Weebly Review: Is Weebly A Scam?

Weebly is an up-and-coming website-building platform.  I’ve heard mixed reviews, and so I wanted to put out a list of the pro’s and con’s of this particular platform so that you have a good idea of what you’re getting.

Here’s a video showing a back-office tour of Weebly:

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Weebly Overview

Back in the olden-days, you had to know html, css, and have a host of other technical skills in order to create a website.  However, that’s all changing.  The growing popularity of “drag and drop” solutions has touched multiple industries, and now Weebly is bringing it to the world of web development.

They are the first to create a drag and drop interface for building websites that is really simple, and easy to use.  For a newer company, they have integrated some really intelligent features that are important to note.

Drag And Drop Interface

Weebly does it up right with an interface that is truly simple to use.  In fact, it’s so simple even a child could put out something that looks professionally designed.  You just click on an element, drag it into your site, and start using it.  Easy.

Free Hosting (With No Advertising!)

Some hosting providers will give away hosting for free, but stuff tons of ads on your page.   Pretty lame, in our humble opinions.  But Weebly doesn’t do that – in fact, they allow YOU to put Adsense ads on YOUR site, so that you can monetize it and make money off the traffic that gets to your website.  This is a huge advantage when building a website, as they have eliminated one of the expenses of overhead for website creation.

Professional Templates (Plus The Ability To Customize Your Own)

Not sure how to create a sharp looking website?  No worries – you can borrow one of their 70 professionally-designed templates to use, and still customize every word on the site to reflect exactly what you want to say.

Audio/Video/ Blog Integrated

You can upgrade to a pro account, and integrate audio or video clips on to your website.  Even the free accounts allow you to utilize the power of a blog on your site at no additional expense.  You have full moderation controls to keep comments in check, or allow open /closed commenting.  It’s totally up to you.

Use Your Own Domain

If you already have a domain, you can still host on Weebly for free.  You can also purchase domains through them for very reasonable rates, but the fact that they will let you use their platform, use their hosting…all for free…it’s pretty amazing.

Webmaster Tools

They have a suite of webmaster tools included to allow you to properly track and SEO the pages on your website.  Again, no real technical expertise is needed to leverage these tools – they’re all “point/click”.


Add pictures, create online yearbooks, customize favicons…you can do all this and more without website design knowledge.  Drag, drop, and done.

We have a lot that we like about Weebly, but there is one thing that we don’t like about it.  If you opt for the “freebie” version, they put a footer link on the very bottom of your page that says “create a free website with Weebly”.  Honestly, we can understand why – they are giving so much away for free, that we can forgive this one small blip.  They are a company that needs to make money to provide good service, so that one small bit of promotion is OK with us :)


Is Weebly A Scam?!?

Unfortunately, some skeptics have chosen to take the low road, and assert that Weebly couldn’t POSSIBLY give away all the great services that they do for free.  While they do have paid options and paid services, they certainly aren’t scammy about it.  They give away a superior product to what many web developers could produce, at a cost that is remarkable.

So while there is no free lunch, this is pretty darn close :)

You can check it out, and see that while others may charge thousands (or tens of thousands) for an inferior solution, Weebly is keepin’ it real and givin’ it away for free (that’s right, FREE son).

If you’d like to get more information, you can visit their website:  Weebly.com.

If you have experience with Weebly, please share below!



  1. says

    I think that Weebly looks amazing and was quite excited to try building a website with it when Terapad stopped loading the WYSIWYG editor on my Macs. However, I’ve only had problems with it since starting using it. If I try to edit my site such as increasing the font size within one of my paragraph and picture elements, the font size doesn’t change and then the whole site seems to freeze up. When I try reloading weebly.com to get back into it, the site won’t load in any of my browsers even after clearing the cache. I find this so frustrating as it is a site I love the look and feel of but I am finding it so temperamental.

  2. ani says

    Its a really very useful annd informative article. its a very good description about upcominng website weebly.com. i thing it will be really fantastic.. thanks for this article…

  3. Samanta says

    Good article to read about Weebly, the weebly webtools seems to be great functions the drag and drop function is a simple userfriendly interface.Customer likes to use this type of Latest UI development to perform their website design.And simultaneously we can use Adsense according to our wish in our website which makes Better SEO Traffic, some features are free in weebly also.The lastest aspect are amazing in weebly.Enjoyed going through you article and learned the current advancements in weebly,Thank you for sharing a very informative concept article.

  4. P Madhavan` says

    Very useful article. In my point of view weebly doesn’t seems to be a scam. Anyway, the information provided by you is very useful. Keep posting such useful articles.

  5. raji says

    The blog has listed the pros and cons of weeby. Weeby is a user friendly interface for creating website by drag and drop facility. I have not used weeby to design my website but after reading this article i think i can use weeby. Interesting article.

  6. Brajesh says

    Dear blogger,

    I like your blog about the weeby scam and free hosting.
    you provide me very good material after reading this I’ll be alert for next occasion.

  7. vikash says

    well a good review about the website building stating all the necessary information needed for the platform. Nothing to be scolded and i like it.

  8. Aditya Sharma says

    Was this article a promotion or review.This article has listed about the various features of the weebly and only few lines about scam.Also i wanted to know then how does WEEBLY earns ?????????

  9. Carol says

    they allow YOU to put Adsense ads on YOUR site, so that you can monetize it and make money off the traffic that gets to your website
    > too good to be true,
    but yeah will check this out.

  10. Lathea says

    Well, going by your blog, it sure looks to me like Weebly.com can be a pretty good way to start my own website. Thank God for free software! But I do wonder, if they are giving away their services are mostly free, how do they make money?

  11. admin says

    @aditya – both. Didn’t mean for it to come across as “too positive”, but I honestly can’t find a lot wrong with what they do. As far as how they get their monies, they have domains for sale, and have additional website services they use to earn money. But it’s the best platform I’ve found for free DIY website building.

    @Carol – “too good to be true?” I’ll accept your apology after you verify the facts :)

    @Lathea – They have “done for you” services, pro accounts, and domains that they use to earn revs.

  12. admin says

    @Suzie: I run Mac and PC, and it works fine for both on mine. I run Firefox as my browser on both, and don’t have any problems. If you’re running Safari, try using Firefox and see if the problem continues. If it does, Weebly has pretty great support, and I’d suggest letting them know the issue.

  13. prabhakaran says

    This article has told various information about features of the weebly and also told about scam. this types of information can not get any where other than this article, i think like that. because this information is very useful to me.

  14. roughpart says

    Your presentation of Weebly is pretty convincing. Obviously, I’d need to try it to know for myself if it is for real. However, I don’t need the service as of now. But if I ever feel the need, it would be my first preference.

  15. Badger says

    This is a very interesting concept…. With countless scam websites offering various things, knowing this one is real is a huge relief.

  16. irulebush says

    Sounds great for someone like me who hardly has any technical know-how. I’ll definitely check it out if I need to create my own site.

  17. athul james says

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  18. Target says

    This article has listed about the various features of the weebly and only few lines about scam. well a good review about the website building stating all the necessary information needed for the platform. thanks for it…………………..

  19. Ajit singh says

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  21. raj says

    Weebly is really interesting, i have neva thought that creating own website can b so much easy.drop and drag technique is simply awesome.features of adding video is a plus point. 70 professionally designed templates are lyk blessing in the sky..it can really help even a normal person to have a professional website for free.and 4 sure i will b creating my own website using this application.:-)

  22. Nimma says

    Weebly is one of the best tools ever for all those who are not very learned about web development. It is very user friendly and enables the user to drag and drop the contents and design and thus design a website with least effort and best outcome. i would definitely use Weebly as my webdesign tool.

  23. requestor says

    Good to know how easier things are getting. Guess starters like me will remain starters, thanks to Weebly & the likes. Thanks admin for sharing your POV & letting me know about this; I’m totally into this type of drag-and-drop things :)

  24. requestor says

    Good to know how easier things are getting. I guess starters like me will remain starters, thanks to Weebly & the likes. Thanks admin for sharing your POV & letting me know about this; I’m totally into this drag-and-drop kind of things :)

  25. says

    I really enjoyed reading this fascinating and informative article. Thanks for sharing such useful info on Weebly, website building platform. Weebly indeed seems to provide a lot of goodies: free hosting, professional templates, also provides tools and allows easy customization and ways to monetize it. Look forward to reading more such beneficial posts in future too.

  26. suneetha says

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    thanks for the posting such needful contents.

  28. Captain Cool says

    This is a very comprehensive description about the pros and cons of Weebly. I had never imagined that website designing and hosting would be free. All i knew was that we need to pay huge lumpsum but after reading this article, my mindset has changed. I would definitely look forward to using Weebly in near future.

  29. Jeff says

    Very informative and fair post about weebly. I have a free account and really do like it. I really like the fact that the hosting is free with no advertising on the site either.

  30. says

    This post helps people like me who want to make their own website by simple methods.Its really good to know about weebly. Its features are very interesting after reading this article now I am sure I can within few days I can make my own website very easily.
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  32. JeffAnimals says

    I think weebly is going to make alot of lives easier, I for one am constantly on the search for 1st hand accounts of people who keep exotic animals. Weeblies user friendly properties will allow more people to be able to create websites based on there experiences. Having no advertising on your page will be very good as it allows one to browse the net without irritation thereby increasing the appeal to return to the website. Go weebly!

  33. DeCruX says

    Very use article. It helps me to understand what this website is about. I’m studying Information Technology in college and this will website will definitely be useful in helping me with my upcoming modules!

  34. nisaf101 says

    Weebly looks to be good and an innovative concept in the website development and the interesting fact is that even a child can make a website and that too free of cost. Hats off to the developers of Weebly and thanks a lot for posting such an informative blog

  35. redfish says

    Weebly has a link to a Time article on their front page where the founder states they plan to go vertical in the future. Looks like right now they just want to build a following and get everyone interested before rolling out the next phase. Weebly must be backed by some deep pockets right now.

  36. says

    Article is very usefull to everyone.The blog deals how to build the website and what are the tools are using in this site to develop and everyone can create their own website.Thanks for giving this information.

  37. vineeth says

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  38. dhivya says

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  39. Mona says

    Nice review of a great service! It’s really refreshing to see someone post a fair and balanced review of this website platform. They do offer some truly unbeatable features at some of the best prices available. I’ve done my own research about the different platforms for creating a site, and Weebly comes in at the top of my list. Others charge way more and oftentimes offer way less. Thanks for this awesome and helpful review.

  40. Nayana says

    I think Weebly is pretty much a great option. Especially for people who are not that familiar with the internet. Since it’s so easy to create a website through them, it reduces the ignorance towards internet. Some people in needs of creating a website hesitate due to lack of knowledge, and Weebly would definitely be a positive nudge to them. Any one who thinks Weebly is a scam is merely trying to de-fame them, and nothing more.

  41. blurredjustice says

    Does not sound like it needs to be a scam to provide the free service it does. With cloud hosting cheap as it is today, Weeble has a viable business model. There should be plenty of people willing to pay for the ability to post their own video/audio clips in an easy to use system. Besides, any established customer base equals profit. Even if the company doesn’t really make money, if they can attract enough traffic on the net, some media giant will buy it.

  42. Junmai says

    This sound impossible.Weebly is giving these services free of cost?Anyway no harm in trying as it is free of cost.Even if it goes scam i am not going to loose anything.

  43. gowtham says

    weebly is very interesting site that you can go on doing some work with it.with weebly we can create our own websites for free

  44. roy says

    I don’t think that WEEBLY is scam. It works fine on my Mac. I can also add Adsense in it. It helps me to make money.

  45. says

    What do you think about Weebly vs. Webs.com? I use Webs for one of my business websites and I think it looks very professional, but I don’t like that I’m not able to put adsense on the page. Plus if I want to get rid of their AdSense banner on top I’d have to pay to become a “premium” member. However, they’re templates seem similar to Weebly.

  46. smartlioncub says

    I have used weebly to add adsense and earn from it. Weebly was pretty easy to use and I created a site in less than 5mins along with adsense. Pretty cool. I dont think its scam. They have many many features.

