Thanksgiving: The Cure For UN-Gratefullness, And Real Reasons For Gratitude


Thanksgiving is the time of year where we can sit back and take a moment to reflect on all that we have to be grateful for in our lives. It’s been a remarkable year here at HBSA, and before we even start, I want to let you  know that I’m grateful that you can even read this! Seriously, you likely haven’t met me, and we live in a day and age where I can share my thoughts and perspectives with you online, and you can do the same with me.  I know it may seem just “normal” now, but the opportunity to share and connect with people all over the world, instantly, with very little cost, is a new development in the history of the world. I don’t take it for granted – thank you Al Gore for inventing the Internet!  :)

Why Should We Be Grateful?

I get it – you want more.

More money. More time. More health. More love.

We all want more.  Being motivated, raising our standards, and demanding more from ourselves is a good thing – I think it brings out the best in people, so long as they temper that desire with gratitude. It’s when the desire for more clouds out our perspective and gratitude for what we already have – that’s when we get into trouble.

Wanting more – wanting progress – is how we are wired. Some people feel guilty or negative about such feelings, but I truly think that the core desire of PURSUIT is something that the human spirit needs. If we just “settle”, if we just accept “good enough” – well, we see people who do that, and they’re not the happiest of people.

We want progress. I think you deserve it, but where we lose the spirit of gratitude is when we lose perspective of what progress really is.

First, let’s talk about what it really ISN’T.

Progress is not getting whatever you want, whenever you want it, on-demand.

Progress is not having a totally predictable world that prevents uncertainty, setbacks, or challenges from appearing in your life.

Progress is not getting what you want and getting it EXACTLY as you thought you would get it.

Intellectually, we all know this. We train our children to not be selfish brats who throw tantrums whenever they don’t get whatever they want whenever they want it. But then, many people attempt to engineer their adult-lives around getting exactly what they want, whenever they want it, and when they don’t they throw a tantrum! What gives?

The Key To Progress

The key to progress is to DEFINE IT.  Progress is about getting better. Improvement. You’ll make the most improvement, do your best work, and experience your biggest breakthroughs when we can move from a motivation of selfishness to a motivation of giving and gratitude.

What do you spend the majority of your time focusing on? Does it involve:

- Thinking about how life isn’t rewarding you properly?

- Envy over those who have what you want?

- Frustration that circumstances aren’t lining up as you planned?

When we focus on these thoughts, how does it make us feel?

Angry. Frustrated. Depressed. Anxious. Etc etc etc.

And when we feel those things, are we able to do our best work? Are we able to help and empower others? Can we be creative, and solve the problems we’re facing? Can we move forward with courage, charging towards our goals and vision?

No, we can’t. But what we can do is find a scapegoat – someone to blame.  We can blame our friends, our family, our parents, our boss, our upline, our downline, our teachers, our mailman, or any number of other people. 

We reap what we sow, and when we sow the seeds of thought that focus on LACK, that focus on UNGRATEFULNESS, that focus on FEAR, then that’s exactly what we reap.

How To Make The Switch

I’m not preaching at you here – I’ve learned every bit of this through personal experience. I’ve also had to learn how to make the same switch you might be trying to make.  Here’s how I do it:


Simple. Easy. And amazingly effective.

I ask myself questions like:

- Who am I grateful for right now in my life? What would life look like without them?

- What am I grateful for in my life right now? Why? How does that make me feel?

- What am I really committed to in my life right now? Why is that?  If I maintain my commitment, what will life look like in 5 years from now?

- What am I excited about in my life right now? What’s so exciting about that?

- How am I growing right now? In what ways am I becoming stronger? Smarter? More centered and focused?

- When I reach the goals that I have, who will that benefit besides myself? What will they think?

