1. Jim says

    Josh and Martin,

    This sounds great. I would like to get in better shape, and it sounds like a good opportunity. I will look at the links and be on your webinar on Tuesday. It sounds like you found a really good company.

  2. Patrick Logan says

    Josh: It seems you’ve taken all the “problems” we’ve had to address with other network marketing companies, and solved almost every one of them… including having the companies approval for marketing their product!

    And… after addressing these issues, you’re providing a complete marketing platform (including leads) so that even a beginner in this industry can compete with the “big boys”

    It seems the only thing I can loose… is those ‘extra pounds”! So the decision is a no-brainer. All I can say (besides you’ll be seeing less of me) is…

    Thank you
    Thank you
    Thank you


  3. admin says

    @ Jim,

    That sounds great sir! Check out the info, and we’ll look forward to seeing you on Tuesday!


    That was the whole goal – find the right opportunity that would let us remove the stumbling blocks and help people reach more success.

    I assume you’re saying “you in” – but if anything, I’ll be seeing more of you, right? :) If you’re going to be on our team, we’re going to be working together to make this thing happen!

  4. admin says


    Look forward to seeing you on Tuesday as well! Why don’t we work TOGETHER so that in 2012, you never have to say the words “I’m so poor”… ever again!

  5. Jonathan Buchannon says


    When can I join up? This looks wonderful. I am ready to make 2012 a great year. Everything in your video makes sense.

  6. Sally Brogan says

    Josh and Martin,

    Thank you for all of the research! We have loved working with you as affiliates and are so looking forward to working with you as business associates. It will be so fun and exciting watching our tools work and change people’s lives! We are in!!!

  7. Lloyd says

    Hey guys, Sally and I are ready to sign right now. Do we have to wait until Tuesday? We even have our teammates and most of our customers lined up.

  8. Lloyd says

    My teammates (who I obviously haven’t signed yet) already have teammates ready to sign, credit cards in hand. Turn us loose.

  9. Fazil Baksh says

    hey Josh,
    will i have to stop my current networking business for any reasons such as conflict of interest?
    i have already invested a lot of time and money in my current venture, can i do both simultaneously and then decide if to continue after 12 months?
    What is the start up cost?
    Do i need to buy the products first?

  10. admin says

    @ Sally, Thanks! We’ve really enjoyed working with you as an Affiliate, and look forward to working with you in this opportunity as well!

    @ Lloyd, Unfortunately, yes, you gotta wait until Tuesday :) Let everyone know that Tuesday is the big day, and we’ll get it done then! If it makes you feel any better, we’re just signing up on Monday!

    @ Fazil, great questions! We’ll be covering some of those on Tuesday’s webinar, but there shouldn’t be any conflict of interest – you could grow both businesses simultaneously.

    I believe all the details on cost and what’s included is in the overview vid –

    – With buying products first, you certainly can if you want, but it’s not mandatory :)

  11. Angela Thompson says

    Josh and Martin,

    It has indeed been a pleasure learning from you as a student and an Affiliate… Needless to say, it will once again be a pleasure working with you as a business associate. Actually, it’ll be more than that! Thank you so very much, once again. Can’t wait for the webinar on Tuesday! Most Sincerely, :-) Angela

  12. Lorraine Hansen says

    When it comes to health I like to see the science behind the product. Their website is all about joining the business — when I tried to look at the products there was a login page. Where can I find product information?? What is in these shakes??? – is it natural or all artificial??

  13. admin says

    @Angela, it will be great to work with you on this as well!

    @Lorraine, I agree with you 100%. I didn’t want to overwhelm anyone with too much info, but here’s some additional info that you can review:

    ViSalus Head of Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Michael Seidman MD FACS

    – Voted among top 1% of all doctors in America

    – Chairman of a multibillion dollar medical facility in Michigan

    – Consultant to the NFL, NHL, MLB and other professional sporting leagues

    – Funded by large institutions like the National Institutes of Health since 1981

    Watch: Dr. Michael Seidman –

    – Another Member of Scientific Advisory Board: Dr. Steven Witherly, Ph.D.