  47. rags says

    I love that you are writing about this, I personally am really impressed with what they are providing. It is really easy for people who don’t know much about web publishing to create their own page. Just in case anybody’s wondering, you can sort of still embed videos via their youtube element and they also have things like google maps, flick photo slideshows, grid photo galleries etc. Tonnes of amazing things. And they even recently have this new feature that lets you do some editing on the photos! It’s not very advanced, but I think it’s pretty good for most people. And the only reason one might think it is a scam is because it provides so much to even free users, making it hard to believe.

  48. says

    Though I have not really used the weebly.com before but I must say it’s a good idea. It really help people who are new to web design understand the basics and at the same time give them an avenue to explore their potentials. On the aspect that its a scam, like I said I have not really used it so i can comment much on that. The best way to solve the scam issue is to be plain meaning answer everyones question in a well to do manner and i bet you they will be the one to advertise it to their friends and family……I will check it out myself

  49. neethu says

    I am a blogger and doesn’t have much knowledge in making templates by editing and using HTML. so its not possible to create my own template and depends on free templates that actually is less satisfactory. Then i came to know about this Weebly where you could easily create and made your own templates according to your taste. Its really wonderful. Try friends and tanks for the author for the wonderful information.

  50. srivatsa says

    its reallyVery useful article. In my view weebly is not scam.its good platform to build websites.i have found it really useful tool.service offered is exellent.it allows us to add adsense which is very helpful for website Ddevelopers .i hope this is really wonderful article.

  51. Ophelia says

    Weebly is an unlikely site to come across when choosing somewhere to host your site because they’re doing this all for free? Your pros and cons make it feel a lot safer to host a Weebly. I’ll probably try this out later on.

  52. Johny Dadlani says

    Skeptics will be everywhere but I think weebly is a great service. In fact my brother uses it to impress his college mates. He keeps on telling me about the features of weebly and about making the best use of them. The best thing is every feature is available free of cost. Besides, the website has an option to design the blogs in the most creative ways possible.

  53. says

    I think I have been mixing up a similar provider (webs.com) with weebly.com. The contents of this blog are pretty informative. I guess persons whose earning would be cut because the service offered by weebly might try their best to discredit the site. As a retard to web development sites such as weebly are a blessing,

  54. Mukesh says





  55. Nidhi says

    I didnot know that we can create a website by drag and drop before landing on this page.Weebly is such a good platform for designing the websites.Initially a lot of coding was required but weebly has made it very simple to design a website even for a layman like me.Thanks for sharing this information .I will try weebly now.

  56. Zelezack says

    Very interesting article, I am a long time code writer but with today’s technology dragging and dropping just feels so much faster. I am curious if you can do the fine detailing after drag and dropping components into a page, as sometimes I still like to fine tune by code.

  57. jayfar sadiq says

    thanks for your informative article, this article gives a clear cut idea of free website building, Weebly will help many to create their own website by using simple drag and drop facility and make money throug putting ads.

  58. raj says

    it seems pretty straightforward and simple for me. weebly does make sense for a beginner with relatively low html skills. I agree to thefact that they can add some more features to the interface but hey its a free site after all!

  59. Faizan says

    This is really a nice article/blog. Its very informative and seems to be very useful. This would be really helpful to people like me who are in to website designing and website consulting business. Few thing that I want to put across is Weebly should be more user friendly and show exhibits some more feature. Anyways I am not crying, after all the site is free. Cheers!!!

  60. jose k says

    i really wondered about this article,,,it may help all the business peoples who have a website ..the weebly.com is a new experience for me,,thank you for the blog and author.

  61. tasha lee says

    I was wondering how weebly worked. my mom suggested it to me to use but I was a skeptic. Now I guess I will give it a try. It can’t hurt and it sure sounds like it could actually help. I will be sure to try it in firefox though, after reading the other comments.

  62. Keni says

    Hey its an informative article about Weebly. Most of the tools available on weebly are of great use. Many of the user friendly functions are also included in weebly Got to learn a lot of new features regarding Weebly..Keep writing more articles :)

  63. says

    It is a very useful and informative article. It simply describes the use of Weebly web tool. It is a user friendly interface for creating website by drag and drop facility. It is very helpful to all site browsers.

  64. says

    I think Weebly is promising and emerging website which offer so much without casting nothing. Today if you choose any paid services for website just compare the Weebly with that you can certainly note the difference of it.

  65. anil says

    I have read your blog and I find it really interesting and informative. Being a web designer, the information presented in your blog is very useful. And I hope others too will find it interesting.

  66. naveen rana says

    Weebly is a great web site designing tool.Weebly is such a good platform for making a website.I have found it so user friendly that any nontechnical person can make their own website.So in my point of view Weebly is not a scam but it is the eaisy way out to make our own website.

  67. Su says

    I’m amazed that people would call sites like Weebly a scam just because it’s a free service. Someone doesn’t know the definition of scam. I may have to give it a try for my portfolio.

  68. kanisk pandey says

    Hey your blog post is really good for non technical peoples as well as technical peoples to create website in drag and drop manner.Weebly is a very nice web design tool.I think that it is user friendly.

  69. says

    I was going to apply to Weebly before I read your post. Is not that I will pay anything just to signup, but I’m tired of wasting time with scams.
    Maybe they are legit, but as you already said: how can they afford to provide all these services for free?

  70. ravish rane says

    Weebly is a great tool for desktop. i have came across seeing this application many times on internet and after looking seriously i found it very interesting. Weebly has been designed in such a way that will help you to integrate many of your applications on desktop intact at one place and you will get them easily and quick when you want. A cool intelligent drag-drop technology.

  71. says

    I have ten different Weebly sites I have made using Weebly templates and in some cases then customized slightly by adjusting the CSS code.

    I assigned all my digital photography students the task of creating their own Weebly sites for their class portfolios. Everyone created sites easily and for FREE.

    I use a Mac and at the college where I work I use PCs. Sometimes there are glitches using Safari when I upload a YouTube video. There are also a few times it gets quirky. Just publish site and go back in and all will is good.

    Weebly has been upgrading throughout this past year. I love the new banner customization feature they just added. I am renewing my Pro account for TWO years today. I love the ease of use and they have always responded promptly by email when I have had questions.

    Weebly gets my vote! 5 stars!

  72. says

    My adoption site is produced using Weebly. I purchased the domain name using Go Daddy. I’m happy with it. I do have one question. Is WordPress far superior to Weebly when it comes to being noticed by the search engines or does it matter? I have other sites in mind for using Weebly but I’m wondering if I should use WordPress instead? Thoughts?

  73. bejamshi says

    Would this be something that I can make websites for clients? Also can I take the code and install it on another hosting service?

  74. says

    Excellent and fair review of weebly. I used this incredibly simple and free website builder/hosting service and was amazed at how user-friendly it is, compared to what I’ve used before. For a start, no need for html–thank heavens!
    People should not bandy the term ‘scam’ about just because something’s free. They should check it out themselves and give it a try. I’m sure they’ll be amazed and hopefully as grateful as I am that this kind of free software is available.
    And no ads! Where else can you get something like this with no ads?

  75. truth about weebly says


    Yes ,you can put google adsence to your website or blog…but you split the earning 50 % with weebly. so if you have million of visitor yuo gona make weebly have a good income thru your website :).

    Its good if you have a simple blog for fun,but for a business…not a good choice

  76. says

    i am also a weebly user but they are always changing their plan at home page you get different plan and at the inner page u get different and please tell me whats about free email services they are providing and also hosting storage they are saying 100MB per page or like whats that really mean???

  77. admin says


    Only if you use the free version of weebly. If you’re going to drive a million visitors, I suggest you pony up and get the pro version.

  78. Sezame says

    Are Weebly websites easy to crack or hack or mess up? Not sure how that works but don’t want to work making a controversial website if it can be easily subverted…

  79. says

    I’ve custom designed over 30 Weebly sites and think it’s amazing and just keeps getting better and better. My clients love it too with a low learning curve as its super easy to use, has tons of customizable flexibility and has advanced features that would normally take hours and lots of money to integrate. Definitely get the pro version – it’s totally affordable and worth it.

  80. SpokenWord says

    I’d be wary of using free web hosts.

    For one, you don’t know what they do with your content. They could stipulate that as part of their free services, they own the content you publish on their services.

    This effectively means that they can use your knowledge and research (your content) in any way they like and that includes making money off it!


    Also as far as optimizing each individual page, I’m not sure how all that goes. I know they allow you to create a custom description and add your own keywords into the meta keyword tag, but as far as that seems, that’s site wide!!!!

    Will every page on your site really target the same keywords??? Most likely not!!! They will cover a topic that is related to your site’s general theme.

    As far as traffic goes, I’m not sure how they would handle sites that began to generate a lot of traffic.

    Nothing is free! Hosting, bandwidth, transfers etc… all cost resources i.e CPU. If the no bandwith limitation they claim is really free, then why wouldn’t Yahoo with hundreds of millions of users a day transfer over to weebly and save on their CPU/server/Power Usage overheads???

    Expect your site to be throttled or taken offline if your weebly site uses up too much CPU resources by way of high traffic.

    Bottom line, just know what you are getting into when using free web hosts. You don’t want to get caught up with a flight-by-night webhost that takes off with your content in the middle of the night only to use that content else where to make money.

    Best luck to all.

  81. says

    I am currently using blogger as my host for my website. I am facing some problems with blogger and would like to find another way to host my blog. I would like to know if it is possible to import my blogger posts onto weeby?

  82. admin says


    They have a paid hosting option mate. And if you’re wary, you can always look in their TOS to see exactly what your rights are to content. I’ve read ’em, and personally, I’d be much more leery of sites like Facebook – as you have zero rights to your content after it’s uploaded.

    Free web hosts are not designed for heavy duty traffic. If you’re spending $10k/day driving traffic, you should step up and pay for hosting and a domain. Just makes sense.

    Weebly gets the vote in my book. My wife makes an extra $3k/mo selling products on a free-hosted weebly site, with just a domain mask. That’s it. If it were a real business, she’d get a proper hosting plan too, but for now, it works okie dokie fine to keep overhead low :)

  83. Svartr says

    Firstly, I do not think Weebly is a scam.
    However, there are many disadvantages to having a Weebly site as opposed to a professionally built site.
    Weebly is very good at giving someone not knowledgeable in HTML and CSS a pleasant looking site, however, the coding is junk. As you edit, you break standards compliance for HTML, XHTML and CSS. More and more styling that should be kept within the CSS is introduced into the HTML and it gets to the point of why bothering to have a stylesheet in the first place. This can negatively affect accessibility for impaired users, loading times and SEO.
    Weebly is a good idea with great intentions, but it fails to deliver clean code. Also, you are forced to use javascript for your menus, but if a visitor has javascript disabled in their browser, your navigation is rendered useless.
    There’s just too many things wrong which is really unfortunate as it looks like a really cool web building tool.

  84. admin says


    Junk coding? While true coding snobs may fault it for that, I know people who run 6 figure incomes off Weebly sites. They don’t worry about having the cleanest code – they worry about having something to effectively communicate their message to their market.

    I’ve ranked sites for SEO in the big G for about 75 keywords with Weebly – and by ranked, I mean top 10.

    The most recent study I could get of stats with Javascript are from 2007 (admittedly dated).

    Roughly 3% of US users have JS disabled – 1.5% across the pond:


    Sorry you don’t like Weebly – thanks for posting your thoughts!

  85. Svartr says

    What if their market included visually impaired internet users? Or those on mobile devices? Or those on slower connections?

    It’s great that there are businesses who find success with a weebly website and that you’ve managed good SEO rankings.

    But overall, I think it can be BETTER with cleaner code! Who doesn’t want the absolute BEST for their business??

  86. admin says


    Those are great points, and definitely worth consideration! I agree – Weebly can be better, and I hope they continue to improve their platform. Most of the business and services I use can stand improvement.

    In my experience, the pursuit of “best” has to be defined by context. For example, is the best website the one with the cleanest code? Fastest to market? Highest conversion? Costs the least to deploy?

    Personally, I define “best” by what gives the highest ROI. If I can get a website for X and have it produce ROI of 2x, 3x, etc, then I’m happy. Admittedly, those sites probably won’t win acclaim for their innovative design, or be viewed with envy by their coding brethren. I freely admit that that I’m biased towards practicality with my business. And I’ll be the first to point out that practical isn’t always best :)

    How do you define “best” for your business?

