. It is electric energy (gas enrgy in some states is also vailable). The founders are well backed financially and one co-founder is an expert in the multi level marketing business. they have a 20 yer contract with Shell Oil Co., the second largest Oil Co. in the world. They are the fastest growing ESCO in the country.They have an A rating with the BBB. They have been featured two years in a row as No. 1 in INC. 500 with a growth of 20,000%. they are open for business in 6 states with more states opening up in2013. Eventaully they will be operating in all 50 states. Thsi company will make many people millionaires if they are willing to build an organization of consultants and customers. All of that and there is no product, no inventory to keep and no money to collect.

  116. Kim Greise says

    I think it is a WONDERFUL idea that you want to join a downline and help someone grow their business!! I would LOVE for you to join my downline! I have a business in Fortune High Tech Marketing (FHTM). This business is an umbrella for many businesses and services that people use every day. These people will continue to use these products because they have become a neccessity. FHTM is growing very fast and I would LOVE to help anyone that is interested in starting a business.
    Please visit my website:

    I would LOVE to hear from you or from anyone that would be interested in a GREAT business opportunity.

  117. Hawnbiz says

    Aloha Josh and Martin! I was just introduced to something rather new and because it sounded duplicatable, I signed up. Best of all, it was FREE to join! It’s called Text Cash Network and my link is . Basically a Groupon concept and the expected growth will be huge. And, who doesn’t know someone that owns a cell phone? All you do is agree to receive up to 5 txt msg’s with offers for free and these offers can be from a selection of categories.

  118. Celine Rochat says

    Hello Joshua, I am one of your student. I am studying right now the ins and out of Google Ads. It is not that easy for me. I am not a computer whiz but I really want to succeed.
    Yes, I definitely think it is a good idea if you join a company. Why not? I sure would like to be the lucky one! But if not, someone else will be happy! I would definitely work very hard to accomplish that growth. I am very motivated and I am ready to make big money. I read a lot on the Law of Attraction and I see it. I will become a millionnaire with my business, I know it, I feel it.
    Lets talk about my business. I joined Genasante because I think health is the future. We are specialized in detoxification. More and more people are conscious that a lot of chemicals are in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. Many studies confirm that dangerous chemicals are in our bodies. Studies confirm also that these chemicals cause diseases such as arthritis, inflammation, headaches, stress, no energy, high cholesterol, overweight, cancer etc. etc. We are educating people. Our mission is the help people live a better life.
    If we eliminate toxins, we improve circulation, boost the immune system, decrease inflammation, decreases stress, relieve pain and many more benefits.
    We have the solution. Taking mud baths 100% natural. We are proud to be associated with Dr. Zayd Ratansi who developed a medical mud bath. The Arts and Science of Medicinal Bathing, is one of the oldest medical treatments according to documentation by Hippocrates (460-375 B.C.) We are the only company with this kind of product. We are unique and it works. Genasante is part of Golden Moor and Golden Moor was created in 1987. Golden Moor mud is being exported in many countries in the world. It has been rated the best mud in the world because of its high percentage of humic acid (34%).
    I could write pages and pages on this subject. If you are interested let me know, we have a lot of documentation on the subject in our back office. We have an excellent presentation. I can share a lot of documents with you if you are interested.
    Genasante is new. We are approximately 500 distributors. We are looking for leaders, real leaders like you. Our company is open to North America for now. I have been looking for a leader for a few months and I fell on that video. I said to myself: I found my leader! I believe in the Law of Attraction as I said earlier. I asked the Universe to send me a leader then I fell on this video.
    As I said, I could write for hours. If you want to know more, let me know. If you want to speak to the President of Golden Moor, let me know. I see him every day and am a very good friend. We live in the same village and the Corporate office is 2 minutes from my home. He is a very passionate person. We can take the plane and talk business with you if you want. Let me know your decision and am really looking forward to meet you. He is my website: .
    I know you are also a passionate person. I really hope to hear from you and to meet you. Thanks.
    N.B. You have a very nice voice!