- What kind of story am I writing in my life? If I think of my life as a book, what part of the story am I in? At the beginning, where the stage is being set? In the middle, where the hero is discouraged and thinking of throwing in the towel? If I were standing outside my life, what would I encourage the hero (me) to do right now? How would I like to see the hero of the story react to _____________? (Insert whatever challenge is in front of you now)

- In twenty years, what kind of person do I want to be, and what decisions can I make TODAY that will help me to become that person?

When I ask these questions, I feel something happen, and it wasn’t until this year that I was able to identify it…

The Foundation Of Gratitude

The foundation of gratitude is patience.

Patience is a skill, and it wasn’t until this year that I realize how truly critical it was to success. Being patient, being consistent – that’s the foundation of gratitude. You can’t build gratitude on top of impatience. When we are impatient, we’ll do all sorts of things we normally wouldn’t.

Just think about what people do in traffic. “Unexpected delay” is like the worst message we could ever get while driving. And go back just 100 years and people were using a horse and buggy to get around! How much faster and convenient we have it, and yet how easy it is to take it for granted, become impatient, lose our gratitude, and make decisions that we regret later.

Build a foundation of patience. It will help your success immensely, and also help you to ENJOY the process of success!

Lean Into It

If there is one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s this:


Meaning, the results we experience happen because of thoughts and feeling we focus on. 

And if our results are less than desirable, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. And it doesn’t mean you’re not making progress.  If we mine gold out of the ground, it must go through a refining process to remove the purities. In other words, if what we want is pure gold, it must be purified.

The way gold is refined in your life though challenges – the things in your life that push you, that challenge you, that cause you to grow. Imagine trying to refine gold, but the dang gold didn’t want to be refined.

“No thanks, I think I’ll sit this one out, found something good on TV!” says the gold to us.  Unbelievable! If our gold said that to you, what would you do? Probably throw the gold in the smelter, right?  And yet, I see so many entrepreneurs having this exact reaction to challenges, setbacks, and problems in their lives.

Let me encourage you – when you have a challenge, lean into it. See it as a refining opportunity. View it as a gift, something that’s there to make you bigger, stronger, and more capable. Something to make your life as pretty as newly-minted gold.

What Am I Grateful For?

I’m grateful for life. Just to have the opportunity to wake up every day, and do something I love. It’s a huge blessing.

I’m so grateful for my family. My wife, my children, my parents, my friends (I consider them family). They’re wonderful. They’re not perfect, but they’re wonderful.

I’m grateful for a country that I can live in and love. It’s far from perfect. Tons of opportunities for improvements. But I’m grateful for what we have as a nation.

I’m grateful for you. No really – I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for all our clients, partners, affiliates, and staffers who make HBSA what it is.

I’m grateful for our industry. Again, plenty of room for improvement, but grateful for what we have.

I’m grateful for people who take the time to say “thank you”. They give us all the energy to carry on.

I’m grateful for the people who fuss and complain. Without them, we couldn’t improve (critical feedback is necessary).

I’m grateful for weird neighbors. Yes, my neighbors are very weird, and I may need to move some day, but I’m still grateful for them.

I’m grateful for clean air. You know how much life would suck if you had to breath in crappy air all the time? It would be lame – very lame.

And of course, I’m grateful for turkey and pumpkin pie :)

Take a few minutes to write out – YES, write it out! – what you are grateful for this year.

What are the challenges, setbacks, and PROBLEMS that you experienced that made you grow? How did it make you grow?

What were the victories? The things you’re really proud of?

Who stuck with you this year? Who was there as an encouragement, and a support?

What new relationships did you develop this year, and how have they helped you?

Or, if you’d prefer to just write them in the comments below, I’d love to read them!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving

MLM Marketing Secret – One Simple Trick To Build A Remarkable Team

MLM Marketing – The Truth

I‘d like to meet the person who managed to sell MLM professionals on the concept of “easy”. 

MLM marketing is like any other type of marketing.  It’s challenging, competitive, and anything BUT easy.

Successful MLM marketing takes know-how, intelligence, and planning. 