  87. Svartr says

    @ Admin
    It doesn’t have to be one or the other. If your objectives can be met either way, why not have clean code? To me, if someone cares about the stuff that can’t be seen then that tells me they care about ALL aspects of their business.

  88. says

    Having had problesm with other hosting providers i found weebly to be very stable and although they have that small blip on your site advertising “free site” its a small price to pay for a totally free hosting provider for your website.

  89. says

    When I started with Weebly about 2 years ago, I did not quite know what to expect because they looked like all the others on the outside. There offerings seemed too good to be true and there were a lot of “bad” reviews on them. I decided to try them out and that was one of the best choices that I’ve ever made. The simplistic style of everything give my site a fresh feel. The drag and drop feature enabled me to quickly design exactly what I wanted and my knowledge of html allowed me to quickly embed certain items. My site gained some attention even with the .weebly extenstion and as pvc blinds pointed out the small blip is a small price to pay for totally free hosting. For now, it is not necessary for me to go pro.
    I’ve never had any issue with their support and I read all the disclaimers and t&c .

  90. says

    Here is my website through Weebly. I have found that the only thing I don’t like on there is the fact that they split adsense ads 50/50. There is a way around this though and that is to input a custom html rather than the click and drag Weebly offers.


  91. says

    I started a site using weebly and look at it now
    Weebly is simple yet provides professional results.
    Though there are some bugs in the weebly site creation that could use fixing up: i.e the page resets to some random location whenever you add a new element. – or at least it does when I use it.

  92. admin says


    Thanks for throwing that out there, I’m sure you weren’t the only person thinking that. For the record: No, I don’t work for Weebly. I don’t know about the commenters, but a good number of them seem to not like weebly…which would indicate to me that they are either not employees, or are disgruntled employees :)

    For all you peeps paranoid about how weebly makes their money, I found this article that pretty well explains it:


    So yes – they have ways of selling to you and making the monies. They also give away a ton for free, IMHO. Use it or don’t – nothing stopping anyone from heading on over to http://www.w3.org/ or http://www.lynda.com/ and learning how to code your own stuff from scratch.

  93. says

    I wish I had been aware of Weebly during 2009. The extra 2 years would have made my business soar. Right now, I would say that the honeymoon is close to being over. This application brings “all” nubes on-line without the help of coders, html, php, sql etc. The good news is people are still lazy and want help doing the actual work. I can pull off a full integrated site with all of Weeblys bells and whistles in less than one hour, amounting to 10 per day (assets in hand of course), and that’s the key. Doing the design work and upgrades. Weebly is the best thing to come on-line since your child became a doctor. Metaphor: The best Alaska King Crab cage ever built on Earth..I’ll be in business for at least 3-4 more years at this rate, and making a real living as well.

  94. Perfecto says

    I want to believe the blog and the list of responses are genuine, but one thing troubles me. I only scanned after reading a few but noticed no spelling mistakes from any of the contributors! Yeah okay, there were a couple that were presented in broken english, but even they seemed a little phoney….. the sort of fake broken english that a person might come up with to try and add realism. Apologies if I’m wrong – just an observation! Usually in any forum type listing, there are at least a couple of illiterates!

  95. admin says


    The explanation is simple – the people reading this blog have a much more sophisticated level of intellect than that of the average blog-reader :) Just kidding of course. Yeah, now that you mention it, we do have a lot of well-written comments on this thread. Good job commenters.

    In my experience, the fake positive comments are usually the most illiterate. “Yurs services are the bestest and I likes them much. Thank yew. Yur the nicest, most professionalistic peepul I have mets on the wirld wyde webs.” That sort of stuff.

    Maybe Weebly sent their staff over to our blog to spam it with positive comments after we published a review. If they did, they didn’t tell me about the big plan. But just to set the record straight – weebly isn’t perfect. There are some great commenters above that point out its flaws. Overall, it’s a good solution IMHO, and the price seems to be a great value compared to what I’ve seen in the market.

  96. says

    Between April 25th and now all has been great. Now that I am just about to place an add in a magazine and my website has been well marketed I went in today to find ALL the pages are the home page! I needed to go and edit my Workshops page for the launch in the background all is there but when I hit the publish button different story? I am waiting for support to get back to me and in the meantime have had to advertise on my blogspot. blog but I have spent hours getting my website looking great and going to be major pissed if this does not get sorted as I have dealine in 2 days for the magazine print! Great way to start a business…………

  97. admin says

    @Karen – that sucks. Big time. I’m really sorry to hear it – and I’m very curious to see how Weebly responds. I would personally very much appreciate it if you came back and published your experience, and how it was resolved. If they don’t come through for you, I’ll write it about in my review.

  98. says

    I was using another website builder before I found Weebly, I switched to Weebly even though I paid a year subscription and had 10 months left with the other site. The problem I had with the other one was, it’s a flash site, iPhone does not support flash, so I was losing traffic.
    I wish I had found Weebly earlier, not only its very affordable( I have a pro account), it’s also very easy to use! I now have a beautiful and professional looking site. I am a happy customer! :)

  99. admin says

    Just an update for everyone – after I read Karen’s comment, I chose to email weebly myself. I thought this would be a good test for them.

    This is what I wrote them:

    “Hi Weebly Support Team,

    I had an interesting comment on my blog today from Karen – she explained how her weebly site has had a major issue, in that all pages seem to be replicating the home page.

    You can see the issue here – http://explore-your-journey.weebly.com/index.html

    I’m sure you’re already aware of the matter – we’ve been very pleased with the assistance you’ve given us in the past, and I’m sure Karen is about to see the fantastic job you guys do over there. To add to her stress, she has a two day deadline in which she has invested money in a media buy to drive traffic to her site – so we have all the makings of a real-life Internet drama :)

    Very eager to see how this is resolved. Thanks in advance for taking great care of her!”

    I also cc’d Karen on my email so she knew I was putting their support team on the spot.

    Two hours later, I got this response from Karen:


    Thanks so much…..it is ALL sorted now!

    Many Thanks

    Karen ”

    Really glad Weebly supported Karen (who isn’t even a pro-account owner) in such quick fashion. I can understand peeps thinking that maybe I’m employed by Weebly, but hopefully after seeing this kind of scenario play out, you can see why I’m such a big fan of what they do. Again, they’re not perfect…but they impress.

  100. says

    I have just started to play around with weebly for my next website. I just love it, so professional and easy to use. My questions where answered in a timely manner. I will probably opt for the pro once I have a bit more of a play. Great job.

  101. says

    there will always be people who doubt and they help keep things honest. but when i’m thirsty in the desert i’ll not complain because the glass is half full. thanks for the review. i’m going to give it a try.

  102. says

    Aloha, thank you for this article about Weebly. I learned about Weebly today from a friend and like most of your reader/follower I am curious about whether or not Weebly is a scam as the whole idea is too good to be true. I’ve taken HTML and CSS classes in the past and I know how time consumming and frustrating it is to come up with neat and powerful web pages. Weebly is giving all these hard work away for free in addition to hosting websites for free. God bless everyone behind Weebly; they provide small businesses especially mom and pop businesses a way to connect with unlimited amount of potential clients/customers all around the world. And for this reason I wouldn’t mind working for Weebly for free:)… well it is not really for free because I am sure to learn a great deal of web building skills and or techniques working for them for free so it is really a win win situation… lol…

    Anyhow, thanks again and aloha from Hawaii….:)!!!!

  103. says

    Weebly is an AMAZING host!
    Yes, they allow you to use adsense, what the blogger did not mention is that half of the revenue generated (aka half of the ads) go to weebly, and the other half go to you! This is one way that weebly makes money.
    I have been using weebly for only a week, have found ZERO negative things to say, and am extremely glad I stumbled across it.
    I highly HIGHLY suggest it to all.

  104. Joseph says

    I signed up for the Pro version. Nothing. And, once I realized that it wasn’t going to happen (patience is good, but not unlimited), I asked for help. Many many emails resulted in “bupkiss, nada, zilch”. They took my money and delivered nothing. SCAMMMMM!! Do not touch this group or go near. Who’s behind this is clever! Trust this saves you and others lots of frustration. This is a classic bait and switch, sting operation.

  105. says

    I was extremely tickled to stumble throughout this website.I needed to thank you for this Interesting weblog!! I truly loved every small little bit of it and Ive you favorited to take a look at new stories you publish.

  106. TESOLTech says

    I recently used Weebly to develop a class website and I found it incredibly easy to use and navigate. Updating was easy, adding elements was easy, and I liked the layout options. I have been recommending Weebly to others for designing their e-portfolios.

    I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop, i.e. when they monetize everything…I’m usually pessimistic about Web 2.0 tools being free forever…

  107. says

    Hi, I’d just like to share my experience of Weebly with you. As a paying upgraded customer I have to say that I’m a little nonplussed about the whole thing. The site builder sometimes does work and sometimes doesn’t…literally. One day I can do one thing then the very next day I can’t do the same thing that I did yesterday. Don’t even ask what that’s about. I’ve been struggling for days to add custom html to my site (I have already added a lot of this) yet the drag and drop feature will not work. I’m now thinking of downgrading after a few similar experiences with pretty much every site feature that it offers. In fact I can say that my experience with Weebly was better when it was free!
    It almost feels as though my site building capabilities have been locked and after two months of trying to sort this site out I am well and truly stumped. The main feature which drew me in was the free site and free hosting yet my 1yr purchase of the web address cost me £29 which I can actually buy 5yrs of elsewhere.
    Scam? No…Useful? Maybe not!

  108. J Fuller says

    How can I trace a scam website that used Weebly to sell me a Honda SATNAV. this site has disappeared and the people who sold me a ‘pig in a poke’

  109. admin says

    @ J Fuller,

    There are a few different options for you to track ’em down:

    1. Call your credit-card company that you used to make the payment. They can help track them down, as they have contact info for all their merchants.

    2. If you know the URL, you can look up the page again in the ole’ wayback machine:


    If you remember the URL, you can also look up their contact info on WHOIS – http://www.whois.net/

    I hope you catch the scoundrels. Best of luck!

  110. says

    I just made my first website (thanks to weebly) in under 8 hours. At first i was confused and skeptical. I thought it would be quite a bit more complex. But within an hour i had figured everything out and was happy.

    Not just happy. Ecstatic.

    In a single night i’ve already gotten 23 views (about ten times more than i expected really) and made 75 cents thanks to AdSense.

    I really have NO problems with weebly and plan on sticking with it for quite a while. As soon as i’ve made enough money (with help from AdSense) im upgrading to professional.

  111. says

    I have made a website using Weebly for my photography business and have found it wonderful to use. I don’t have much experience with computers but knew that when starting my business I needed some kind of site in todays technical world. It was sooo easy to use and I started having fun doing it. I also like the fact that I can easily go back and edit/change things whenever I like since adding new photos is a major part of what I use this for. I am very proud of my site and will be upgrading to Pro soon so I can add sound clips while users view my photos. Please check out my site at http://www.memoriesbykasa.weebly.com and see for yourself how someone with NO experience has done it herself and totally FREE :)

  112. Pam Kempson says

    Are you all talking about the same website that I have been trying to use? Some days I can’t get into my site. I have had sites totally disappear. Yes it’s easy to use, but it’s very unpredictable and information and whole sites that one has been putting together for months just go away never to return. I say, Use at your own risk! These positive postings must have been composed by employees of Weebly.

  113. admin says

    @ Pam,

    I can’t speak for the commenters on the site, but I don’t work for weebly. If you have had sites totally disappear, I’d suggest you contact their support about it. They have always been pretty great for any issues I’ve had. In fact – I’d love to document how well they do or don’t perform for you. If you can send over the email string created from the support queries, as well as the site in question, I’ll post the results here in the comments :)

  114. says

    @Pam, I’ve been using weebly for the past 4 months and have never experienced any of the problems you are talking about. What browser are you using?
    I can assure you I am not an employee of weebly, nor do they give me any kind of discount for writing here. In fact, I haven’t given them any money at all, I strictly use their free services and am very satisfied with it. The only problem I’ve run into is their Google AdSense, but it turned out to be a problem on my end: my adblocker was keeping me from seeing the sign in page.