  119. Robert Porter says

    Hi Josh and Martin,
    I can see where HBSA’s participation in a present or former student’s businsess could prove invaluable. But more importantly, if that candidate could give his or her testamony about where they were before HBSA became a part of the downline, what happened; what were their experiences, how did he or she change? Did he or she become independent? Did he or she communcate with you Josh and Martin, and not be “star struck,” but genuinely communicate in a professional manner as equals. These would be “priceless” testimonials. And this is what I think you would be looking for in the successful candidate. Could he or she teach others? Could he or she retain people? Can HBSA wear “two” hats. (1) allow themselves to be teachable by the candidate (2) know when to let that person stand on his or her own. Because the truth is Josh and Martn, the greatest thing that could happen for any affiliate marketing entreprenuer is to have someone give a real hands-on “OJT” to help build confidence and esteem. Can anyone imagine having boh you guys, or someone you recommend from the Mentoring staff even, to join his or her downline? Below are two websites that will give you insight into the company that I am affiliated with. I would be a great candidate for your idea. Thanks.

  120. Author... says

    My company is within the parent company who set the rules and do all the necessary things for our use.We are not allowed to alter any thing that is put in place by the head Office.Although they will look at ideas and decide if it is feasible. Our website is furnished by the company and the rules are also. and I would like you to be in my down line, Let me know I will sent info for you to view at your leisure.Our patented Wed site that is.

  121. AFZA R. BUCHOON says


  122. Jim and Georgia says

    This would be a great opportunity to work with all of you. Would make the time to get this off the ground and running. is a business and a paid to shop opportunity for all. This fits into all your categories. We are an internet marketing company. We find only the finest for what you are looking for. Company has been strong since it;s inception in 1992 and is poised to do only growth. Would love to be a partner in this business with you all.

  123. Israel E. Gutierrez says

    I would love to have you on my down line. Specially when consider the fact you could Travel all over the World to 60,000 destruction at 60% savings. At the same time get paid while you travel. Thanks..hope to work with you and develop a closer relationship and you sound sincere. I am going thru some hard times at work 13 hours and hoping to make my Travel Co. work to retire my job early.

  124. Arthur R. Vinson says

    WOW !! a great idea, to bad you can do only one, Martin already knows what I am working on and after a quick scan I see others are also in Melaleuca as well.

    Martin thinks I could have a better squeeze page and I agree but it has and does work for my mentor and up line.

    My mentor created the squeeze page and following presentation, not Melaleuca. He is telling me that him and close family have made well over 10Mil. in about 18 years.

    I am not new at internet marketing but have made very little money doing it so this is why I have Joined HBSA for training.

    My Melaleuca squeeze page is:

    Thank you so much for this opportunity!!

  125. Sherry Houston says

    Oops! I mispelled my own name in a previous posting. Sorry. I am resubmitting for that reason and because our company always produces new and improved marketing methods, I have attached our brand new video product. Enjoy.

    The world is in love with coffee. We have a specially enriched, delicious gourmet blend combined with the over 4,000 year old, proven superior king of herbs to enhance one’s health and provide greater wealth as we share it. It is proven superior in improving body symptoms with thousands of studies with This herb is in over 60 countries in the world. We own the largest plantation, product development and packaging facility providing over 93% of this herb that is on the world market. Our company is in infancy. We have a line of coffee, teas and personal care products. Now is the time.

    Do you know anyone who drinks coffee? Who do you know that wants to make extra money from home?

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    Sherry Houston

  126. Dan Hopwood says

    I agree with Patrick Logan : I think this puts it on the line when people say, “Well, lets see you grow a business with the tools that you are promoting.” So now you are “practicing what you are preaching”

    My two cents worth:

    The company I am involved with is Ambit Energy. I joined Ambit because I saw the enormous potential, not only in the business side but also for the American working people. What I mean by this is that in today’s economy and the cost of energy sky rocketing, Americans need and want a program like the one Ambit Energy is offering. Ambit Energy will discount anyone’s bill by the average of the bills in their downline. If a person were to switch their energy provider to Ambit and then go out and get 15 or more of their friends and family members to switch their energy company to Ambit under them, Ambit will deduct the average of their bills from the sponsors bill. So if the sponsor’s bill is $100 and the average of the downline bills is $80, the sponsor will only pay $20.
    One other thing, every State has a program similar to Illinois’ LIHEAP program which stands for (Low Income Heating and Electricity Assistance Program.) If the State would just get these individuals to switch their energy provider over to Ambit, it would save itself approximately 13 million dollars a year. I know the State would never be able to do this but what I am getting at is that their are literally millions of people in the State of Illinois alone that would benefit from switching their energy supplier to Ambit.
    In conclusion, I am not a fan of these companies who offer diet plans or health drinks. I am not bashing them in any way, I am sure they are all GREAT products, but I just can’t get enthused over these types of products.
    Let me ask a few questions.
    1. Who do you know that uses either Electricity or Natural Gas?
    2. Who do you know that would like to save money on their Electricity or Natural Gas bill or even possibly get it for FREE?
    3. Would you like to make a residual income helping individuals save on their Electricity or Natural Gas bill or even possibly help them get it for FREE?