At HBSA, I’m sure you can imagine the amount of questions that we get on a daily basis.  We work with professionals in all sorts of different companies, different opportunities, different backgrounds, and different skillsets.

One thing is for sure – the guy/gal that sold this concept of “easy” to our industry was pretty successful.  We hear questions every day that reflect it.

“Is it easy to build a downline?”

“Is It easy to build my team?”

“Is it easier to grow X type of business or Y type of business?”

“Why isn’t this easier? Everybody needs X type of product in their home / life”

“I want my life to be easier, this business takes a lot of work”

Etc. Etc. Etc.

I get it.  We all want easy.  We’re fans of easy. Most of mankind thinks that an easy life is the best kind of life.  No worries. No responsibilities. No headaches.  Just wake up when you want, eat what you want, and coast thru the day on a big cloud of eeeeassssssyyyyyyyy…

If I meet the dude that sold this concept to the MLM industry, I’d punch him in the throat!

The reason is because this idea of “easy” has caused more damage, ruined more dreams, and disappointed more families than just about any other bad idea in this industry (likely, more destructive than all the other bad ideas combined)

Your upline or sponsor may not have informed you, but the truth is that business ain’t easy.  No kind of business is easy, success in any endeavor takes concentrated effort, and the desire for easy is not your friend, but your enemy!

MLM Marketing Made Easy?

Some people say that there are no stupid questions.  The same guy that invented that phrase is prolly the same guy that sold the MLM industry on the concept of easy money.

That guy was wrong.  There are indeed stupid questions – terrible questions, and these questions yield terrible answers.  Here’s an example of some such questions:

“Why can I never succeed?”  (You can if you change your approach and take massive focused action)

“Why has God doomed me to perpetual failure?”  (He hasn’t – a challenge in your life does not mean rejection from God)

“How does person X make success look so easy?” (Don’t look at the results – look at the price person X paid to get the skillset to achieve the results. Chances are you’ll find many things other than “easy success” behind them)

And another equally bad question is “what’s the easiest way to succeed in network marketing?”

They mindset of the person asking that question reveals what that person is focusing on – and unfortunately, it’s on easy.  If you are committed to easy, it’s going to be difficult to achieve much of anything in life.  And the reason is because LIFE wasn’t designed to be easy. 

Life – YOUR life – was designed to make you strongerbettersmarter – and more capable.  It was designed to give you an opportunity to grow, to serve, to become bigger than the petty inconveniences and day to day challenges that we all face. 

Life is your tapestry – the blank slate that you get to paint on.  It’s certainly easy to not paint anything, but that doesn’t make a very remarkable work of art. 

It’s easier to just set the brush down and eat some chips. Take a nap. Have a beer (or three).  But then the picture doesn’t get painted, and the time that we have (the greatest gift in our lives) is wasted on pursuing petty comfort, rather than painting a remarkable picture.

What Does This Have To Do With MLM Marketing?


Because if you’re committed to creating an amazing work of art, you don’t ask questions like “what’s the easiest way to paint?”  You ask questions like

“what skills do I need to create the most AMAZING work of art?” 

“What abilities do I need to create a piece of art that will impact and inspire others in the future?” 

“What could I paint that would help my children and family long after I’m gone, to give them a sense of what my life was about, and in turn help them when they are struggling to create a great story for their own lives?”

In any endeavor, there are a finite number of skills that will lead to success. 
In the network marketing industry, those skills are:

- Lead Generation (being able to generate the best possible leads for you and your team – and this goes well beyond chasing friends and family)

- Prospecting Mastery (being able to sort, and help others sort, the targeted prospects from the suspects)

- Presenting (being able to build value around a solution for your  market)

- Closing (inspiring others to do business with you)

- Training (becoming a good teacher to pass along these skills to your team)

- Leadership (because all people have challenges, and you’ll need to help others overcome their own challenges/fears of success)

- Positioning (the subtle communication that lets your market know who you are, what you’re about, and what you represent)

That’s MLM marketing in a nutshell.  So the best types of questions you could ask are:

“How do I get these skills?”