  115. says

    To Pam Kempson’s post. The reason why your sites might “disappear” might have something to do with a combination of “Publishing” your site during development. This is something that I have run into a few times.

    I quote the last part of your post “These positive postings must have been composed by employees of Weebly.” That’s just not true. I don’t work for Weebly. In fact, I’m trying to develop my business on their platform. Yes, there are risks when using a “new” application for internet e-commerce, however, the assumption is that one knows how to protect their material assets. As an example, Weebly provides all of us with site-archiving to protect all of your work and media.

    My opinion is that Weebly is (for now) the most amazing consumer-based application out there. It is creating problems for web designers (like myself), because of it’s ease of use. I know enough about this industry to view Weebly as a platform to develop ancillary products that will support the end user (such as the inexperienced restaurant or auto body shop owner), which I believe to be Weebly’s prime target market for the future; small business on a nationwide scale. That being postulated, I also know that small business wants a responsible human contact who will manage their project. Weebly (for now), can’t compete with that scanario.

    Weebly is a great product for novice users and pros alike. They have integrity, great customer service and decent partnerships with other developers.

  116. says

    I have read through 90% of the comments and this is all after I have been using Weebly for close to a month. I just upgrade to Pro by referring a friend to Weebly, which went smothly.
    I have done extensive research and comparisons on a low cost web site builder and Weebly clearly comes in first. There is not even a close second in my opinion and I still research Weebly trying to find why is this so Good To Be True.
    I have used most of the features of the site and they work fairly well, some things are a little buggy but, if you are a newbie just take your time, read and understand the support pages. They are truly your friend.
    I am clearly not an employee (check out my website, click on my name) and you can see how far i am pushing the site.

    Score: 9 out of 10

  117. says

    I have been using Weebly for for a few sites. Cant beat the price. I wish they were more concerned with building a professional model. It seems as if they want to get the bowling club and the church choir with the free offer and then support slows way down. My guess is that they want to get to a huge number of users and wait for a buy out from a hosting company. They could take over hosting on the entire net if they were more committed to designer support then getting new free customers. Once they have you you have a yearly fee or else you loose your sites. cant move them. I like using them for fun but not for profit.

  118. says

    you really rock.. I just found out about weebly today and was curious.. So I googled weebly reviews. I came across this post and thought, okay he must be a weebly plant, because of so many positives. Your review really was great. After reading the comments of the readers and some of your responses, I feel that you are legitimate. Thanks for being transparent and sincere.

    I am a convert, I think you are the real deal when it comes to giving non-biased reviews. Keep up the good work.

  119. Katherine Rollins says

    Weebly does not support their products, I have been having terrible problems with my websites for weeks now.

    The only thing you can do is send them an email and you don’t get a response.

    I have spent days and months developing these websites, and they don’t work.

    • admin says

      Hi Katherine,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. What are your websites? I’d be interested in doing another live “test” of weebly’s service if you’re up to it. The last gal that was on here got her issue resolved in about an hour. Give us some details, and let’s see what happens :)

  120. says

    Very rare do you ever get a deal these days. This e-commerce, Worldwide Web industry has opened the doors for very unscrupulous companies to pray on inexperienced individuals. It’s the day of the virtual Carpet Bagger out there, and it would serve you well to get educated before you bring your business onto this territory.

    Weebly is, by far, the most advanced (consumer oriented) company that I have had the pleasure of using. These are very intelligent marketers, who know where the website design and upgrade industry is moving towards; the consumer.

    I own a design company http://www.digiSYNC.com and http://www.pabloferro.net

    At digiSYNC, we have moved our consumer business exclusively to the Weebly platform. We do this because most of our customers are frustrated with the fact that they can’t upgrade and maintain their own sites with the simplest of tasks, such as swapping out an article (text w/ pic), or changing a price. We found that we have better customer retention if we educate, and train them to use the applications that we create their sits in. Up till now we have used WordPress and Joomla. We concluded, very quickly, that Weebly is the best application for those who have little experience with building sites. That is to say, most of our customers don’t know HTML, CSS basics, nor do they comprehend how to “self teach” via YouTube, Lynda.com or Google. In other words, they are at the mercy of experienced site developers who have little patience and hardly any support for this type of customer base.

    This emerging industry is six million and growing on Weebly. Plenty of work to share with the group on Facebook for instance. We know that Weebly is trying to keep up with customer development. They are proceeding methodically (slow), and this is very smart. If they over develop their applications, their new customers will find Weebly difficult to use, and that defeats the purpose of a simple site builder for the average customer.

    I have heard “web developers” complain that Weebly is hurting our business. I disagree. I think they have dispatched our business, but let’s look at that for a moment. Why were they able to do that? The reason is simple. Customer support! Plain and simple, the customer is frustrated at not being able to update and maintain their sites. This is what Weebly created for us.

    In conclusion, I say that this is the best, simple site builder, out there in the world. I don’t take migrating customers to other peoples boxes, but I feel safe with Weebly for now. I only hope that they keep it simple like they have up till now.

    Here is my wish list for Weebly Development
    1.) Get into the Shopping Cart business quickly. Our customers do use PayPal and Google, however, they feel trapped when their customers have to sign up for something else. Get a deal with a bank and set up some rules and offer them to us. You’ll see a sharp rise in business if you do this.
    2.) Don’t be so open source. We, the people, don’t like hackers messing with our boxes. Pay attention to security. I have had no problems as of yet, however, I think this is something to consider.
    3.) Can your templates offer a “full frame” home page?
    4.) Can you please allow us to place our pictures and videos anywhere on the frame in combination with each other?
    5.) Any chance of SKYPE-like video streaming in the future?

    All of this is very expensive for Weebly to do, So I don’t take it lightly if they do make improvements like these.

  121. says

    Hi Admin,
    I already have a site for my company when I was looking into changes I would like and came across a weebly made site and my developer said he couldn’t do similar. Thing is my site is optimised really well for it’s keywords and I’m worried that if I change things I’ll end up messing this up. Is there a tool that will help me optimise my site just as well will just copying my existing meta tags and keywords be enough???
    I would really like to use Weebly but scared I’ll mess things up.

  122. Stephan says

    Think weebly rocks , I tried a few different alternatives each time doing a day or two of work and then hitting a brick wall where there was something I wanted to do but couldn’t. Have been using weebly now for more than two weeks developing my new site and haven’t wanted to do something I couldn’t.

  123. says

    totaly awesome for free, there should be more companies like this, I tried it out just to see how good it was and liked it very much, great provider this is no scam.. speaking from experience, infact so confident i’m thinking of building another site to link with the one already built.. dont know if i have enough meta tags though struggling to get seo to find it could do with some help….

    keep it up it’s awesome

  124. says

    ** I have been using Weebly for a a long time ( I have built 14 websites with them)
    Weebly DOES allow you to place google adsense and you do receive the $$ you make off of it, you even keep track of it in google.. so, NO SCAM there:)
    ** My biggest fuss is that you cannot run Perl (password protect your site) Well, you can have a password for your site, you just have to give the same one to everyone (customers/members cannot create a s/n and p/w)
    ** Other than that, you can run a FULL business with weebly, they are awsome!

  125. says

    Hello, I did forget to mention that Weebly will take 50% of what you earn with your google adsense… This doesnt matter if you are a paid or a free member they will take it. So, in conclusion:
    Weebly is perfect for anyone wanting a personal site. But if you are out to make money, you can open a good ecommerce with weebly but will need to refer to google and paypal to track conversions and shopping cart info. And I wouldnt recommend planning on making money with adsense alone unless you are a weebly ceo too so you can get at least a part of that other half of your earnings… lol

  126. Tania C. says

    I’m glad I came across this post since I spent all day yesterday playing with the free version of weebly. I like the fact that you can create site for a very affordable price (I need to publish professional sites). Unfortunately I had a major problem with WordPress and I will never, ever use their system again so I need to find an alternative. After reading all the comments, my question to you is if I pay for the Pro version, do I have to share adsense profits with weebly? I hope not!

  127. says

    I am new to Weebly. My first site is for a splash page. I have checked out other free sites.
    Angelfire: No script accepted. You cannot add a pic along with your own text. You cannot place pics side by side. A lot of space is wasted. In order to do much, pay through the nose, then you need to know HTML, etc.

    Wix: Is okay. But it is a flash site, and may take longer to upload for viewing.

    Beep.com is much like Weebly. Except you can only place 5 pics on your site.

    WordPress: Is too much like blogger, and it takes forever to set up. It may be popular, but it is still a blog site with no room to create a store type site.

    Weebly: I found easy to use. Support replies within a reasonable amount of time. Cost is not bad for those on a low, low budget. I have been able to do anything I want to do so far with ease. Hosting, domain names, etc, I have not quite figured out yet. I have 2 being hosted by blogger, but the domain name is given to go daddy by blogger. Don’t know what to do with that. When you pay for domain name at blogger, your money goes to go daddy, but you do not have an account with go daddy. Strange.. The only complaints I have about weebly is

    The choice of templates is poor. However, I am aware we can replace the template pics with something else. What are we paying for is confusing. Bandwidth etc is not mentioned as far as I know.

    Weebly may not be perfect, but it is fine if you cannot afford a professional webmaster to set up a pro site, or cannot do it yourself. It is a good beginning. It is also great for those who want to get started right away.

  128. says

    You are welcome. Here is another tidbit. I have a google blog with domain name through google and go daddy. Google is the host.

    I have read that Weebly is slow in getting ranked. Well, I am new to Weebly, so I cannot say at this point. But I know after almost a year with a domain name for my google blog, and having the blog among others under google for over a year, only one is ranked by Google, and that has only happened recently.

    So using Google products is not better. Their google websites are lousy

  129. laura says

    Regarding bandwidth; it is mentioned in the list of what you get with the pro version that this is unlimited, as is most of what they offer. I am just getting into Weebly due to a new business our family is starting and want to get into coming up with a professional, fun and friendly website to advertize. As to having to share profits, I don’t think so. My understanding reviewing this and another equally popular website building platform is with Weebly you cannot pay via the site, where those you do have the option to pay a lower monthly fee but have to share a %. Weebly however appears to have excellent options to contact the website owner to arrange payments for whatever you advertize. So far I’m very impressed from all the reviews I’ve seen. And we plan to purchase the pro version considering the very low monthly cost, though will probably chose the 6 month option for now to be on the safe side if we decide against using Weebly. Thanks for all the great reviews. Very helpful. For those researching you probably know there are many more sites out there with reviews and tips. Good luck!!!

    • admin says


      Thanks for posting! Just to clarify one point – when people are talking about “sharing profits”, they’re talking about sharing the cut of Google Adsense revenue – not anything you choose to sell. They’re called MFA sites (made for adsense) which was a business model a few years ago, and is now considered archaic. You may have been talking about that – just wanted to clarify it :)

  130. laura says

    Whoops! Went back and checked re: being able to pay for items with Weebly. Weebly does at least have the options available receiving payments via Paypal and Google Checkout. But I don’t think they receive any sort of % for anything sold.

    • admin says

      Hi Jerechica,

      A couple of things:

      1. I am not weebly. If you need help with a weebly product, it’s probably best to contact their support system. I believe their help email is support@weebly.com.

      2. When writing things on the internet, if you use all caps, it’s considered yelling. I’m happy to help any way that I can, but please understand that if you’re yelling at someone, it better be a life and death situation…otherwise, it’s just very rude. Trying to publish a website for a week is very frustrating, I’m sure. I feel your pain. But it’s not life or death. Make sense?

      3. When asking for help, it’s good to include details. If you send what you wrote me to Weebly support, they are going to ask you for more information, because you included no relevant details in your request for help. Things like – specific details of what you have tried, screenshots, and supporting information is very helpful when someone is trying to help you with your problem.

      I hope the problem gets sorted out! Please keep us posted on how their customer service handles the issue.

  131. says

    Jerichica: To publish, you have to hit publish button and go to settings. you have to edit site settings also. Otherwise, the site is there, but you cannot pull it up on search engine.

  132. Peterxr8 says

    Just found out that Weebly takes 50% of your adshare’s.
    So there is another way they make money.
    Check the terms & conditions.