    Dan Hopwood

  127. admin says


    Thank you for all the great input! We have a lot of homework to do now, but will keep everyone posted on our findings.

    This is exciting for us too! We really didn’t think that this type of offer would be that big of a deal to our readers. Thanks for letting us know – we appreciate it :)

  128. Terry Maugeri says

    Well its fitting that I follow my coach with this post. You guys make me smile for sure.. I absolutely will not tell you the many benefits of my company.. I don’t think that is your decision point. I am a coach that can be coached and mentored. Success is a mindset and one of vision. http://

  129. James D Tackett says

    I started this business because I love buying fine art – in fact the gallery we buy from gives money back into their business to promote student artists.
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    May God Bless – see you at the top

  130. Nick Biren says

    Sounds like a positive step to me! However the business I’ve chosen to hang my hat on provides most of the tools needed, in that I don’t really need to do anything except build and work a list, which you could probably play a big roll in.

    Secondly, the opportunity I’ve chosen to work with happily has no product or product-line that I have to convince someone to use or switch to. It’s a membership and service product. So, out of the gate you save more money than the membership costs simply by utilizing the savings services.

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    After marketing this juice, that juice, this detox, that water and having to be the convincer in every case, this is a breath of fresh air. Hey, all of those products were the absolute best, I still use them, but I hated the conversion numbers.

    Now I get paid every week and every week is better than the last.

  131. Dr. Wendy Mariner says

    Excellent Thought…Could Be Very Beneficial…With the RIGHT Student…Need More Money…Student’s Downfall… Thanks For the Momentary Stirring of My Heart Desire!:-)

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  133. Harold Goodridge says

    Joshua/Martin: Thank you for the E-Mail asking to join in my down line. This is why you should take a serious look at it, like any new business you would like to know how long it is going to be around. Will Mark Seyforth the Co-Founder of this company is saying for 30+or more. This company one24 will revoutionize the marketing with the linear down line, In other words, every person who joins is placed in to one vertical line. It is not a “get rich quick program,” but rather a slow building income stream that increases month after month over a 24 month peried. Here is the website:

  134. J. Larry and Jan Sewell says

    Hi Martin & Josh:

    It’s really good to hear from you again and read about what you are doing along the line of “out-of-the-box” planning for the future of HBSA. Jan and I want to thank you for all the training we received from you.

    This past summer Jan and I were introduced to a network marketing company we believe has a very powerful product that will be around for a very long time. We are distributors for this company called Boresha. Boresha has the only patented, thermogenic, fat-burning coffee and energy drink, in the world, that is also diabetic friendly.

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    J. Larry and Jan Sewell

  135. S. Wilson says

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    my website is or it is something everyone uses and has to pay for every month I believe we could make a great team of students learning and seeing how this business operates check it out an opportunity is knocking will you open the door???

  136. KENNETH M. BARROW SR. says


  137. Jerry McManus says

    It is good to hear from you…… you can research Market America by going to and assess if M.A. is right for you an if you are right for M.A. the best way to check us out is at a conference I can find one or two of them in any state, if you wish, or plan to come to Miami ,Feb 2-4 in the American Airlines Arena, . to participate in our World Conference. Also For instance, there is a Web conference inh Charlotte, NC Dec.3rd, O,no, that is for distributorsonly. sorry, but can find others for you as guests., such as: Jan 7th in Charlotte there is a Local Seminar featuring DR. Jonathan Davis. He is a terrific speaker and has the spirit of Market America at heart! . Just let me know. thanks for your interest Geraldine (Jerry) McManus

  138. Debra Lindsey Fortner says

    Hello Joshua and Martin

    I love the idea of you guys helping to grow someone’s business. In fact, I think it is a good idea if you could help more than one person out of all the students. As you know, a lot of us are struggling because this whole concept is difficult to really get going and we spend a lot of monies to get into this without any type of guaranty. For most, it does not work. Therefore, it is a great idea to begin some type of group joining so we all can make some money. (my opinion)

    I really would like to have help because I have joined so many and need to see something to materialize out of one of the many network marketing organizations.