“Who are the BEST people to learn these skills from?”

“Who is someone that I know has mastered these skills, that I could model for my own business?”

“Is this worth the effort? Will this opportunity last?”

Those types of questions lead you to actions that generate success!

How Can HBSA Help With MY MLM Marketing?

HBSA has had the pleasure of working with and assisting over 150,000 entrepreneurs over the past few years.  From our free newsletters to our coaching programs and everything in between, our goal is to help you master the skills of:

- Lead Generation

- Prospecting/Closing/Presenting

- Leadership/Mentorship

That’s what we do! And we use what we do every single day.  Meaning, this stuff isn’t theory – it’s the same skills that drive our own businesses day in, and day out without fail.

If you’d like to see how we can help you, just register for our free webinar.  We’ll show you how we use a very different MLM marketing strategy to achieve fantastic results for businesses and teams all over the world.

Here’s your link:

>>MLM Marketing Webinar<<




Four Simple Steps To Generate As Many Leads As You Need For Your Business

The Problem

The Number one problem facing most networkers and home-based business owners is leads.  Having a consistent supply of fresh, targeted, responsive, leads is the first step to growing a business, and too many networkers never really overcome this hurdle to grow their teams.

With the Internet, getting leads should NEVER be a problem for you.  There are options-galore for getting good leads, and you’ll learn how to make it happen in this post.


Step 1 –  Targeted Market

The biggest key to success in generating leads is knowing WHO you are trying to target.  Understanding what your prospect wants is the biggest key to success in a lead generation campaign.  Many times, a marketer will just skip over the boring “targeting stuff” to get to the exciting things – getting their website going, or driving traffic.  This mindset will nearly guarantee failure.

The key to getting great leads it to make people a great offer.  The key to a great offer is understanding what your market wants.  We use several tools (such as the Amazon index, the Google Keyword Tool, Twitter feeds, etc) to pinpoint exactly what our market is after.  This is MUST-HAVE info if we are to create a great offer that gets people engaged and interested in what we have. 

Think about it…

To someone who is wanting a new car, then a great offer would relevant to getting a new car.

To someone who is hungry for dinner, a great offer would be relevant to getting a good dinner.

What does eating dinner and buying a new car have in common?  NOTHING. Therefore, how much sense would it make to offer a new car deal to someone hungry for dinner, or a dinner special to someone wanting a new car?

It would make no sense at all!  Yet that is exactly what many networkers do when they do their marketing.  They’ll put a business opportunity offer in front of people looking for a job, or an antiaging offer in front of people looking to lose weight. 

When we know exactly what our market wants, we can stop trying to be clever, and just give it to them.  Makes thing much more simple (and profitable).


Step 2 – Targeted Offer

This is where the power of copywriting comes in….

Writing copy that gets prospects taking action is one of the most profitable skillsets you will ever develop.  Using the right words, in the right sequence, can get hundreds or thousands of interested visitors per day visiting your website.

What exactly do we mean by building an offer?  What you are trying to do is generate a targeted lead – meaning, get a lead that visits your site to sit up, pay attention, and reach out to you for more information.  You are not trying to SELL your lead anything at this point, other than selling them on why they should reach out for more information.  In this stage of the process, you are just getting to know your prospect, and your prospect is getting to know you.  Therefore, you should make it an easy offer to say YES to. 

Examples of this include:

  • Free webinars
  • Free teleseminars
  • Free reports
  • Free video series

These types of offers convert very well. Your prospect gets to dip their toe in the water, and evaluate whether or not you can assist them with their problem, and you in return get a highly targeted lead.

For example, if you were in the diet and weight-loss market, and you offered a free report on how someone could lose 12 pounds in 12 days, that is a highly-desirable offer to the kind of prospect that wants to lose weight.  It makes a big promise, it’s low risk, and it fulfills the NOW factor (wanting a result quickly).

