How To Deal With Setbacks

As an entrepreneur, you are going to encounter setbacks. They are a part of the game.

Bad news: Setbacks are practically guaranteed. Factor them into your business plan.

Good news: Setbacks will cause many of your competitors to quit (yeah!), and create new opportunities for personal growth.

As Napoleon Hill said:

“Every setback has within it a seed of equivalent or greater benefit.”

And that’s true.  Let’s take Pat as an example…

Pat is an HBSA student that has been advertising online for over a year now.  A couple weeks ago, he was slapped by the big G.

He had every reason to feel sorry for  himself.  After all, he’d been an advertiser in good standing with Google for a long time.  How dare they slap him!

But he didn’t go that route.  Instead…he slapped back.

And a scant 17 days later, he’s back to generating leads online.

That’s an HBSA record – going from slap to mac in 17 days.  I called him up and forced him to tell me what he did to make it happen.  He cordially agreed.  Here it is:


Joshua Fuson Under Fire!

Are you worried about the future?

Man, have I gotten a lot of flack the past couple of weeks for having my “head in the sand” about our economy!

Thing is, I don’t give bad news much attention.  So I’m starting to get feedback from people asking if I’m oblivious to “everything” that’s going on.

They’re saying “Joshua Fuson has his head in the sand”.

I’m not oblivious at all.

But if you have worried for more than 5 minutes about the state of our economy and how it will affect you, then I have a very important exercise that will either help you tremendously or scare the hell out of you. [Read more…]

Mannatech Cleard By SEC For Sacking Accountant

Mannatech, a health and wellness network marketing company based out of Coppell, Texas, has been just announced they habe been exonerated and cleared by the SEC for firing their accounting firm. [Read more…]