    I love the concept and would like to let you know about WordVentures which believe in “make a living…living”. It is a travel club that does not require its members to get a travel agent course to be members. Worldventures own their own travel agency and provide low cost dream trips to their members because they buy in bulk. I actually went on a six day and five night cruise for $250.00 including taxes and fees to test the company out and the quality of the trip after I joined. It was top of the line.

    The compensation is a binary and the concept is “get four and no more”.

    Thanks! Debra

  139. Jose Pagan says

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    p.s. if this is something you guy’s would consider shoot me an e-mail with the contact information so we can shedule.

  141. Larry Schwartz says

    Gentlemen, there are tons of MLMs/Networking ventures out there. I’m sure you are knowledgeable in the good ones and the bad ones. I would like for you to consider joining my Melaleuca downline. I truly believe that Melaleuca is the company to be based on their sincerity and honesty in their business approach. Reasonably priced products, strong management, well established (not a start up) 16 yr old company, financially sound, low attrition, low start up cost, no breakaways, low personal product requirement. These are some of the most important factors in joining a company.. Hope to hear from you!

  142. Larry Schwartz says

    Josh & Martin, In addition to my prior post I think the best way to learn about the Melaleuca opportunity is to let us do a live webinar for you or possibly meet in person so that no stone is left unturned. It’s OK to say no to an opportunity but wouldn’t it make sense to at least see what you are saying no to? I look forward to hearing back from you. Best regards, Larry Schwartz

  143. Dean Barrow says

    Hey Josh & Martin,

    Wow look at the response from the students! unreal.

    I am a independant ACN business owner I’m sure you are familiar with the comp plan etc but go check out more info here

    I think this is a great move by both you and Martin, being able to document the whole process & being very transperent with people will most likely give HBSA a HUGE boost in business.

    I can’t wait to see what happens!

  144. Lance Beebe says

    I watched the video and identified with so much in it. However, when I clicked on the response link I see an 404 message saying the link is not working. Help please. I need to work with you again. Thanks

  145. Steven Schwartz says

    By joining a company, you can demonstrate that this is not just theory and show your methods and advice at work.

    Since you said that you are looking at companies, I would like to suggest the company I am in. It is free to join. This way you can take a look, check out the products, review the marketing and learn about the companies vision. I feel that vision is very important. Without vision, a company can not last -p or at least it will not develop and grow. A company might not be the first in the field, but it must be an innovator and that is what the company I am in is.
    Also, without good leadership it will not last The leadership must know the business and the products and have a goal and plan for the companies direction. They need to be inspiring and, as leadership, LEAD.

    Without good products it can not last. Not another “Me Too product” – Not another 1 product company that is at risk if a problem of supply or quality effects the product or the competition comes out with the same thing with a better product or better opportunity.

    The company that I am talking about is Be Young Essential Oils. The product is Essential Oils and aromatherapy products as well as other health based products.The founder is Dana Young.

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    The founder of the company, Dana Young is an innovator in ways of approaching the use of essential oils and is working with some of the top experts to help develop the other parts of the product line. – I can explain more when I talk with you.

    My website is:

    If this interests you, I would love to share more about it with you.
    I look forward to hearing what you decide to do.

  146. Linecke says

    Hi Martin / Joshua
    this is truly an exciting leap forward for the entire HBSA community. Naturally we would be thrilled if you chose to work directly with us and shared the success strategies and systems across the HBSA community. Our opportunity relates directly to essential services and online shopping for those services. Both Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have identified that Energy deregulation will be the next big shift in wealth across the globe. We market those services, not just in the US, but around the world. In addition we also market other essential services including communications, internet, and much more, providing a full service platform. We are supported and endorsed by major players in the business community and success fields – Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki, Darren Hardy, and many more. To have you join my network directly would enable me to make a bigger difference and pay it forward significantly, and that excites me very much. I know you are already familiar with the ACN family and the products, services, and compensation that we offer. I am personally based in the Asia Pacific region and this provides two distinct advantages for your community: firstly it highlights to the HBSA network that geographics are not an issue – think global and build from anywhere. Additionally, we are the launch pad for Asia, with 60% of the worlds population on our doorstep. It would be an honor and a privilege to work directly with you guys to explode our business and kick some really big goals. As Mr Trump says, Think Big and Kick Ass. Ready for action. My personal site is for products and for the business opportunity information.
    thanks for your consideration
    I’m Excited


  147. Russell Hotchkiss says

    Yes you may, but no need to research this company, Ernst & Young, INC. 5000, Topaz International, and a host of other auditing companies have done that for you, however for your benefit, I have included the links for your review.