Where can you easily build an offer like this?  Well, all HBSA students get a proprietary tool that makes building an offer like this a breeze, but if you’re not an HBSA student we suggest you do so on Weebly.  We actually use Weebly as the backbone of many of our sites, but we have an additional tool that is only for students to be able to make it even easier.

We also use tools like Sitepal to incorporate video into our sites.  Video works very well on engaging your visitors, and you can TELL your visitor about your offer, versus making them have to read all about it. It’s more personal, more convenient, and it has always helped with getting more people engaged and registering for more information. 


Step 3 – Targeted Traffic

Traffic is really the fuel that drives a lead generation campaign.  You can have laser-targeting on your profiles, you can have a great offer on your site, but if you don’t have interested visitors going to the site, it’s not going to do anything.

In the scheme of things, we divide traffic into two categories – free and paid traffic.  This isn’t 100% accurate as there really isn’t any “free” traffic available, as to get free traffic you pay for it with your time and energy.  Free traffic will cost you time and energy, paid traffic will cost you money.  That’s just how it is – anyone who says differently isn’t giving you the whole story.

We use both types of traffic, and we recommend you do too, as both work, and both grow a business.  It just depends on your immediate budget, and how quickly you’re looking to get your business going.

For paid traffic, you can use Search PPC, social media PPC, media buys, contextual traffic, and paid email marketing.  These are consistently the best performers for paid traffic.

For free traffic, you can use article marketing, SEO, video marketing, social media marketing, press releases, forum marketing, give-aways, blogging/guest blogging, etc.  These have been proven to be the best types of promotion methods for free traffic.

The goal for paid marketing is to be able to generate leads for $3-$6 per lead (depending on your niche and competition).  You can get better prices of course (we use a contextual source to generate $0.32 leads for a marriage-help offer), but most businesses can grow on those lead prices.

The goal for free marketing is to get a set number of leads per day, consistently.  So the way to win this game is to simply produce enough “lead magnets” that it pulls the targeted number of leads you are after. 

One of the biggest mistake that networkers make is thinking they have to use ALL the above traffic strategies to get results.  You definitely do not have to do that – any one of those traffic sources can give you as many leads as you need.  The key is not to pursue all of those traffic sources, but to pick one (maybe two at the most) and master them. 

The key to success with any of those sources is keywords.  Keywords drive the internet, online content, and it will drive your lead generation campaign as well.

Where do you get good keywords?  We use the Google External keyword tool.  We use this free tool to find all the targeted keywords we need (or if we doing contextual traffic, we use it to find the targets we’ll need).  Keywords are search terms – the searches people are performing every day.  Someone performing a facebook search for “bodybuilding” is looking for bodybuilding groups, fan pages, and communities to plug into.  Someone performing a search on Amazon for “organic baby food” is looking for organic goods for their child.  Simple stuff, right?  It is, but marketers tend to get distracted and too creative in their marketing efforts.

The heart of a good lead generation campaign is Keywords, which drive ads/lead magnets, which drive website visitors, which drive leads thru the site.  So it looks like this:


The only other component of this is next step…


Step 4 – Targeted Followup

This is what happens AFTER a lead opts into your website.  Now that someone has engaged you, you want to follow up with this lead, and convert them into a partner or customer in your business.

We highly suggest you do this with the phone, as there is simply no better way to quickly build rapport with someone who has registered on your site. However, you also want to do AUTOMATED followup via email. This will leverage your time, and help ensure you get the absolute most out of your leads when they are coming in the door.

You can easily do this with services like  It’s easy to use, and it automatically sends out per-written email followups that you design that get your prospect engaging with you, even if you doing other things.  These types of systems can send dozens or hundreds of emails over the course of time, so that you are always adding value to your prospects and building a relationship with them even if you never reach them on the phone. 


Our Offer To You

If you have never put together your own lead generation system, it can be a daunting task! We developed a free full training to help you make it happen. 

