Joshua Fuson Scam – BEWARE! WARNING! ALERT! Run Away And Scream! AHHHHH…

Warning! Scam!! Fraud!! Alert!!  You’re about to lose EVERYTHING to evil online scammers!!!!

Good grief.  What the hell is the world coming to?

It appears that a brand new sub-niche of marketing has appeared – it’s a very un-healthy type of online competitive marketing, where one competitor pretends to offer an “unbiased” review (which comes up unfavorable) along with a recommendation to buy their own stuff instead.  It used to be prominent in advertising for professional athletic events, but now seems quite popular in the Internet marketing community as well.

Here’s How This Scam Works:

You take the name of a prominent teacher or business person in an industry, and then advertise using their name as a keyword, and try to get the prospect that are researching the teacher to click on their ad, read some fake review, and get them away from buying their stuff to instead buy YOUR stuff as the reviewer. [Read more…]

Is Joshua Fuson A Guru?

You see, I (Joshua Fuson) most definitely consider myself to be a guru – in fact, I dig the idea of being a guru, and I strive to be a better guru each day.

But – my definition of guru is probably different than yours.

You see, I take the literal definition of guru – and I’ll explain that in just a moment.

First, what do you think the definition of guru is? [Read more…]