    My apologies for the hyperlinks not working. Not sure what is happening. Please, copy and paste into your browser.


    Russell Hotchkiss

  148. Russell Hotchkiss says

    I guess the hyperlinks did work in the end. Hit the submit comment button prematurely. Gotta love it! One of the factors that you need to take a hard look at as well is, who will be your upline? Tooting my teams horn, myself and my upline are the greatest in Worldventures. We call ourselves the Hodomaniacs; we are the fastest growing team in Worldventures and the world! I personally have become the fastest director in the State of Iowa. I currently own and operate a conventional business as well, Proshield Fire Protection, just started our 11th year under me. Who will be leading you? I WILL! My resume is vast and impressive, I have done more by the time I was 30 then most people will do in a lifetime. You will not fail if you plug into our system. Its proven and it works!
    More links:
    Also, Rovia has had so many accolades, just to name a few, Carnival Cruise LIne’s Pinnacle Award, Funjet Platinum, Travel Weekly, Magellan Award (Twice), ASTA Premier Member, Sears #2 Online Retailer in the world uses Rovia. It goes on and on.
    Thanks again for your consideration,

    Russell Hotchkiss

  149. Morten Spang says

    Dear Josh and Martin,
    I think that this step you are thinking of are very exiting. Ofcause it would be a dream come through for every HBSA student to have you join their downline and personally I would love to work and learn from you at the same time. Today and for the last 3 years I have been involved with ACN. I know that Martin are familier with ACN because we have been talking about it on the phone earlier on. I do not have to tell you what to look for, but when I got involved with ACN is was because of 2 important things:
    1) a great compensation plan but most important
    2) Great leadership. The 4 founders of ACN have been Network Marketers themselves and they know what it takes to get succes. They are comitted to bringing succes to their ACN reps and they always deliver on what they promise. Not once in these 3 years have they not delivered on their promises – but many times they have done even more than promissed. ACN has now gone online and a lot of new things are happening. I would love if you would give the “new” ACN a serious look and ofcause I hope that I could be the lucky student to get you in my downline. Not to sit back and see things happen but to get momentum and work harder than ever before to get the kind of succes that we all deserve.
    Here are a link giving you all the information on the ACN opportunity:

    Best Regards,
    HBSA Student and ACN Independent Representative
    Morten Spang from Denmark

  150. Curt says

    Joshua and Martin,
    I know I’m late to the party but I would like for my business to be considered as well.
    I am involved with Genesis Pure, it is a health/wellness company with an extensive product line that work very well. Because of them I have lost 25 pounds and have been able to reduce or discontinue 3 different medications that I was taking.
    The compensation is great with 7 ways of making money including; first order bonuses, team earnings and bonus matching (receive the same bonus as some of your downline!).
    Other things that make it a great company to work with are: we are in 8 countries around the world and growing, the fact that there are only 50,000+/- people involved with the company worldwide ( making for ALOT of opportunity), the fact that the President of the company is also its formulator (meaning he is completely invested) and the President/formulator is a world renown Dr. in this field who boasts 20 years of experience.
    Information on the company and the people involved with it can be found at,
    I hope that you can still consider my company as I KNOW there is a lot of opportunity here and that I am missing out on it because I do not posses the skills to take advantage of it.
    At any rate I look forward to receiving more information on how to be a better marketer and to working with you all in the future.


  151. Cathy Just says

    I appreciate the opportunity to have you look at my company as one you might be interested in joining.

    Over the years we have either been involved with or looked into numerous MLM businesses. When we found this business it made so much sense to us that there was no going back after seeing all that they offer their reps. The leadership is over-the-top excellent. The money making opportunity is better than any that we have seen anywhere.

    Here is a link to give you an overview of the business. I have some others if you would like to see them.

    Thank you again for this opportunity.