    Ph.D. in Human Nutrition, M.S. Food Science, B.S Nutrition & Dietetics

    – Was formally the Vice President of New Product Development for Herbalife International

    – Served as Director of R & D for Nutrilite Division of Amway Corporation.

    – Was Manager of Scientific Research for well known multibillion dollar international food company.

    – All product ingredients –

    – Product comparison to other companies –

    – There is a whole slew of other info available at as well.


  14. Chris Phillips says

    Josh and Martin,
    Thank you so much for making my decision to join the HBSA! I am very excited about this opportunity to grown this business together! Helping people lose weight and feel better is also the home business idea that I felt provided the best opportunity but I chose the wrong company. To have the chance to continue with my personal health goals while being involved with you is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you, and let’s get this party started!

  15. Dave says

    Josh and Martin, I am already in Visalus, how can you help with my downline? Great choice this company is going places. Thanks and Good luck.

  16. Curt Winters says

    Josh and Martin,
    This looks like a perfect situation for me. You have eliminated all my concerns and shortcomings and are giving me the opportunity I was looking for. The company looks great and thanks for all the info.Can’t wait for Tuesday and can’t wait to get started!

  17. Lynne Mongell says

    Joshua and Martin,
    I am in awe of the company the two of you have choosen. Listened to several of the videos. Can’t wait till Tuesday! Thanks for all the information you provided on ViSalus. I am thrilled and chomping on the bit to get going and healthy too!

  18. Steven S. says

    Although I am in a networking company, I was hearing a lot of excitement about this company – And now I am excited. I am looking forward to your conference call Tuesday night. I am making sure that my schedule is left open for the call. With your marketing and expertise, this can not fail – we can not fail, so let us build a successful future together.

  19. Suzan Wilson says

    Thanks to you two for doing such a wonderful thing paying it forward. You know that I have believed in Network Marketing for 30 years. Since Mastermind I knew this is what I needed to do and now I know I can do it. Of course what else is importand but health, spiritual, physical, and emotional which gives a person financial health. Can’t wait to research this weekend and can’t wait until Tuesday. Thanks from the bottom of my heart – until Tuesday:)

  20. Gina Deere says

    Martin and Joshua,
    Very impressive!! I’m pretty excited since health and wellness is my passion and I have some family members who need to shed some major lbs!! It sounds like a win, win. I can’t wait to dig into the material and attend the webinar. This truly is a dream come true for all of us :)

  21. Lynne Mongell says

    2nd comment-couldn’t sleep-very excited…Joshua and Martin, I would love to get started today! Is that possible?

  22. admin says

    Hey everyone, we’re very excited too! I know some of you are chomping at the bit to join, but we are joining on Monday, and we’ll be taking on partners starting Tuesday after the webinar. Just hang tight! It’ll be worth the wait :)

  23. Linda Bertram says

    Joshua and Martin,
    After watching both videos yesterday I could not sleep weighing the pros and cons. Today I am excited about this opportunity!
    I have been just spinning my wheels with the current mlm I am with. They are a good company, but have so many products that it is confusing. Plus I had a rough time choosing “the” product to market online.
    Visalus seems to be a home run and I cannot wait to join your downline!
    When I first came aboard with HBSA, I was a bit skeptical since I have been ripped off in the past. I have since learned that you are true to your word and I trust you.
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  24. admin says

    @Linda – thank you for your trust and confidence. Let’s work together on this opportunity and knock it out of the park!

  25. Morten says

    Dear Josh,

    Is Visalus operation in Denmark? I can’t seem to find information on that.

    Look forward to your answer. Thank you very much!!

  26. admin says

    Hi Morten,

    Right now, ViSalus is operational in the US and Canada, and are supposedly going to begin launching overseas this spring. However, our accounting firm is creating US corporations for overseas clients that want to sign up with ViSalus right away. We’ll be talking about that on the call on Tuesday!

  27. Aaron Sawyer says

    Just finished going through all the material and have to say I am pretty excited. I am definitely looking forward to the call on Tuesday.

  28. Alyson says

    Josh and Martin,
    I am already in Visalus and LOVE it!. I can’t wait to learn more about how you can help me grow this business. It is an exceptional company.

