Fear is one of the MOST powerful and common reasons people either do or do not take an action.

It gets people to:

>>Pay Taxes On Time {April 15 – favorite holiday for post office workers}

>>Purchase Identity Theft Insurance {Because your social security number is for sale}

>>Jump Out Of The Stock Market {It might crash!}

>>Jump Into The Stock Market {Don’t miss the boom!}

>>Load Up on Food and Ammo in anticipation of a catastrophic societal meltdown {link}

>>Show up everyday for a job that str8-up SUCKS {probably not as bad as THIS job, though}.

And a host of other crazy things.

Fear stops [Read more…]

Marketing Strategies – Critical For All Marketers

The most important skill that any marketer can have is listening.

In many marketing strategies, the importance of listening to your audience is rarely emphasized.

This very interesting keynote provides much insight into what many of our markets are telling us, and how technology is affecting the life and lives of those we market too.

Good marketers will listen and learn.

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Ground Floor MLM Warning

Think you need to get in on the “ground floor” of an MLM to make money?

Think again.

When you are evaluating an MLM opportunity, the last thing you want to do is get in on the ground floor.


Two reason: [Read more…]

MLM Online Marketing – Why You DON’T Want To Advertise

(Due to the nature of this material, it will be broken down into multiple posts.  This is the first.)

So many MLM and network marketing companies today are laying down the law with their associates, using intimidating language to try and prevent their reps from advertising their product and opportunity, and making claims in the name of the company.

I can understand their position.  It’s actually a really good thing for the average distributor. [Read more…]

Coaching For Arbonne – Evaluating An Arbonne Coach

Coaching for Arbonne marketers can be a very confusing subject.  Men and women who choose to grow an arbonne business have a number of different challenges to face to get success with Arbonne, including: [Read more…]