    Cathy Just

  152. Joseph Wray says

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  153. JR Williams says

    My network marketing company deals with energy and telecommunications, specifically video phones, and utility bills like your electric and gas. If it’s on we get paid!! You can email me and I will let you know the name of my company…

  154. Duane Collins says

    I rec’d this message on Dec 7. Just got around to looking into it. Before I waste your time with input, I would like to know how far along you are in the process. Thanks so much.

  155. Joseph Wray says

    Join Wrayway Products! Our goal is to become the world’s largest distribution network of coffee and beverages with 100% Organic Ganoderma Lucidum. Wrayway Product’s mission is to promote Health and Wellness in our community. As world citizens, Wrayway Products seeks to improve the quality of life for our neighbors spanning across the globe.

  156. Eugene Mungin says

    It certainly is a great step to take!!!! That one blessed person will have a great opportunity alongside them and should work very closely with HBSA and Josh/Martin!!

    I’d like more information about using HBSA and the Networking approach you talked about in the video!!! I’m always looking for quality leads for what I do.

    I’m a Marketing Rep for YTB International, Inc. YTB is a travel company that has capitalized on the shift from brick and mortar to click and order in Travel. It has also expanded into Coffee (Ganovia is the brand name), and (Z Mobile) Mobile Marketing Services. Check us out at

  157. Dave Gardner says

    Hey Guys,

    Just curious if you ever made a decision in your quest to “Join my downline!”?

    I originally commented in spot #68 on 11/11/11 and wanted to update you in regards to GVO and their newly released Meet Cheap live conference room software that you will also be able to use and promote independently of the GVO Host Then Profit software (http://HostWithGVO)

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    I look forward to hearing your update!


    Dave Gardner

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    I have ACN home base business, I sell Essential Services, I provide services in Local & Long Distance, Digital Phone Services,High Speed Internet. Energy Gass 7 Electricity, Television Cable, Dish, and Direct TV, Wireless,Cell Phone Plans, Home Security, and Computer.

  159. Rev. Jerry Caterino says

    That was indeed a sincere presentation – I’ll make mine S&S – I’m 72 years old, make 90K a year in retirement, and just last week joined Global Domains International ( – I believe I will do well; I also believe I’d do better with you. Apart, we’re great; together were unbeatable.

  160. Richard Uriegas says


    Your video was very interesting , great way to explore the different opportunities that are out there.
    Giving the students a choice that has been looked into helps a great deal with the signups.
    Hope you find a prosperous business.
    Good Luck
    Richard Uriegas

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  164. C Martucci says

    I have to say this is a great idea. I have joined Nerium with Jeff Olson at the helm. As you know, Jeff Olson is the millionair maker and process expert and he has it all together. Website, third-party tools, and REAL Science, REAL Results, and REAL People. I would love to know your thoughts about Nerium. I feel it is the right place at the right time. What do you think?

  165. Ivan E. Brinez says

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  166. Maureen Norman says

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  167. Cyndrell Parker says

    I am with Organo Gold. It is a great company and product line. You can go to my website: and for more information. People love drinking coffee so much that it is the second most traded commodity but now they can have a healthier cup. We are partnered with the Napoleon Hill Foundation/Think and Grow Rich, Mercedes Benz and Jamaica for it’s esteemed Blue Mountain Coffee. Who has endorsements like that? We are going after 1% of the market and we are well on our way by promotion health and wealth. By the way, what’s in your cup?

  168. JASON says


  169. Jennie Pedrick says

    Yes, I would love that opportunity for you to join a networking company and include HSBA members. I do not know of a specifically good MLM. Thank you for considering this.
    Sincerely,Jeannie Pedrick

  170. William ANTWI says


    Yes,I would like your company to join it’s student to promote a MLM programme they may be involved in.This way the student gets to have a practical feel of what he/she has been learning from your firm.

    In view of this, I would like to recommend my company to you; Review it and let me have your comments please.

  171. jeannie pedrick says

    Yes I think that would be a very good plan for HBSA to join a MLM under a student. I would look forward to partnering with you.
    I think you should consider New Earth. The products have been around for 30 years with ongoing customers. Company has relaunched with new additional products and a very good compensation structure.

  172. Sylvia says

    Well I listen to the video and what I am doing is Nutrition weight management and lots more as you can see OBS is on the rise even in the youth so good health eating habit need now.

    What would you do and how I am live in Florida

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    The company has a binary compensation plan. the leader and founder is Rick Maike

    As you guys know, the power of a binary compensation plan is that members benefit from spillover and accumulating points becomes easier.