To register, all you need to do is email us right now at

In your email, include the following items: 

1. Your Full Name 

2. Best phone number and time to call 

3. The company or business you are marketing

4. The goals for your business and your lead generation 

5. Any challenges or setbacks you’ve encountered along the way. 

And we’ll get back with you ASAP to help you put the pieces together.  We are looking for some key people to work with and help them take their lead generation to the next level! If you’d like to make it happen, let’s start moving NOW.


The Three Keys To Grow Your Team

The Keys To Success

One network marketer gets started in a business, goes after it with all their might, struggles, gets frustrated, and eventually quits.

Another networker gets started in the same business, goes after it with all their might, and succeeds like crazy.

Why does one struggle and one succeed?

Why does one achieve their dreams, while the other fails and flails?

There are three keys to growing any team. You can have someone working REALLY hard, who is spending a lot of time working their business, but if they aren’t focusing on these three keys their business will suffer, sputter, and ultimately fail.

Here they are:


Key #1 – Lead Generation Systems

It’s a given that every networker needs a steady stream of qualified, interested leads that they can market to. If they don’t have good leads, nothing else is going to happen.  Most networkers try to go after their friends and family as “leads”, and this ultimately leads to stagnation in their team.  The reason is clear – there are only so many friends and family members to go around, and continuing to chase them after they have given you an answer is usually a waste of time and energy.

If you don’t have a lead generation system that is bringing you qualified, interested leads, it will be hard to ever get any traction with your business.


Key #2 – Sorting Systems

Rejection is one of the biggest problems in this industry. Many networkers spend a tremendous amount of time with a prospect without bothering to qualify them.  They then take it personally when a prospect says NO and decides not to join their business.

You can definitely “pound the ground” and grow a business this way, but it takes a heavy emotional toll on the networker.  It’s tough to face rejection after rejection, day after day.  This is why we HIGHLY suggest you implement systems that take much of the pain and rejection out of the process.  Systems that sort the curious from the serious, so that you spend your time with people who are actually qualified and eager to work with your type of opportunity.  These types of systems set you up for long-term success, and protect you from getting burned out and frustrated with the very prospects you’re trying to help!


Key #3 – Duplication Systems

The whole goal of network marketing is leverage – leveraging time, leveraging capital, leveraging the efforts of others.  If you don’t have a good Duplication System in place, you’ll just replace your downline every month or two.  Your team will stagnate, growth will halt, and you’ll start to feel like  you have a JOB rather than a business.

Most networking companies offer their duplication system, which basically just boils down to chasing friends and family.  That’s an easy thing to do, at least for a while.  And that’s part of the problem – a duplication system doesn’t have to be easy to work.

This flies in the face of much of the oft repeated mantra that a system must be easy duplicate, otherwise people won’t do it.

That’s not true.

LAZY PEOPLE require a system that’s pitched as “easy”, or they won’t do it.  They want success handed to them on a silver platter, with a side of fries and a chocolate shake.

SERIOUS business builders just need to see a system that works.  They understand that success is earned, and they’re willing to earn it.

Growing a business is never easy.  Much of the shenanigans in this industry goes back to the original promise that a distributor is given upon enrollment into an opportunity.  Many distributors are told that growing their business will be a piece of cake, that they don’t need to learn anything or really even do anything…except sign up.

This is just not the case.

Success takes work.  Anyone who tells you different, likely has never experienced success.


The Question That Matters

So now to the question that matters – do you have these systems in place in your business?

If not – what’s your plan to get them there? 

Our Offer To You

If you’d like a hand in putting these systems together for your business, then register for one of our free webinar trainings where we go through the process, step-by-step, of putting these systems together. 

You can register here for free: 

HBSA Training Webinar 

This is the real deal – the formula we use, again and again, to generate success and profit in this industry. 

Make sure to get your seat now! 

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If you would like some information on how we can work with you personally, then we can do that too.  We take on a select few networkers every week, and help them build the systems and processes to put together a six figure plus income with their business.