  133. eddiekay says

    The folks at Weebly seem to lack something:
    Customer support, “decent templates” and most of what the whining is about all need time to supply = money to supply it.
    Have something to say and dont want to pay ? Talk to youself :)

  134. says

    I just watched Ames Creative video weebly comparison. The messages from that site include this one:
    You can also take any html widget or google gadget and cut and paste it onto the HTML code widget & it works : )

    Hey, why don’t you tell us this WeeblY?

    I wish Weebly had better templates, or a way for us to change the photos. It is almost impossible to fit photos in that rectangle. The paid for Weebly has the same lousy templates as well. Why say 100’s when you see the same template, but in 5 different color schemes. That is One template not 5. Brings me to another thing, we should be able to change colors of templates like we do on Blogger, but no can do from what I see. Maybe a pro can, but not the average user.

    Right now, I do not see the advantage to paying for Weebly. Only thing is that paid hosting is liked better by Google from what I read.

  135. says

    I have been working on my website with weebly for a while now. Will be upgrading to PRO soon as I need to upload files in the range of 60 to 75 megs. I compose and record original music and will be offering my mp3 albums for sale and download. I have not experienced any negative things in building my weebly site and am very excited with all I have able to accomplish at no charge.

    Weebly has been a godsend for me to develope a website on my own.

  136. XS Chen says

    Frustrated with Weebly customer service and support.
    *) It requires 3~4 emails to explain a straightforward problem (how to delete files uploaded by contact form submissions)
    *) I explained what I tried and how it didn’t work in my email, they put it as an answer in the reply
    *) The support people provides answers without testing it first
    *) Only email support, unable to escalate and talk to them so as to straight out communication and speed up resolution

  137. Bazza says

    I have used Weebly for a little while now and it is AWESOME!

    Yeah some of the templates are not the greatest, they don’t have an out of the box share with fb/twitter button and changing the colour scheme of a template is requires going into the CSS and changing it there… But given what are most people are paying for it, nothing… you can’t complain really.
    They are tied in with Google now too you can create Weebly sites straight from Google Apps, and it took a couple of hours tops for my free site to show up in searches…
    Plus they are constantly updating what they have available in features and templates etc…
    Also had a couple of things I couldn’t get working and emailed support and they fixed things within 4 hours (when they try to allow 24 hours to get back to you)…

    and @Linda, photos in rectangles that are to do with templates?? Presumably your not talking about the header/title image that some templates have? If so you can change them just by mousing over them, click the Edit button. If your referring to the template background images, google ‘change weebly template background’ and you will find “http://weebly-html-tutorial.weebly.com/” with instructions, really it only takes like 5 clicks a CTRL+F type the word ‘background’ and replace the name of the old background with the one name of your new one…

  138. Annie says

    Registering a domain seems expensive on Weebly. Registering a .org on godaddy for a year is $6.99. Are they charging more to make up for having a free webbuilding site? What do you guys think because I am really new to this. I will pay the extra fee if I will truly be able to make my own website for free. Thanks!

  139. Umanga P says

    weebly has been so good, and so free, and that out of sheer guilt, our org got the pro-version. and why not? we have paid money for much worse services…and it seemed wrong to use such a great service for free.

  140. LInda says

    Comment…Supposedly, Weebly has enabled us to change the header picture if we don’t like template photos. These pics of ours are to fit automatically within header.

    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Templates still stink. Nothing appropriate for what I want to do. An since our pics or images we find, or make ourselves, do not fit into the header. It is horrible.

    Off to WordPress when I have time

  141. Weeblyuser says

    I do agree weebly is NOT greedy at all!

    I found it about six months ago and advised my son to use it for his new webdesign biz. I paid for the 2 year to get their brand off the sites he creates for clients and his own.

    As anything else, you have to fiddle around with the tools. It’s great and intuitive. So far we didn’t need weebly staff help. It’s great bargain. My son did his first professional site for someone who is running for office and got his first paycheck! He opened his biz account thanks to the tools of weebly, for making it so affordable!! He has now three various sites he’s working on with weebly. He knows Dreamweaver, however using weebly is great shortcut for getting a site up and running in no time.

  142. Linda Smith says

    Bazza: I am going to save theemail with your comment in it. Not everybody knows HTML or CSS so they can manipulate codes to do what they want to get done. If I had a service, my freebie people would be just as important as those who pay. I would want my freebies to turn into paid cust omers.

    There is something I did find interesting though. I have Google blogger sites, that are older than Weebly and have more content than Weebly site does. But, Weebly is ranking higher than Google blogs In fact, most of my blogs are not ranking at all, even the older ones, over a year old.

    But, if I cannot do what I need to do with a Free account, I am not going to pay money to not be able to do what I want, just because I get more sites than a Freebie does.

  143. Dave Wasser says

    Been using Weebly for years in my private and professional life. I have created about four diffferent sites. Previously, I made web sites the old way–typing out HTML code. I knew a little bit of Dreamweaver and used that for a while. But Weebly is, hands down, the easiest site builder I have come across with the best flexibility and features of any other tool. You are always limited if you use someone else’s template, but I find that there are usually ways to get what I want, or damn close! You are only limited by your own ignorance or lack of creativity! I, too, encouraged my organization to upgrade to Pro mainly because I felt that Weebly deserved to get paid for the quality of their product. I’ve registered two domains with them. The price is right considering the service and ease of use.

  144. Linda Smith says

    I still have trouble with Weebly. When I post pics using the HTML which I have to do, I cannot make them smaller even if I change the size in html code link, like I can with blogger. I try to put them side by side but that doesn’t work either. I hate the all white background for the pages. I did discover that you can create subpages to a category which will show when somebody points to main page title which is nice.

  145. Naweed Qadir says

    I have been using Weebly for last 1 year and I love the service. Currently hosting 5 of my domains and I love the way you can manage multiple sites with unlimited space. I am paying them for my Pro account but the price is absolutely great and cheap as well. The CMS is great and so far I never had any issue with them.

  146. Jose Pagan says

    Very useful article. In my point of view weebly doesn’t seems to be a scam. Anyway, the information provided by you is very useful. Keep posting such useful articles.

  147. Maddie says

    So does it cost anything? Because when i said “publish” and then hit continue it said something about registering a new domain. It also said that you have to pay for it, so do I or does it have nothing to do with it?

  148. Linda Smith says

    I am having a lot of problems with Weebly.
    I have tried to copy and past articles with bullets. content disappears, and click on settings, and go back, the content reappears. Using bullets is virtually impossible. Page jumps to top, jumps to the bottom. Instead of bullet on selected word, bullet may or may not go to another word, and then underscore sign goes where bullet was intended to go. The bog portion is ridiculous. On side bar it appears that a person can click and be taken to post, forget it, it just goes to the blog page for them to have to hunt for what they are looking for. Copy and past, bullets, etc does same thing on blog. When the edit bar pops up, it may or may not have the bullet and numbering buttons. I was given some site to go to and click on nonexistent button, and try to figure out how to do what I am doing to weebly staff can see it. Why is it never anything wrong with weebly, it is our computer, browser etc. I have used several and get same results.

  149. Giz says

    Been using weebly for 22 days now and as far as the integration with google adsense is concerned…well, it’s wonderful. The site is user – friendly and it’s very easy to use.

  150. Daniel says

    Weebly is the best than other yolla is waste , To pay extra Money weebly is free we can transfer domain easily and to develop our site with good html.. but yolla waste

  151. Madeline Munday says

    I have been with Weebly for about three years now. I finally up graded only to be able to remove the footer and to add a password to my pages. That’s it. They are the best!

  152. Esarby says

    I have look and tried many of the so called free web builder sites and come to this conclusion. There is no free lunch. With weebly.com all you have to do is, use your imagination. With no computer skills at all I soon found my way through the set up. It was so easy.

  153. hero boy says

    i think weebly should clear the difference between third party ads and links. becouse they dont allow more then 3 ads 1 page. but if you will link your images and text with third party website so what will weebly do. becouse in this case you are not able to explain information content like universty information, hotels, and something else. but weebly should take notice about it. my friend want to place images which are link with other websites. so tell me will weebly consider it as ad or link chain only. hahaha

  154. kamran says

    hi all. i am a user of weebly. i did nt see anything bad in weebly. i only dont like weebly becouse it has so much faults becouse they have of no landing page drag and drop option in their platform and i think first impression is a last impression. but you cant make it. if you dont know html coding. but i love weebly becouse thier service is very fast and good. i got the answer of my question from weebly support after 5 or 6 hours always. but the people who are saying that weebly is scam so they are mad. yola or shola waht is else they have no logo feature in free web or wix hahaha they dont privide subdomain. so i think if you dont want to make website with weebly then you are mad and blogers should use weebly becouse weebly is better then blog.com or blogger and easy to make any thing. but the themes and beutiful custom navigation in drag drop option and landing page are the only options which i want to see in weebly weebly service is too good but they should allow the multilelvel marketing website becouse that is legle business in world. so enjoy weebly man

  155. lucy says

    i create my websites with weebly all the time for my clients and for me

    and my clients never complained about their websites going down
    and the support are great they reply to every 3/4 emails thats good

    drag and drop functionality is good
    you can drag paragraphs/google maps/videos/widgets and more

    you can create a website under 20 minutes :)

    weebly is far better then wix and yola and other competitors out there

    i rate weebly a 10/10 for everything!

  156. Loretta says

    I like Weebly, but I’m getting a little frustrated with the limited design options. It seems like as they get more popular, I’m noticing more and more websites that look like mine. I want something with a more differentiated and professional. I’m thinking about going with Set My Site or Wix.

  157. Mark B says

    I have used Weebly for a few years no and would not go to another platform. It is all so easy and yes, some things you have to upgrade to Pro for but at the end of the day, its worth it in my eyes.

  158. andy says

    i was happy with weebly UNTIL i started paying for it, as soon as i had been hooked into a subscription, when it came time for renewal they DOUBLED the fee, when i told them i wouldnt pay it, and wanted to go back to the free version instead, they DELETED all of my websites and just said that they were in violation of their terms of service agreement about copyright etc. which couldnt possibly be true… all the artwork AND music was ALL my own work. weebly IS a scam as soon as you start paying them money.

  159. Joan says

    signed on two days ago and can not find my site through the left hand search thing at the very top or any search even though it says I am published when I hit the yellow button and it ask me to share with Twitter. What is wrong? It has scared me into thinking I have been scammed after I bought a domain.

  160. gemma says

    i like weebly because of easy of use and features

    when i paid for the pro service i got more features like video/mp3 player

    and there support are very good they respond to me everytime:)

    i think weebly is the best website builder in the world

    i highly recommend weebly for everyone :) 10/10

  161. lilah weebly is the best says

    lilah weebly is the best!!, 14th of March, 2012

    i have been using weebly to build my websites
    i have been very pleased with the features
    they offer for free its amazing

    and there support are very helpful i like there FAQ section
    and i like there designs there look are professional good!

    keep up the amazing work weebly!

  162. James Stafford says

    I am in the process of building 3(or is it 4) sites on weekly from domains I have owned for years but when I tried to build with other hosting sites it seems incredibly hard where as weekly is so intuitive I think my 9 yr old daughter could probably figure it out.
    Kudos to weebly!!!

  163. Paul C says

    Weebly is NOT a scam. I used them for my website at pclarkson.co.uk

    They are very good. Dead easy to use. Never had a problem(so far anyway). And all totally free. Recommended.

  164. Richard Parker says

    Weebly has just grown and grown in its usefulness. Having used it for a while now to build client systems we just love it. However there is no logic in how to go from registration through to a finished site. So we created a guide which is available at http://www.HowDoIGetAWebsite.co.uk and we think most people will find it saves bags of time.

  165. Mark says

    I love Weebly. They are very generous about their services which other company only offers to premium or paying members. Here’s my site at weebly, http://BuySkinCareOnline.net – it’s about a skin care product, re: Beauche International. I never had web developing studies, I only rely on the internet and constant practice inside of Weebly!