  29. Bee Petro says

    I wish I could, but I need to help myself and my team right now. Thanks for all you do and wish you all success!!!

  30. bec says

    this opportunity sounds amazing,im from australia,so the webinar is on during my work day here on wed 2pm to 3pm,which i am unable to do.I would however love to join your team.

  31. Patrick Brennan says

    Josh and Martin…Wow, looks like a great choice…I looked over ViSalus and I thought Herbalife was the gorilla and had that area of network marketing locked up, but ViSalus seems to have the formula for tremendous success. You should do well with this company…I’m in Herbalife…could I work this one as well??? Hmmm. I’m wondering….Tough to split my time but with your leadership maybe it would work out….


  32. Lynne Mongell says

    Hi Josh and Martin a question or two…Does ViSalus send out 1099 forms at year’s end? Will the Bimmer $ also be included in the 1099? Do I need to register a business name?

  33. Lynne Mongell says

    Another question…What is the 60 day holding period and stacking them up? If it is what I think it is…will it be possible to share or spread the people in my organization so each of them have people already in their organization. That would be great and give new people to success right away!

  34. Sheryl Turner says

    Good luck guys – ViSalus is a great company. I have friends with them, they love it! I rebuilt body & brain after a roll over car accident and Sarcoma cancer with my products. I lost 40#’s with Energizing Protein & Cinch (because of the Leucine) costs a little more, but it’s the only one that worked for me. Also, my income didn’t drop while I was in the hospital for 1 mo (6 days ICU) & 2 mos radiation, so I’ll settle for a dark green Benz instead of black. 😀 I know you’re gonna rock this!

  35. Robert Porter says

    Hello,Josh, Martin and all Network Marketers online,
    I am looking forward to Tuesday’s Webinar. Here are some questions I would like to get feedback on;
    (1) Are Auto ships considered sales for Tax Purposes?
    (2) What is my relationship to my downline as far as training is concerned as well retention? What type of training does Visalis provide New Distributers?
    (3) Mr. Barros, what if any was an aspect to the company that you did not necessarily like, but decided that you would “live with it,” in order to achieve you present success?

  36. Kay Kay says

    Patti took the words right out of my mouth!! I’m looking forward for 2012 being a great year spiritually, emotionally, physically and of course financially. I’m currently with a good mlm company but for some reason its just not grabbing me so the interest just isn’t there. In any event I will attend the webinar this evening and look forward to riding the wave!!

  37. @greyson says

    If we have not joined the Team @HBSA, will we be able to join in on this and still get all we need to be successful?

  38. Madeleine Moyse says

    Hi Josh,

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity. I would love to have support from my upline, it’s something I am not getting at the moment. You see my upline is very sceptical about the method I have chosen, i.e., marketing through the Internet.

    I am still working on making a success on my current business opportunity but would love to have a go at this one too. I know it will be hard work but I feel this is a great opportunity.

    My questions are:
    1) I live in England, will I get the same support as my counterparts in USA?
    2) Will I get your support as soon as join your downline or do I have to wait until after the 90 day challenge is over.

    I can’t wait to see the recording of the webminar.

    Many thanks


  39. Nigel says

    hey josh I would like to join your team, cause lets face it , this is what you guys do, So I hope that by joining you, I will finally experiance the success

  40. Bill johnson says

    greetings I have never been involved in online marketing not directly involved anyway I do work on a Enagic marketing team
    as a distributorales but I I have not sold many machines please advise enagic distributor number 7216 000 william (bills) johnson

  41. Ivanildo says

    Guys! Would this opportunity also work for someone living in The Netherlands. Meaning can we consume the products here? And market to our Dutch and Belgium markets?

  42. admin says


    Right now, you’d have to have a US shipping/billing address to use to get signed up. They are planning on moving outside North America this year!

  43. d.bennett says

    do your products have organically based ingredients. could you tell me what is in the products? do you have meal plans? thanks

  44. Richard & Gloria Casho says

    This sounds great, we are reading through the testiminoles, they are coming up from december. Does this live web cam happen every tuesday. And if so then count us in, just let us know through email what time its on here in chicago, central time. thank you Richard & Gloria Casho


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