If you’d like us to give you a call and see what we can do for you, send us an email to

In this email, please include 5 pieces of information:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Phone Number
  3. The Company You Are Promoting
  4. The Challenges Holding You Back In Your Business
  5. The Goals You Have For Your Business

And we’ll get back to you ASAP.

How Bad Do You Want Success?

How Bad Do You Want Success?

Have you ever met anyone who said they DID NOT want to be successful?

Have you ever met anyone who said they wanted to completely fail to reach their dreams and goals?

Everyone SAYS they want to be successful…so why isn’t everyone successful?

We all know the answer – it doesn’t matter what a person SAYS – it matters what they DO.  Action = results.


All Bark, No Bite

We’ve all heard the saying “all bark, no bit”.  “All sizzle, no steak”.  “All wax, no wick”.  “All foam, no beer”.

It all means the same thing.  There are many more talkers than there are doers in the world.  It was even noted in the Good book – “The harvest is great, but the workers are few”.

We can blame things like the economy, personal challenges, physical limitations, outside responsibilities or events…and even though those things might all be TRUE, they are not the determining factor in your success or failure.

That determining factor is YOU – your creativity, your persistence, your motivation, your action.

It doesn’t mean that other people can’t help you (they can).  It doesn’t mean that you won’t experience setbacks (you will).  It doesn’t mean that there aren’t times when you won’t be tempted to compromise your goal – be tempted to lower your goal, expect less out of life, lower your standard.  Because you will be tempted to do all those things, many times.

What it means is that you’re willing to pay the price of success.

It means you are willing to get fully ENGAGED and focused on your goals, and take massive, focused ACTION to reach them.  Period.


Massive Focused Action – Defined

What does massive focused action mean?  Here is a list of the things that DON’T QUALIFY as massive focused action:

  • Writing blog posts (just like this one :)
  • Updating your Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn whatever
  • Doing “research” online
  • Doing training (watching training materials, listening to training, etc)
  • Clearing out email
  • Playing games online
  • Searching for your dream car on Ebay
  • Updating Facebook
  • Picking out your dream home
  • Building dream boards
  • Doing focused meditation and practicing law of attraction-type visualizing
  • Attending motivational calls from our company/leadership
  • Attending company-sponsored events
  • Have I mentioned updating Facebook?…

The truth is that many networkers spend their limited time, every day, focusing on these activities and wonder why their business isn’t growing. 

The answer is simple: these things do not qualify as taking massive, focused action.

I’m not criticizing these activities.  Some of them are fun, some are even necessary.  Doing taxes is necessary…but doing taxes isn’t taking massive, focused action to grow your business.  Neither is updating your Facebook status, or any of the other things mentioned above.  It’s similar to taking a shower: showers are necessary, but they don’t count in taking massive focused action towards reaching your health and fitness goals.  It’s expected, a given that if you want to be healthy, a shower each day is a part of the deal.

Network marketing is no different.

What are the activities that count in taking massive, focused action to reach your goals?

In network marketing, you are paid to NETWORK, and to MARKET.  Therefore, activities that build your network, or build your marketing, are considered taking massive focused action. 

Examples include:

  • Sourcing leads
  • Driving targeted visitors to your websites
  • Following up with leads
  • Building your personal brand
  • Producing materials that increase lead-flow
  • Prospecting
  • Presenting to potential partners
  • Closing transactions
  • Following up with potential clients
  • Helping/Training others to do all the above

That’s it.


Fill The Pipeline, Reap The Rewards

If the end result of an activity doesn’t build your marketing pipeline, or support your ability to prospect, present, or enroll more people into your business, then the activity simply isn’t going to give you a direct ROI. And if it doesn’t do that, then it’s not taking massive, focused action to grow your business.