  166. Advertise Your Website Free says

    Hi All: I would like to make a website in weebly where it will show sample websites created in Weebly. If you’d like your website shown as a sample, please send your website and include a short description of it. Adult websites are not included, ok? Thank you. Please send it through:


    TYVM / Mark E V Y

  167. Dave says

    Building a web-site on Weebly is a horror! I have encountered several bugs the first two days of building four web-sites:
    1. In middle of adding a second page web-builder lost home page and re-labeled current page as home page.
    2. I have Weebly “pro” (giving me option of up to 10 web-sites). When adding fourth site I was told I hade to delete one of my existing sites before I could add another (I had three at that time). Within seconds after that I was informed “oops we have a problem” and must leave- and logged me off.
    3. I have been unable to log on again.
    4. Response from customer service (Email) is very, very slow.
    I cannot recommend Weebly based upon my limited experience.

  168. Prodyot says

    Nice and balanced write-up.
    On an unrelated note I wish to thank you for naming the input box as “author”.
    That makes me feel like an author :)

  169. Caesar Live N Loud says

    Hi. I have a blogger blog and wanted to move it to weebly. I’ve been reading these comments for the past 2 years and would really love to make a weebly website. However I’ve been trying and trying to get some answers from weebly team and so far nobody replied…. I wanted to know if there is an option to keep my old posts on blogger working on weebly, meaning… importing my data… I think there’s no such option on weebly but my problem is that they never write me back…

    One thing also about weebly is the adsense thing…. what if we wanted to use other program instead of adsense, is it possible?

    Overall weebly seems to be a good tool to create a website and it is FREE.

    • admin says

      That’s a great question – I honestly don’t know the answer. I’ve never tried importing data from other platforms on Weebly, just built things from scratch there.

      Their support team is usually on their game – sometimes it takes a bit for them to get back, but give ’em a chance to respond, and I’m betting they’ll go above and beyond to help you out.

      If you’re talking about other programs like Peppterjam or other networks that let you monetize your site, then you should be able to put the code on your site no problem. I doubt Weebly has agreements with all yield managers/ad networks out there, so you should be good to go.

  170. Caesar Live N Loud says

    the last time I’ve emailed them for help about importing was 2 months ago and still no reply… It probably doesn’t have that option like wordpress has and blogger…

    the problem is that since i have 3 years of data on the blog it would be a shame to lose all that info and backlinks when changing to weebly. that is the only reason i haven’t moved to weebly… until I know there is an option out there that allows me to keep my old posts (or at least the last 2 years) I don’t move from blogger. Weebly seems so cool to work with and I was excited to use it, but I have no idea what to do with my old data I really don’t want to lose. THank you so much for your quick reply :)

    César http://www.caesarlivenloud.com :)

  171. Weebly Templates says

    Great post. I just saw some comments above regarding generic Weebly templates being a bit bland and there needs to be some upgrades to them. Well, Weebly recently announced the release of beta versions of page types and social icons for all of their existing templates. They’re definitely working on improving on this aspect! There are also some templates at http://www.weeblytemplate.com

    Not to mention that they just released an iPhone app (Android coming soon) so now you can manage your Weebly sites on the go.

  172. anton says

    weebly rightfully so has absolutely no phone number, no physical address. I suppose it would be an interesting webhost for teenage girls? but for business it is horrid with customer service that is horrid. I know of what I speak. Google does not recognise weebly servers so email is out for the domains you buy from weebly.

    weebly is good for blogs from teenage girls but as a viable business webhost? They suck and the fact they have no phone and no physical address? PROVES IT!

    • admin says

      Lol, you angry bro?

      We’re not teenage girls. And we’ve made a lot of money with websites designed and used on Weebly. Just sayin’. Weebly’s not for everyone, but they’re not just for teenie boppers either.

  173. Elsie says

    I use the free version of weebly to create an informative website, and to create a website for my organisation! I had tried it previously but didn’t find it easy to use, I went back and they had changed it to what you see today – that was it, I was hooked! :) 
    The only two other things I would say can be a bit annoying are the site limit on the free version (2) which when you’re like me and have too many ideas it can be a bit of pain deciding which website to scrap, it also doesnt allow you to change the writing font and size on an individual basis, you have to choose your heading writing and paragraph writing and have that on every page. My italic also seems to have chosen not to work…
    But apart from that, I can’t fault weebly. They manage to get the pro features/free features perfect, the pro features are enough to make you want to upgrade but without being things you NEED for you website. *Sorry for the punctuation/capital letters mistakes, im doing this on my iPod so it’s a bit hard to change it*

  174. Karen says

    Weebly is a professional platform on which to build a professional site.
    It is excellent and I say BRAVO! to the creators of this fine web building site.

  175. TenaciousD says

    Weebly is definitely not a scam. Its an amazing platform that allows anyone, with even basic computer knowledge to create their own websites, without ever having to worry about learning html or other languages. This is an amazing product that everyone should try. The freebie version is more than enough for most peoples use. And for the footer that says “create a free website with Weebly”, there are ways to get around it if you (weebly forums) know where to look. (nudge nudeg wink,wink)

  176. Ana Karina de la Guardia says

    Hi! have no real prior experience building websites, other than a site I put together with html back in 1998 (straight out of college I actually new a little bit of html in those days). I am also not techy, just a regular computer user, a mom of 4 young girls, no time to mess around. I used weebly this year to build a website for our Church Ministry, http://www.amigosdejesusymariapanama.com. The experience was seamless and very enjoyable. With no design experience, I put together a website that looks good and I have received great reviews from the end users. I used the free domain for about a month and then upgraded both the program and purchased the domain for little over 100 dollars in total. I¨ve already recommended weebly to friends.

  177. kathfarrar says

    has anyone used the e-commerce function on weebly yet? im setting up my own website/online store and havnt published it yet and wondered about peoples experiences with this aspect? and does weebly charge for using the site as a platform for profit making?

  178. Vol1967 says

    I just discovered Weebly and am considering moving 3 websites that I have on Office 365 to them by using the Pro Version. Weebly has so many more features and it’s so easy to use! Alos, the pro version is CHEAP considering you can host 10 sites with it.

  179. Rick Moore says

    I used Yahoo Geo-cities in the past and Loved their site builder software. then I tried Homestead and once again Loved their site builder software. my son wanted a site for his softball team so I looked around and compared features VS pricing, and weebly was my choice for a Paid site. we used Weebly and WIX at the same time and although WIX offers easier site builder software and easier page building/drag/drop, I chose Weebly because of unlimited bandwidth and storage.
    I like Weebly but you can’t re-size odd ball size pics nor place them where You want them.
    the page “freezes” more often then not, when uploading stuff meaning you must close the page and re log in and start from the beginning All Over again (Very frustrating from a business standpoint).
    the themes are good but you must know HTML in order to change colors and almost anything else. and it only offers Very limited extras like one divider, no picture frames,you can only drop stuff in pre set areas on a page and Not where You want, only three choices of header size/location, No forum for members and No comment page/link.
    I like Weebly but honestly, it is made for people who don’t care how a web page should act or look. and it is OK for people who simply drag/drop without adding anything special to a web page.
    after my six months paid subscription is up I may find a better website to do business with. as in a website like Homestead, but a website that offers unlimited storage and bandwidth like weebly.
    this Is the reason I chose weebly two months ago.
    and seriously Weebly, how can you run a website and not have your own forums? that is pretty lame.

  180. mtnerd says

    I recently moved a client’s site from Homestead to Weebly (why pay $20/month?). The process was very painless, the blog system is much better than Homestead’s, the gallery and slideshow systems are superior and the site looks great. And I was able to make changes to the CSS and HTML – something I often am not allowed to do in Homestead. For a small, low cost website, Weebly did a great job.

    But I’m very concerned about Weebly’s viability. I’ve reviewed their potential sources of revenue and can’t see how they will make a profit. They have great venture capital resources but that won’t last forever. This makes be nervous about investing my small client’s money in building their websites on this platform.

    Please tell me I’m wrong about my concerns so I can save my clients more money with a Weebly based website.

    • admin says

      Business is always a risk. Unfortunately, we can’t look into the future and say that Weebly will be around for 100 years. They may flop tomorrow. Every indicator I have shows me that they have a viable model, as they have a decent upsell path for making money. They’ve also expanded their affiliate program. I’m very comfortable using them, and recommending them to clients.

  181. leighj says

    @mtnerd. I iterate what others have said in terms of the length of time Weebly can possibly survive. Do you know that there is a function which allows you to download your entire website. There are also functions to help you download your data people have sent to you via email. Just my two cents. Using Weebly since 2011.

  182. yetanother says

    you are giving only the PROS; where are the CONS?
    How do I know you are not a promoter of the WEBBLY?
    I have found many problems with Weebly free hosting– e.g., creating an email account is big pain if at all you can do it.

    • admin says

      Read the comments, there are plenty of cons, and I go thru them in the article. It’s not super-sophisticated, code-snobs won’t be happy, and there are elements of customization that can be difficult.

  183. Kandy Wilson says

    WEEBLY has wiped out 2 of my sites so far.. WAY TO GO WEEBLY.. They never responded to my emails when I ask what happened nothing.. . I also happened to notice my Bandwidth is getting ATE up FAST FAST when im using Weebly. I like the way Weebly is set up for editing ETC. But I’m beginning to think its a joke,and I totally was raving about Weebly.I’m new to designing so I figured I get my site how I wanted then get PRO version wich I had every intention of getting but very doubtful now. I spent many hrs making both sites they wiped out and Have no desire to build a new site every other month cause of their issues .. Not to mention them offering free unlimited bandwidth to free users, kinda makes me think they LEECHING Bandwidth from ppl. I put 3 different Bandwidth monitors on my computer to observe what was using my bandwith.This AM I was on Weebly for an hr and added exactly 6 small pictures and some text to one page and it used 200mb in bandwidth. SOMETHIN AIN’T RIGHT!!! If I was unlimited on Bandwidth like most I wouldn’t care but unfortunately I pay a High Premium for satellite internet and cant afford to use up bandwidth like this. If they just wipe out free users sites at random and there’s no issues if u pro then they should respond to their emails and tell ppl that,hell I would have paid,I liked my site. Both of them..lol So like Dad always says, “IF IT SOUNDS TO GOOD TO BE TRUE IT PROLLY IS!!”

  184. Amber-Faine says

    I NEED TO KNOW. DOES WEEBLY FRIGGIN HACK!??!? i was gonna use it, then searched comments about it and found this. its pretty helpful but im super worried that now im gonna lose my zwinky account, and how on earth can they pay to buy all those zcards??? O_O

  185. A angry WEEBLY user says

    I’m not impressed in anything about WEEBLY. Everybody there is rude and inconsiderate o anybody. Their ToS are, to say the least ridiculous. No one there cares about you or your problems. Never use weebly. wix offers a better result with a bit more skill required. It’s worth the extra days and hour spent in it…

  186. Linda says

    I tinkered with Wix at one point, then stopped. I think it is about time to take a second look at Wix. Weebly is going downhill fast. Site does not act right, and I am tired of the ping ponging back and forth just to get simple task completed. Will never invest money into it, that is for sure. Forget help from the staff, most of the time they don’t even respond to you.

  187. Moet says

    I am new to Weebly, Just viewed the Video and it was helpful, so now in a minute I am going to go to Weebly and get started.

    Can you create a store and shopping cart?

  188. Charlene says

    Weebly FREE isn’t a scam. The pro isn’t either. It’s just a RIPOFF.
    Weak customer support, the tools have so many bugs that using them can be of detriment to your “professional looking” website.

  189. Taneshia Brickhousebody says

    I came from another host and moved my website and I must say weebly has been wonderful! also I would like to answer a few questions (1) yes you can use other advertisers with weebly and (2) the % taken from adsense is nothing compared to what you earn while they do all the advertising for you! (3) forums and chat areas can be added in their html section to make a viable forum for your website and (5) yes you make, charge and host through your own weebly portal for other websites for clients. I have found weebly to be superior for the free services they provide and have since up- graded, the customer support is friendly and fast at helping also as I ran itno three snags on my part including double paying which they promptly pointed out to me, and gave it back ( now if thats not honest I dont know what is. it is easy to use and I made my website in three days it was that easy. I have used word press, yoola, webstarts, wix, and spruz, im telling you weebly is no scam its the real deal see for yourself heres my website http://www.brickhousebodyentertainment.weebly.com

    Im so glad I found weebly!!!!!