    Finally, this is my sales funnel. I am involved with a group that help us plug and play for prospecting…

    As for myself, I am an apprentice, still in the learning curve and I have spent “mucho dinero” a lot of money in solo ads with little success.

    Trying many things so far but still not yet there. Desire, drive, guts, and a burning desire to make it happen are my best allied companions.

    Many blessings


  175. Carrie Bock says

    @ VIctoria Smith–I am involved and everything that Josh says about the warm market is correct. It does not work for me. I have talked to a business specialist from HBSA and this company provides so many tools and assistance to help the average income earner make their dreams come true!! The more people on your team along with the motivation and dedication, the more advantage of making money and being successful. I have faith in HBSA and their experience to show me the way!!! As soon as I get going, I will be posting another blog on my success!!! Good luck everyone

  176. Christina Stilts says

    I would love to work WITH you! I am with Young Living Essential Oils. I have seen the transformation the products make in the lives of many. A good place to go to learn more about how the products have impacted the lives of many is

    Young Living has the purest of pure standards, BETTER than organic. This is one of the many reasons that I joined. At first I didn’t partner up with them to make money. Once I saw he great benefits of the oils and other products, I just couldn’t keep quiet about it! It was very compelling. Really the product sales itself!

    I have a Facebook page, where I share varioius things about the oils and products.

    Here is the company website: This is the 20th year for them to be in business. They are a world leader in essential oils. Trust me, I did my research before joining!

    I would LOVE you have you (or anyone reading this) on my team. We offer great support 24/7.

    Thank you for considering!

  177. sone masoe says

    Hi Josh/Martin: My wife and I joined Herbalife three months ago. Running out of friends/relatives to pester. What do you think about this opportunity? Would you like to join my downline, if not could you help us to market online? Many thanks. MSM

  178. Denise Brady says

    I am promoting Nerium International. This outstanding opportunity passes all of your stated criteria. In the fastest growing segment of the Health & Wellness category of the direct sales market. Nerium is 3 years old, has broken sales records from the beginning. The anti-aging skin care products are backed by 10 years of solid scientific research and development, Protected by exclusive world-wide proprietary patents. Most importantly thousands of customers attest their empirical results from using NeriumAD. Product price points are extremely competitive and buy in costs low. There are NO inventory costs or requirements, the company sends the Brand Partner a replacement bottle of product for every bottle sold.
    Leadership is command performance quality starting with CEO and Founder, Jeff Olson. Compensation plan is the most generous in the industry, sustainable, constantly upgraded with bonuses and world class trips.

  179. Adetola says

    Hi what a wonderful concept, you’ve got here…its worth making a comment on…My name is Adetola and am from Nigeria below is the name and good description on my Networking company and why i think your student can join they pay in dollars its in various country of the world and the founder is from philipin…you can follow theis LINK………
    its a simple binary system and my SPONSOR NAME IS: kingsta
    everything you need to know is on the site thanks and God bless you keep the good work going…

    • Pro says

      Thanks for your interest Tina. We’re working on an affiliate program for our product line as I type this – stay tuned!

  180. Mike Manion says

    Brilliant – everybody wins second place – the opportunity to pay HSBA tuition. OR as a bonus surprise you are now included in the HSBA lead sales list. I like it.

    It reminds of the time I entered my mother into a contest for a free trip to Florida from our seemingly always frozen neighborhood 20 miles north of Buffalo.

    There was a huge 8 foot tall circular metal container. Painted sparkling gold of course and tempting every shopper entering the local supermarket to enter the free vacation dream giveaway. Just fill in your name, address and phone number – go home start packing.

    Brilliant attraction – everybody won second place – an all expense paid trip if and only if – maybe – you bought property in Florida. The original lead generation program for land salesmen! Listing people who never even knew they could buy a Florida home site; albeit a we bit remote and overlooking a swamp. My how far we have come in the last 50 years.

    I like the idea, both for its originality and the possibility of teaming up with me to build a stellar network marketing success story by a person who has never learned to do this the wrong way yet.

    • Pro says

      Hey Mike,

      We couldn’t really tell if you were being sarcastic or not in your comment. So we won’t assume either way :)

      To address a couple of your points:

      – Everyone who saw this post is already on our list. We send them there via email, and to get on our newsletters, someone has to opt in. The goal was to create a cast study in the program and reward someone who has taken action. We are grateful to have achieved both those goals.

