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These are the exact same tools we use every day to explode our businesses

HBSA Lead System

The most effective CRM and marketing system available to networkers today. High-converting landing pages, phone marketing, email marketing - this system has it all! Sign up now for a free trial.

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Tools Rock

Another great tool for a direct response networker, and a better choice for some people. Again, a free trial is offered for you to test-drive the system so that you find the best fit for your business.

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Via Talk

Via Talk is a long distance service that use VOIP technology. Any serious home-based business needs to have inexpensive long distance to operate, and we love them because they are reliable.

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Weebly is a program that allows you to build free (or very inexpensive) websites. We love them because they are easy to use (i.e., non-technical) and very cost effective.

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Site Pal

Site Pal is a tool that allows you to turn a cartoon into a living representation of you! You can actually record an audio, and have the SitePal character deliver it on your website. We love them because they get us more leads, and boost our conversion.

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We recommend these services because we think they rock. In fact, we love them so much that we have chosen to become affiliates of theirs, and we do get a small commission for referring them. It took us years to test the different tools available to home-based entrepreneurs, and we love these the most. However, if you think we are recommending them “just for the money”, then please do NOT purchase anything from there. There are several other services available (even if we think they are inferior :)).


Leads are 100% necessary for the success of any business. We have established a relationship with a leadbroker who allows us to buy them in bulk, break them down into small batches, and pass them on to you. We have some preset profiles - see if your business could use any of these profiles!

Unfortunately, we cannot customize orders beyond the listed profiles, and ALL leads are distributed every Monday. If you find a profile you like, you can get a batch and be on the phone in no time

HBSA Lead Special