  190. sharkkay says

    I have a website made by using Weebly. They have issues/bugs going on. The font size will not stay consistent throughout a page or a paragraph. Also, if you insert a google map, it will not show the address you specify. Instead, it will show some address in San Francisco. These errors keep on happening no matter how many times I try to fix them. I even used multiple different computers in order to rule out trouble with windows compatibility, or screen settings, etc. …But the problem is a result of a bug with Weebly software/platform. I wonder why they don’t fix it. I have contacted tech support several times as well. These problems keep popping up.

  191. gavin towle says

    I have been techin’ a site together for like two days now and i’m just starting to run into some problems with Weebly..

    I’m new to web design but learning fast.. and Weebly is remarkably straightforward, I cannot seem to get a Legit Adsense Account.

    When I got register my domain (mysite.weebly.com) with adsense it prompts me to register adsense directly from weebly? when i try and do this

  192. Darrell Wright says

    Great Video! I wish to learn more of how to begin to use my Weebly site to make profits from my services offered? Can I tag my site under the basic package, to show up on maybe a Google search?

  193. AncientWriter says

    weebly editor has problems these days as well as their support is not so good. they reply after 2 days, until you may already solve your problem.

  194. Jared A says

    Thanks for your input! I’ve been searching around trying to find opinion that was well written and informative. It has seemed pretty impossible. Anyways, thanks again!

  195. YouKnow says

    Hi to all of you who use Weebly services.

    First to say that I was trying to get in touch with someone from the Weebly staff for couple of days but… unsuccessfully ;-(

    That’s why I’ll shoot anger here!

    All I can say is that entire staff of that so called WEEBLY “company” are absolutely amateurs and unprofessional… shortly LAYMEN.

    The name speaks enough for its company – WEE (little, tiny, very small).

    Let me tell you why I write this.

    I was using Weebly for 2 years. For these 2 yrs they disable my accounts twice. 2nd time it was PRO and like the 1st time nobody even wrote me a bloody explanation why my account is not functioning. I paid for PRO account in 2012 and I just used it for 6-7 months till 3 days ago. I had 3 websites 2 of them with 1,000-3,000 daily traffic and almost 100,000 unique page views per month.

    So, these buttf@ckerz caused me financial losses and I’ll spread a word about their bullshit service around the internet with NEGATIVE FEEDBACK.

    How do you think…


    1. Make copies of everything you upload online. Do it everyday!

    2. DON’T BUY DOMAIN NAME FROM WEEBLY. Just buy it from any registrar (like I did… a LOT CHEEEEPER)

    2.1. it is too expensive

    2.2. it will help you if your account is blocked and your site is down (like happened with me).

    3. If it is not necessary to buy hosting, just use a free platform and use your domain name attached (forwarded) to it.

    So now you know WHY
    I’m saying to WEEbly GOODBYE
    For it I won’t CRY
    Because it’s just a BIG FAT LIE

    These are my recommendations to you guys.
    Be careful and good luck!

  196. Roland Bagallon says

    Practically speaking, there is no such thing as “FREE”. It may be free, as thousands of other web hosting will offer too. Some webhosting you have to pay for the hosting, but they provide you with free domain for life, as long as you are still signed in. Others, the webhosting are free but you have to pay for the domain yearly. But you must remember a good and responsible website required you to have a personal domain, instead of using a proxy. Example; it is better to use (yourname.com) instead of using (yourname@ weebly.com). Because when it comes to searching the web no one will ever see your webpage, unless you gave all your friends your website address. This is very true specially when it comes to SEO. Best way is to try it first as it is free anyway. then I would advice if you are serious to promote your own website, them purchase a personal domain through weebly.

    Now for my personal comment on ” Weebly” I give “TICK” to all what the author comments on this blog about weebly. I must say that weebly is the best web hosting I ever signed in. After trying free for few months I decided to purchased my own private domain name through weebly then upgraded it to pro account.. Most advanced and simple to use, and the best is having a google name and google apps for free. Weebly work closely with SEO and google, and so easy to upload and publish your website.


  197. Hoseph Kardinsky says

    I would like to know what the cost of hostin g is for the website and how much would it cost to create multiple websites?

  198. ross says

    I’ve been using weebly as a website for my micro-nation. So far i haven’t found anything about that would indicate a scam. I’m planning on taking the micro nation on as a business project by the end of the year. I’ll keep intouch here with how its going.

  199. PamM says

    Well, the building wasn’t that hard and I know nothing about building a site,looks pretty good. II only have one issue, I published but when I put in the address I get a page that says not published. I emailed them but no response HUM. Maybe I will hear from them soon

  200. Author... says

    Weebly provides huge value and excellent service. They treat long term customers extremely well and continually work to add more value to their customers. outstanding in their ease of use

  201. Betty Taylor says

    I use Weebly to run a little freebie website for our writers’ group. It’s always behaved well, Weebly doesn’t keep shoving stuff in my face and as you say, there’s the one little tag on each page offering their services to prospective clients who might visit our site. Small price to pay for such a good free service. I’m waving the flag for Weebly. http://www.codsallwriters.weebly.com

  202. IA Planetes says

    I got the app for weebly on my iPod because I wanted to edit my sites. However, I have encountered a problem. It says Weebly Create a free website on this app but all I see is the blog edit option, etc. What’s the deal?

  203. Bruce says

    I love Weebly! I am an artist who was using WordPress, but I found their system to be very confusing and difficult to use. I found I was emailing my web designer all the time with questions and help in changing the content. Now I do it all myself without the need of a designer! That means I am adding content far more often and shifting the design around. This, of course, also means lots more hits and better ranking by google. I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I am happy to recommend weebly to any and all. You can check out my website to see what I have done with my limited computer knowledge: http://www.bruceblackart.com

  204. Nat Gussard says

    Terrible product! I was new at this and didn’t know better. I had to use all my browsers to get away from all the bugs Weebly contains. And I thought the stats Weebly provides were true, until my site was down for a week or so and it got more clicks when it was down and no one could see it than at any other time. I realized then that the statistics were for make believe. I asked for my money back. I got a cock and bull story, as if I should have known that I was paying them to screw me.

  205. says

    Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you make blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is fantastic, let alone the content!. Thanks For Your article about Weebly Review: Is Weeby A Scam? .

  206. autocom cdp says

    This post is related to website programming is truly good in favor of me because I am web developer. Thanks for sharing keep it up.

  207. Mia Smith says

    Weebly is very good for beginners like me who want to learn to create their own website for personal and school purposes. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks ago and i’ve been exploring it on my own for quite a time now. I decided to look for outside advice and been reading a couple reviews. But i kind of got worried on that one article i’ve read on zinja that that says that Weebly has been sued for violating their own TOS and is now facing charges Libel/Defamation, Injucntion. I’d put the link below so anyone of you might read it.

    Kind of scared cause if i use this for school work and they suddenly got shut down, that’d be disaster not just to me but their million users.


  208. Jeb says

    I use Weebly Pro to maintain five sites and I love it. Two minor complaints:
    1) For some reason, it won’t allow you to center the navigation bar.
    2) The video upload tool is brutal. Supposedly, it allows you to upload videos under 1GB, but I’ve been trying to upload a video thats 190MB and it continually chokes over and over again.

    All in all – great product.

  209. kwame walker says

    please help me im puting adsense on my website and then going to check my website out while not in editor like how a reguler viewer would see it but its not showing up no sign of the ad anywhere tell me why u can just email me

  210. l. williaams says

    I breed shih Tzu is it hard to put their picture on the site when they are old enough to sell and then take them down when they are sold. Also how many pages do I get on the smallest paid plan. Also can you direct me to some ones paid site so I can view it.

  211. Clare Venters Smith says

    I totally love Weebly – it does everything I wanted and was so easy to use – it took me about 15hours and i am confident I can maintain it. See my site claresmithacupuncture.com

    Can’t recommend it highly enough

  212. Postmaster At christiancatfishhole says

    Got a fast responce to a complaint that a copy-cat PHISHING site had been created on Weeble.com. Now to see if they act on the report of Illegal activity.

  213. Charles Whittington says

    I was shocked by your opening description “Up & Coming” . Weebly is the state-of-the-art no-dishonest-catches free web developing / hosting site !
    Until this week – after signing up and beging to design a site, Weebly sneeks up and attempts to trap you into paying a monthly fee – they joined the other bait-&-switch “Free” web site hustlers -sad – they were the best !

    • Pro says

      There’s a pro option, but I don’t think they sneak anything man. They give a ton of great stuff away for free. In life, everything costs about what it should. Perhaps you should go develop your own great webdev platform and then giving it away for nothing?…

  214. Linda Smith says

    Bait and switch???? 10 free sites but can’t have own domain. In order to do that, you have to purchase either the starter or pro package which was disappointing. However, the pro is less than $10 and you can have 10 domains with that. Not a bad deal.

    I was with hostgator almost 90 bucks a year with one domain. They have the Weebly platform there but here is the deal. Both starter and pro are more expensive than Weebly charges. With Weeby you can have as many pages as you want on each site, free or paid, but with HG you are allowed only 6 pages using their Weebly platform (starter package.)

    • Pro says

      Hey thanks for the comments Linda. A couple of things:

      – You can use weebly for leadgen/SEO type sites. We haven’t done much with Amazon and weebly, but we’ve used weebly in a number of other internet marketing applications with good success.

      – You can have your own domain without switching to pro. You buy your own domain at, say, Namecheap, then set up the DNS to point at Weebly. They show you how to do that here – http://www.namecheap.com/support/knowledgebase/article.aspx/1246/78/

  215. Linda Smith says

    I am watching the Build a Store Weebly video. Unfortunately, this is designed for those selling their own products.

    I wish Weebly had features that could be used by Internet marketers for sites like Amazon, Viglink, Share A Sale, Link Share, Commission Junction etc. These sites use HTML for their links. Very few of them allow shortened links like bitly. There is no way we can get the by now, add to your wish list, etc for Amazon or any other internet marketing. I may have to go back to Word Press simply because there are plug ins.

  216. Linda Smith says

    Pro: What I was saying is that I do have a domain name already with namecheap. However, in order to have your own domain from another provider such as namecheap, you have to have at least the starter package.
    But you say: You can use weebly for leadgen/SEO type sites. We haven’t done much with Amazon and weebly, but we’ve used weebly in a number of other internet marketing applications

    E-commerce is only for those with their own business, selling their own products. Take a look at this site, not a weebly site, but WP by a friend of mine. http://mygeekychristmas.com/ She made her site using a download that you have to pay for called Covert Store Builder. There are various Amazon plugins as well which can be used if you choose to use them. Since WP is time consuming to learn, and then having to learn how to use the Covert Strore, I cancelled all of that. I only wish that Weebly made it possible to be able to do some of the things you can see on my friends My Geeky Christmas site. Right now, it is very time consuming and i cant even do what I do on blogger with Amazon, or sites like Hub pages, Squidoo, Wizzley, Seekyt etc because they have modules for Amazon.There are Amazon plug ins for WP that do well too, but Wizzley does not offer those options as far as I know.

    • Pro says

      Hi Linda,

      Ecommerce is for people with products to sell – either their own, or other people’s products (as affiliates). Example – this is an affiliate store that does $8k-$10k+ per month: http://myecloth.com. Not our product, but we sell it as an affiliate. That store started out 100% on Weebly, and we only moved when it got to be over $5k/mo in sales consistently (it’s now on 3dCart).

      Unless I’m missing something, Weebly’s starter package is free, it’s only the pro package that they charge for – http://kb.weebly.com/faq-pro.html and http://weeblyforums.com/2011/08/weebly-pricing-and-comparision/.

      I didn’t see anything on your friends store that Weebly can’t do. Takes time to learn any platform, but again, unless I’m missing something, Weebly has the power to do what your friends store is doing.

  217. Linda Smith says

    Pro: http://weeblyforums.com/2013/02/weebly-pro-weebly-starter-price-plans-compared/

    You have to purchase starter plan in order to use your own domain from another source. I would like to know where the info is about how to use Amazon that way it is done on my friends site which is WP and the Covert Store as well. I looked at your site, but I watched the weebly training videos, and speaker says E commerce is not for affiliates. Where did you get your information to set your site up like you did on Weebly?

  218. Dan Beseau says

    I have been using Weebly since last November. Until now, their service and support has been great. However, my Pro subscription was not up until November, but they charged me in August! And although their voice message (415-375-3268) says that they would get back to me within one business day, I have left three messages in two weeks with no response.