      – This post is a couple years old. Thanks for adding your 2 cents, but the opportunity has passed.

      Take care.

  181. Albert says

    My business is ACN. It’s the only opportunity that everyone is a customer of. There is no repeat monthly sales or quotas needed. We sell services everyone will use anyway and the best part is we now feed children every time you pay your monthly bill. We have the opportunity to make a global impact on changing child hunger forever! Our compensation plan is also changing on Jan 1st and will allow new IBO’s to make money right out of the gate! The potential is life changing. Visit

  182. Dawn Ferris says

    Josh/Martin, Hi guys, I received this e-mail afew days ago and was intrigued by the video “Can We Join Your Downline”. I then looked down and noticed all the comments posted November 11, 2011. Regardless of that i thought i would still participate.

    The business I signed up with recently is called World Ventures, you may have heard about it.It is a travel business. I’ve never had money to travel before and was interested upon learning that $7,000,000,000,000 was spent per year on travel.I thought to myself, I’d like a piece of that pie. The link that gave me that information is It would have been a priviledge to have shared in a “Joint Venture” with you.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards Dawn Ferris

  183. Rafael says

    Hi! I think it is a good idea! At least – why not?
    I would like to join you if you started that.
    There are many good companies and i think you receive thousands of letters. I’m in business with a company named oriflame. Oriflame – is a swedish company that produces natural high quality cosmetics and Wellness products. (So you have two markets to offer to – cosmetics and wellness).
    The annual commodity turnover of the company is 1,5 billion Euro. Oriflame works in 65 countries around the world. The company was founded in 1967 and nowadays it’s the fastest growing mlm company in the world. It has a classic marketing plan. The biggest check in success ladder is 1 000 000$. The best thing is that you can become a shareholder, owner of stock. On a certain level Oriflame gives you stock that are quoted on international stock exchange (OMX Nordic Exchange).
    Of all other opportunities i’ve chosen oriflame also because it’s very easy to use. See, not everyone buys some wellnes products every month BEFORE they introduced to a certain company or product, not everyone watches him- or hesself to be wealthy. But absolutely everyone buys a soap, toothpaste and a shampoo every month, year after year, since their birth and for whole life. Even if they do not know about oriflame products they ALREADY buy all the products of that type – personal hygiene. Then we have all those cosmetic products and then wellness. It costs i think different in every country to join, but usually not more than 20$ including a starting kit. In my country i’ve joined for 3$.
    Honestly it’s the first time i connect to someone outside my country and i’m not sure about does Oriflame work in USA, but anyway we have internet nowadays and also i hope you’ll find the information i gave you to be very iformative and very interesting. If you have questions about each and every level income or about anything else, please ask.
    Thank you

  184. says


    Let me start by saying that I think you guys are amazing! This is the missing piece when it comes to a new person joining a MLM company and building from the ground up. Sure we have our upline, but lets be honest. Not everyone has an upline that is willing to “really” help out, outside of providing a few tips here and there. So to answer your first question. Yes! Regardless of who you join, I absolutley think this is a great idea! As a matter of fact, when I become successful. I will be adopting this idea myself. Nothing more fulfilling than giving, and impacting other people’s lives in a positive way!

    To answer your second question, it would be an honor, not just a pleasure to have you become a part our team! I recently joined a health and wellness company called Kyani and we pride ourselves on being game changers in the MLM world!

    We have developed a business model, unlike any other! I am going to attach a link of this model for you guys to check out for yourselves and I am sure you will be pleased with it! However, the business model is not what made me buy into this company. It was the amazing, life changing products that did it. I witnessed what it did for others and I just had to get my hands on it!!! Only 3 products in total, short and simple. And we do not sell!!!! We show we truly care to improve health and wellness by giving the products away for free!!

    Much like your idea to join someone’s business as a major corporation and teach and train them to be successfull our goal as a company is to help change/save as many lives as we can. To me, thats what sets us apart. Sure the money is good, but it doesnt beat the fulfillment of having helped someone else succeed or saving someones life!

    If you have smartphones we also have a Team Fusion app you can download in either your App Store for Apple users or the Play Store for Android users. Select the guest side and you have the links to the company, model, products, lifestyle etc at your fingertips!

    Looking forward to hearing from you all!


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