This may sound a little dogmatic, but there seems to be a lot of confusion about the subject.  Many networkers are struggling to figure out WHAT they should do, and HOW they should prioritize the time they have each day to support their goals.  Some go for years spinning their wheels, making no progress, all because nobody ever sat down with them and explained how they prioritize the many activities available for them to grow their business.

So here’s how you do it:

Spend 80% of your time in activities that DIRECTLY increase your lead flow, your prospecting, and your enrolling opportunities.  Again, this can be building autoresponder series, sourcing lead partners, building your own lead generation systems, building and using high-power prospecting/closing scripts, and putting the math of marketing in your favor.

Spend 20% of your time in activities that are NECESSARY, BUT DO NOT directly increase lead flow, your prospecting, and your enrolling opportunities.

That’s it. 


Your Most Valuable Asset (HINT: It’s Not Money)

Time is the great equalizer.  Everyone gets 24 hours in a day.  From the most successful, accomplished entrepreneurs to the hobby-business underachievers, we all get the same amount of time.  The only question is – how do we use it? 

Time is the currency of life, and your most valuable asset. We can always make more money, but we can never get any more time.  Every second, every moment, is a choice, an investment into your future moments.  Choose wisely.

What Do You Want More?

Many people want to be COMFORTABLE more than they want SUCCESS

If you want to be successful, you’ll need to sacrifice many things to get it.

Some people value SLEEP more than SUCCESS. But if you want to be successful, you will (guaranteed) have to skip out on some sleep.

Some people value FOOD more than SUCCESS.  Sometimes, you’ll have to skip meals to focus on becoming successful.

Some people value ACCEPTANCE more than SUCCESS.  Sometimes, you’ll have to risk and face rejection to become successful.

Some people want APPROVAL more than SUCCESS.  If you’re doing anything at all worthwhile, then not everyone will approve of what you’re doing.

Some people value PEACE and TRANQUILITY more than SUCCESS.  But there will be times when you will have to fight for your success.

Some people value their LEISURE TIME more than SUCCESS. But if you want to be massively successful, you’ll have to skip out on time in front of the TV, or fishing, or whatever.

Some people value their SECURITY more than SUCCESS.  But everyone who is successful has had to deal with risk.  Risk of loss, risk of failure, risk of losing money. No risk, no reward. 

I’ve made a ton of money, and along the way I’ve lost money too.  I’ve lost more money than some people earn in 10 years of working.  And I can tell you that fear of loss is far more painful than actual loss.  There is no such thing as security, beyond your personal skillset. So don’t play the game to “not lose”, play to win.

Some people value COMFORT more than SUCCESS.  But everyone who is successful has had to step outside of their comfort zones, and many entrepreneurs stayed there, because they learned that the secret to dramatic, lightening-like growth is to stay far outside your comfort zone, to continually challenge yourself and raise the bar.

Some people value their EGO more than SUCCESS. They refuse to listen to those who have been down the road, and want to do it “their way”.

Some people value their LIMITATIONS more than SUCCESS.  They commit to their story of how they have some per-disposition to failure, which they think removes the responsibility of their success and puts it on to someone/something else.

And then, some people value SUCCESS more than all those other things. 

The are willing to make short-term sacrifices for long-term gains.  They put their prioritize their time to invest in the activities that are going to yield the greatest results.  The REFUSE to be deterred when they have a bad week, bad month, or even a bad year.  They KNOW that they’re going to finish the race, that they’re going to get what they want, and that they will happily pay the price to get it.

They understand that there is nothing life can throw them that will dissuade them from perusing their goal.  They understand that any setback is temporary, and it’s just a matter of time before they achieve their dreams.

They have a HUGE “why” that is bigger than money, or security, or ego.

The have a WHY that is bigger than food, sleep, or the approval of others.

They have a WHY that will never lower it’s standards, that will never yield to any obstacle or challenge.

They have a WHY that will not negotiate, that will not settle, that cannot be compromised.

They have a fire in their soul that will not be quenched by a short-term victory, or a short-term defeat.

How bad do you want success?


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