  219. Jean K says


    I have used Weebly for years even though I have a full range of the industry standard Adobe website building tools to build from scratch. It is way quicker and easier to build a site using Weebly. And as a picky designer, I am satisfied with the level of design flexibility, even in the free version where you can edit the html and CSS.

    The free site is more than enough for many small businesses who only need a web presence.

    I have used both the free and Pro version.

    I have turned several people on to Weebly and they are all very happy. Yes, you can do lots with the free site which includes a small Weebly logo promo in the footer. You can publish your site with a weebly domain free also. If you want your own domain, they do sell domain at higher price than at other places, so they make money on those, but the higher price is worth it for some who are uncomfortable with or lack the time to learn how to change DSN records to point a domain to Weebly.

  220. Liz says

    I stumbled across weebly after running into glitch after glitch when using a popular free website building platform. I have two weebly sites…one as a blog and one strictly for my photos. I love how easy it is to customize my site and that it isn’t littered with ads. I have had no problems with anything that seems even the least bit scammy. I have also had no problems when my traffic (in my opinion) was pretty high (about 200 visitors a day). I love Weebly!

  221. Ruth Fruehauf says

    I have created at least 10 sites using Weebly. When I edit the largest one, 53 pages, I am experiencing difficulties with their editing options not functioning.

    Furthermore, I recently attended one of their live online webinars. Days after the webinar, I discovered at least 30-35 mysterious files in a folder in my Mac Air Document folders. All of these saved files I recognized from images displayed during the Webinar. How they ended up on my computer is a mystery to me and has me a bit spooked. I have been a huge Weebly fan and am currently researching other options, like Wix etc.

  222. Chashar says

    Hi and Thanks for the info
    I wonder if you can use any of the autoresponders that are available like Getresponce,Aweber, and others, on any Weebley site that you create ?

    • Pro says

      You sure can! You just add a custom HTML element on to the page, drop your code from GetResponse or Aweber or whatever, and it’s good to go.

  223. Louise says

    I am just now using Weebly to develop my website – a first for me. I’m finding it fairly intuitive and easy to use. I’m impatient with myself and so want it done and professional-looking instantly. But I’m getting there.

    They have great support via email and chat, offer webinars, and have a huge amount of support pages to help you along. A scam? I think not!

  224. Jerry Jerry says

    I have a domain already but would like to build site in Weebly and use those web files on my domain. Possible? Can’t get the support folks to understand this. If not possible, suggestions for a fancy flash type web builder? Low cost of course.

  225. Ben Snaider says

    Weebly is a scam. There is absolutely no help for the lay person. The widgets don’t work, despite claim that you can add as many pages as you want, can’t add pages or upload more than 1/4 page. No help no how. Charged me for a web name that was already taken. Can’t talk to a real person, no response to help requests. Did not drag or drop.

    • Pro says

      Hey Ben – I’m sorry you’re having some issues, but hopefully in reading over the 300+ comments from other people, you can see that they’re not an outright scam.

      I don’t work for Weebly or anything, but if you wan to actually solve the problem I’ll help you out. Give us some details, and we’ll take it from there. You can also review their help forum, it seems to address some of the things you’re talking about – http://help.weebly.com/index.html

  226. lee says

    Totally frustrated with Weebly. One template would only publish the first line of my text, It took two days for ipage to resolve the problem. I switched templates and this one has a test tab that I cannot edit out and when being published it is active on site. one can hit it and my photo disappears and the template photo appears. So messed up

  227. Anoymous says

    Weebly is THE best! i don’t car what other peeps say weebly rules!so i tell them don’t give me this bullshit

  228. Lindsey says

    I had the same freezing issues that several of you mentioned. Started using the website on Firefox only and works perfectly! Great website.

  229. Damien says

    This info has been awesome. If anyone is thinking of going for DreamHost then I found a coupon for you. Just enter SAVEHUGE50 at checkout and get $50 off.

  230. Jane Jacques says

    Weebly used to be a much better service. Now, things that were once free, must be paid for, and users were not informed of these changes. Furthermore, Weebly charges four times the going rate for simple domain purchases and then participates in price discrimination practices when domains expire (attempting to hustle small time users for hundreds of dollars to “renew” simple domains). My shop was down thanks to sudden Weebly changes during the Christmas season — my busiest time of year — and I lost a lot of money. As a tiny business, this was a huge blow. I am now looking to leave Weebly — not an easy feat. a

  231. Ashraf Abdel kader says

    They are scam!
    I`ve several sites under pro plan at weebly,they told me that sites will remain as is even after dis-contiuing pro plan… BUT, all my domains had stop working suddenly, and I found that Weebly had changed its plans (again, there`s one I didn`t mention) but this time I`ve to connect my domain by upgrading to pro.. It`s supposed that there are no changes unless I re-publish my site.
    I`d mailed them many emails concerning this problem, but I didn`t get any reply (from 2 weeks ago).
    I tried to de-associate 2 domains (of 2 sites) and re-associate them again and found that this method is not working either AND THAT I LOST THESE DOMAINS, I`VE TO CONNECT THEM FOR EXTRA MONEY.I mailed them concerning this as well and got no replies…
    When a web hosting provider tells you that you`ll never be charged unless you re-publish your sites after pro plan dis-continuing AND THEM THEY EVEN TERMINATE IT then ,this is surely scam!
    Stop using it! All my domains and my sites are off now! (except domain purchased through them)

  232. Gene Chaneyt says

    NOT IN MY CORNER> weekly does not perform as promoted> FIFTY DOLLARS AND NO SERVICE. Not clear how to make contact. Not clear where to get online help.


  233. john says

    Weebly has been around for quite some time now. I didn’t use them back then since they still place their own logo if you’re using a free version of their site. Is it still the case today?

  234. jenn says

    I am not a great site builder and have tried every type of page builder and weebly is BY FAR the best one in my opinion. It puts wordpress to shame and I can’t use anything else now. I LOVE weebly and HIGHLY suggest trying it if you have not.

  235. Shaun says

    I want to to thank you for this great read!! I absolutely loved every bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to check out new things you post…

  236. Kristin aka keb says

    I use weebly and love it. There are some things I would love to have already integrated into the software, since I use mine as more of a blog, like gravatar and linkwithin but the more I use it the more I learn how to optimize it and at the end of the day I can spend less time playing around with the blog and more time making content :p
    Kristin aka Keb

  237. Kalie says

    I love weebly! Every single thing about it! Actually, there is this one thing I don’t like about it and I also need help with! Every time I try to publish my weebly website I need to verify my account by phone. I DONT HAVE A PHONE! Isn’t there some way I could publish it without verifying or just making it an e-mail verification???

  238. Weebly Sucks says

    Weebly is the worst site to use for so many reasons, perhaps before an award is given you might want to do your homework first. Have you ever Googled ‘Weebly complaints’? They are numerous! The site offers NO customer service, they create ‘upgrades’ that are not tested first, implemented without a choice and then screw up everyone’s site for at least 2 weeks! Their latest ‘upgrade’ has ongoing problems that they have not corrected sine June 1, 2014. Yes, over 2 months later they still haven’t figured out how to correct their own crap! They do NOT care about their customers or what havoc they create, they don’t care about the customer’s lost revenue, they just DON’T care. I am one of thousands of customers that are fed up with all their nonsense!

  239. Michael says

    Yea Weebly rocks. After they get some money from the investors they start adding new options and futures every month. Every time they do an update everything works like it should, very good coding. Theres still no theme market or good developer/designer guide, thats why its so hard to find good design.
    I recommend modernwebthemes.com for some exta options, but comparing to other CMS systems out there choice is very poor.
    Weebly needs another year to start competing with major players, I cant wait to see more :)

  240. NYU Grad says

    As a Weebly user for 3 years, I have found it to be a very good product that can produce high quality, imaginative web-sites pretty quickly. Many elements to choose from, and while I wish there were more templates/themes to choose from, you can usually find one that is suitable. There are plenty of videos and support documents on the internet to help you learn some design tips and tricks.

    A few concerns –

    Tech support. They seem fine on easy “how to” issues. But when presented with a more complex issue, or an instance where you have found a bug or performance issue … they sometimes provide vague answers or at times seem to disappear after a few email exchanges. Why not have a 2nd level of support in place that can handle the tougher support requests, do some research into the issue, and provide more concrete answers. The bigger you get and more platforms you develop for, the more important the support infrastructure.

    Another concern – software bugs and issues when new features are introduced. Very frustrating to see bugs in older features when new features are introduced. Q+A is tedious but necessary as you get bigger. Frankly I was surprised at how many issues I ran into when they did their June 2014 new feature release.

    Final concern – because you can create a site for free and publish to a weebly subdomain for free, it has attracted a lot of spammers. Spam404.com lists almost 15,000 “free” weebly sites in the last 18 months that have been taken down as spammers. So when something like


    is taken down, in a day or two they create


    And when those are taken down, they repeat the process with more random letters and numbers.

    15,000 sites must generate a whole lot of spam.

    The people who suffer ?? The legitimate weebly users suffer slowdowns in weebly sending them legitimate emails that have been created by the contact forms on their sites. I imagine weebly.com gets its share of email rate-limiting from google, yahoo, aol, etc because so many spammers flock to weebly to create all these free sites. And as fast as weebly and spam404 take them down … they just add more and more back.
    No easy answer here

    If they can address these 3 areas, they would make a very good product even better. Because as you see from mainly positive reviews, it is a good easy to use system that is still growing with features. They don’t have every bell and whistle but for Weebly’s intended population that is still fine.

  241. John Drake says

    THE PROBLEM WITH WEEBLY is that is uses shared servers. Weebly may contract a certain portion of a given server to use to host the many customers it services, which makes it affordable, as they save the costs that go along with purchasing and maintaining their own private servers. The downside is that if one of the websites hosted on that server are doing something shady, or illegal, (and they dont have to necessarily be a weebly customer) many ISP’s place that server on a block list. So if your website happens to be hosted in one of those blocked servers, you are screwed. This happened to my business. We reside in the southern USA, where a great majority of internet customers use century link as their ISP. Century link blocked the hosting serving that weebly was using shared space on, to host our company website, because someone launched a website also using that same shared server, that was either engaged in illegal activity such as net gambling, child pornography, or fraud of some sort causing the entire hosting server to be blocked as a result. Which consequently, also caused our website, as well as all the other weebly customers’ websites that were also using that shared server to host their sites to be blocked as well. Our customers were unable to get on my website using century link as their ISP. We lost thousands of dollars, not only on wasted advertising money spent to draw potential customers to our site, but also the loss of new bookings. We ended up using a different company to host our business website and had to rebuild from scratch since weebly does not allow you to transfer content. It also does not refund you for any of this. If you have a subscription to host your site, and that server is blocked, they still keep your money, even if you site cannot be accessed. It’s the way their terms of service are written.

    • Pro says

      Hey John, sorry to hear about your situation. This problem can happen with just about any shared hosting solution. Getting a dedicated host is the way to resolve that. Weebly isn’t for running a six figure ecom site, it’s for starting and launching, getting proof of concept, and doing it inexpensively. Just my opinion. And the whole transfer content deal isn’t accurate – http://screencast.com/t/JybRMZyowkW Just go to settings > scroll down until you see “create a .zip file of site”, and you can have your entire site emailed to you.

  242. ZiLLY says

    Thank u for checking out weebly and informing us.. I have been trying to see which website that is safe, free, user friendly for 2 months now. This article has given me a breather..

  243. GeekyGirl says

    Been a “Pro” user for 4 months with no problems. All of a sudden, with no settings being changed, our website is down with an “Internal Server Error”. It has been down for 90 hours, no traffic whatsoever, we usually have spikes of traffic during the weekend, but nothing.

    We are in the UK and the time difference is proving a problem with their customer service. The only answer we have had from Weebly is that our domain name server (fasthosts) isn’t pointing to the site, which is incorrect as I said, there were no settings changed. But we humoured them and pointed our DNS to another of their servers, still to no avail.

    The error message received when visiting our site states that the user should contact admin@weebly.com, so it must be pointing to them don’t you think?

    My boss is not happy about this and we are looking to take our website elsewhere.


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